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Options for making craft & heart &

Crafts in the shape of a heart will become an excellent gift for mom or grandmother’s birthday, March 8 or Mother’s Day. You can present it and you like the girl on the day of all loved on February 14. In this article, we will look at several options for the films “Heart” from different materials that even children can cope with.

How to make paper?

Crafts “Heart” can be made of different materials. The most popular paper is, with its help you can make a lot of interesting options. Consider several master classes for making hearts in the form of hearts for children.


The postcard is the easiest way to express your attention and love. Such a craft will be able to perform kids in the younger group of kindergarten.

Take a sheet of white or colored paper, fold it in half. Draw a heart with a pencil, then neatly cut down the figure on the contour. The basis is ready.

Write internal filling. Kids can draw any drawing, and older kids – make something more interesting. Fold a piece of red paper three times, draw a heart, cut out the figure with scissors by contour. Open the resulting garland, and fold each heart in half so that they do not swear when the postcard will be closed. Stick the garland from two sides to the inside of the paper, and decorate the drawing.

Volumetric Heart

Such a craft can be made of paper or tight cardboard. For a variety Pick up a few colors or products with beautiful patterns. Fold the paper in the stack and draw a figure, after which you neatly cut down several hearts with scissors. If cardboard is used for crafts, then cutting will have to be alternately. The first figure will become a template for the following. The optimal will be the amount of 5-6 hearts.

Fold each in half. Now you need to glue the halves with each other, applying glue on one side of the heart and leaning the other to it – from the second. Thus, a large volumetric heart is obtained, which can be sown as decoration on the chandelier or door handle.


This exercise will suit the older kids, as it will be manufactured by the reflection technique, for this you will need scissors. Garland from hearts will be a beautiful decoration for any room. To make a product more noticeable, it is recommended to make several hearts at once.

Take a few sheets of pink and red paper, cut it on thin long strips and fold each in half.

Start with scissors to pull out the sides of the figures, slightly pressing so that the ends are rounded. Openwork hearts are obtained, the inner ends of which should be glued together with each other so that they do not dismiss. Miss the transparent fishing line along each figure and lock the glue. On one line you can drive 4-5 hearts, make a real installation of several such garlands.

Product from Sharicov

Heart shaped handicraft can be done with balls.

Option with threads

In this case, you will need:

  • Heart shaped ball or two small balls+

  • PVA glue+

  • Motok Thread Mulina.

Inflate balls and secure them with each other. Glue pour into a deep bowl, and divide the thread into several long parts. Alternately dip each part in a bowl with glue and begin to wind the ball, until the whole ball area is covered with thread.

Leave the crawl to dry in a warm place. After a few hours I burst the ball, gently get it. Delica is ready.

Papier mache

Make a sample “Heart” can also be in the technique of Papier-Masha. To do this, you will need:

  • ball+

  • paper+

  • glue.

Inflate the ball in the shape of a heart, paper cut into squares and alternately dip each piece in a deep bowl with glue. Start gradually punctured the ball with a paced paper in several layers, pre-giving dry the previous one. So it should be done at least 4 layers, after which you need to blow away the ball, carefully get it. Now you can paint the crawl at your own.


To make such a big craft, the child will need an adult help. Follow the pack of small balls and long wire. Form the heart from the wire, the sets of balls will be drawn on this frame. Inflate four balls and connect them among themselves, make a lot of similar sets. Start to ride each on a wire, gradually forming a beautiful installation “heart” from the balls.

Heart from napkins do it yourself

The sample “Heart” can be made of both undergraduate means, for example, from napkins.

From Zhgutov

For this craft you will need:

  • napkins+

  • cardboard+

  • scissors+

  • glue.

Take a cardboard sheet, cut a heart-shaped frame from it. Take the napkins and alternately turn each in the harness, and then turn the snail by locking glue. Attach the received shell.

Continue repeating actions until the cardboard is completely filled with seashells from napkins.


Great option for collective work. To create this installation you will need thick pieces of cardboard and napkins of two colors. Cut three identical hearts from cardboard and glue them with each other. Take a white napkin and fold it twice in half, cover the stapler. Take the scissors and make cuts so that all parties are separated. Cut the round shape figure and make cuts throughout the diameter. Flip the napkin, gradually forming a flower. Repeat the procedure with pink tint wipes.

Start shook the side of the heart with white blanks until everything is filled. In the core, pose pink flowers, and if you want the installation to look more magnificent, make another layer from the details of contrast tone.

Other ideas

Consider the options for crafts that can be decorate the room.


DIY SIZE Choose your taste. You can make a small heart for a key fob or a big felt pillow. For crafts, you will need:

  • scissors+

  • Two pieces of felt+

  • Threads with needle+

  • filler.

Put the felt pieces on each other and draw on the top of the heart. Sharp scissors carefully cut out the figures. Inside draw another heart, retreating a couple of centimeters from the edge. This is a stencil for which it will be necessary to sew felt. Seams can be chosen any, convenient to you. Start the job, and when there will be a small pocket, put inside the filler and complete the sewing process. Soft heart ready. Optionally, it can be decorated with beads, sequins and other decorative elements.

From cardboard and thread

Another option that is suitable for the decor of the room and can be completed even by children. You can make several hearts of different sizes and hang at a short distance from each other. It turns out very beautiful. For this craft you will need:

  • scissors+

  • cardboard+

  • Thick thread+

  • Stapler+

  • Decor elements.

Glue two sheets of cardboard, draw a big heart and carefully cut it with scissors. The first module threads can be fixed with a stapler or glue so that it keeps it better and it was easier to continue the process. It is advisable to wind the thread around the central part several times for a more tight stretch. Repeat actions until all hearts are covered with thread. At the end, make a loop.

As a final stroke, you can decorate the craft of ribbon, rhinestones or artificial colors.

About how to make a heart out of paper, look in video.

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