Options for making craft Well

Options for making craft & Well &

“Well” is a cradle, which can be made from a huge number of different materials. Attractive designs come out of both paper and natural components of natural origin.

How to make paper?

You will need:

  • newspaper+
  • cardboard+
  • knitting needles+
  • glue+
  • Super glue+
  • Spaw+
  • wire+
  • pliers+
  • paper tape+
  • Acrylic paints of sandy, brown and steel shades+
  • pencil+
  • Tassel for glue+
  • ruler+
  • scissors+
  • Colored paper+
  • stationery knife+
  • Cotton thick thread.

    Consider a detailed master class on modeling a well well.

    • At the first stage, you will need to prepare the base for the well. For these purposes on a cardboard sheet, draw the drawing of his mine. It is best to produce a design, the side of the side of which is 10 cm. On each side it is necessary to leave a small stock for gluing.
    • Pattern needs to be carefully cut. For more reliable fixation when gluing, it is necessary to additionally glue the base with paper scotch. As a result, a neat cube should be done without top. It will be the basis of the mine.
    • Next make the roof layout. It is prepared on a piece of thick cardboard. Need to draw a scheme of the planned roof here. Detail cuts out, bend and glued, making skates. To glue the details more reliable, use paper tape.
    • At the next stage of work, it is necessary to build tubes to build a log cabin and a shutter. Tubes can be formed from newspaper sheets. Dimensions of these items may vary. Shape tubes more convenient by shrinkage. The elements for the roofing component should be done using the needle. The number of tubes will depend on the size of the structure.
    • From the finished newspaper tubes, you can simulate the wipers of the well. Before assembling, all unnecessary elements from paper parts must be cut.
    • To make a log house, you will need tube-logs with different lengths in a pair of options. It is necessary to complete the protrusions, forming an attractive log laying. Design need to glue with alternation of long and short components.
    • Next make the roof of the well. The frontone of this base is covered with tubes. All surplus neatly clipped with a knife. Then the tubes are sick. In the places of sections, the roofs form “rustic” by gluing additional tubes.
    • Fasten the support details, make a spinner drum. For these purposes, paper tubes of suitable length involve. They are exhibited on the opposite sides of the well symmetrically.
    • Then make a formwork from a cardboard sheet. From it cut the frame with a suitable width of the edge, having done holes there for reference components there. Plugs are inserted into them and glued a supellend to the top of the design.
    • From strong wire and paper swirling components Mastery rotating drum. You can connect these parts together by Cotton Thread.
    • Then make a bucket in the chain. The roof is attached to the installed supports.

    At the last stage, an attractive homemade will need to paint in any suitable color.

    Production of matches

    Consider step by step, how can you make a well from ordinary matches.

    • You should take from the box only straight and smooth matches. Sulfur cut off from them, grind. From 4 elements glue the foundation.
    • On top of the foundation of the future well, one more row of matches are glued. Bottom joints will surely be overlapped. At this stage should not be hurry, because a lot of time will go to the drying.
    • Make another 9 rows up. It turns out a log cabin. All the faces on the sides will need to polish well.
    • Next of 3 rods glue a part-rack for additional strengthening of the gate. One match should be shortened. The procedure should be repeated.
    • One of the racks of timber is glued on the inside exactly in the middle of the well.
    • The remaining rack should be glued to the second wall on the back of the log.
    • Outside glue a couple of matches. They will be needed to install the roof.
    • Make a gate from the toothpick. Detail breaks at two points and bend in the form of handles. In the center, the glue applies glue, wool the detail of the thread.
    • The gate is installed between the mounting rods for the roof. Detail descend on racks.
    • By means of glue, connect racks inside, as well as crossbills of rods reserved for roofing.
    • Paste a transverse beam between the rods of fasteners to strengthen the roof. This item is glued at the height of cuts from above.
    • To the edges of all supports and to the top of the cross, 4 beams under the tilt are glued.
    • Between the bays from above are attached a whole match, and below – only a piece of the rod.

    In conclusion, the roofing racing.

    Ideas of crafts from natural materials

    Very beautiful autumn “Well” from jute, sticks, branches and other natural components It is possible to make it yourself for a kindergarten or school exhibition.


    • As a base for a well, you can use a piece of plastic bottle. All the superfluous from the package should be cut off with scissors. There will be enough height of 8 cm.
    • Next, the blank of plastic will need to be fixed on the basis of dense cardboard. To do this, you can use glue-gun, but it should work carefully. If it is thermal device, then plastic can start melting, so it is important to ensure that the glue is moderately hot.
    • Once the base and the bottle will be glued, with the cardboard items should be cut off all too much.
    • Next, you need to take a couple of sticks of approximately equal height (about 18 cm). They are glued on the sides of the plastic container exactly opposite each other.
    • Now it will be necessary to prepare a lot of twigs of approximately the same thickness and height. Cut these components can be large scissors. The height must correspond to the height of the main billet.
    • Prepared twigs will need to be glued throughout the perimeter of plastic containers. To do this, the glue “Moment Crystal”.
    • In the next step, you will need to install a branch-crossbar of a suitable length. It is attached to two pre-glued columns. Create this item can be threaded or jute. It is necessary to adhere to the position of the Cross.
    • Next you need to prepare the roof of the future well. As the basis, you can take a dense cardboard from the box. Cut a rectangular detail. In her insert one branch on each side. Then you need to do holes for vertically standing columns.
    • Cardboard roof fixed in the right position. Through hot glue, the roof and branches are attached on the sides.
    • You can paint the finished design, but you can reap by other attractive ways. For example, on the roof you can disseminate and fix the foliage. Very beautiful will look like a homemade “well”, on the side sides of which there are small flowers, for example, clover.
    • Velotko can be made it from a plastic cover. First attach to it. The lid itself must be wrapped with threads outside. Thread will need to be glued in several places.

    To the bucket tie a thread or rope. The second end is fixed on a crossbar of a tree.

    About how to make a craft “Well”, see the following video.

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