Creating origami from money

Creating origami from money

Origami technique is very popular. With it, it is possible to make a huge number of beautiful volumetric figures. The latter are not only static, but also moving. Cool homemakes are obtained from cash bills. In today’s article we learn how to model such things.

How to fold the heart?

There are many schemes for modeling heart-origami from cash bills. If there is no experience in the manufacture of such things, you can start with the easiest and most affordable options.

The only difficulty that may occur when creating such a craft is in the level of density of bills.For this reason, origami will need to be placed under something hard, so that all the necessary folds can be consolidated.

Consider a simple assembly scheme, but cute heart-origami from money.

  • First, the monetary bill will need to divide into 3 equal parts. Then fold the lower third of the workpiece.
  • At the next stage, the bills are twice. Next, it is revealed again.
  • Then you need to get a central fold. Stop the right and left part of the bills are necessary so that the steps pressed to this fold.
  • Now the workpiece will need to turn over. On a pair of identical folds, it will be necessary to divide her upper halves.
  • To the central part of the line you will need to fold 4 corners, and then turn the blank. After that, the original heart-origami will be ready.

For such original and creative works, you do not need to use scissors or adhesives. Change unusual hearts from banknotes of different nominal. For example, if such a design is modeled for presenting as a gift, it is advisable to create it from bills worth 5,000 rubles.

Creating roses from bills

From cash bills, you can make more many other original things with your own hands. For example, “cash” roses look beautiful and effectively. The scheme of their manufacture is simple, and finished homemakes are obtained very sophisticated and attractive.

Roses from bills can be an excellent gift for almost any holiday, whether it is a new year, birthday, anniversary and so on. To simulate one original rose, you need to prepare about 5-7 bills. The nominal may be absolutely any. It will also be needed wire, a special teip-tape of a green shade.

You can prepare artificial leaflets of roses from fabric or paper so that the finished handicraft looks more naturalistic and aesthetically.

When all the components are ready, you can start directly to the creation of cash colors.

  • First takes 1 bill. It is folded in half.
  • Through toothpicks or fingers neatly roll the edges of future rose petals.
  • The next pair of petals should also be properly folded. We should not forget that the ends of the details need to be bending.
  • Such an operation must be repeated as many times how many petals are planned to do for roses.
  • At the next stage, you need to turn the wire part through the first modeled petal. Wire tips must be twisted. As a result of all the actions, there should be a beautiful rose bud of money.
  • Through the rest of the prepared and formed bills, too, stretch the wire item. It must be curled in the middle, and twist. The original flower can be formed to your taste and discretion.
  • Next, all prepared cash rose petals need to be combined with wire items. All wire tips should be copp in one barrel / stem. The latter will need to carefully clean the green teep tape. To make a more realistic homemade, it is advisable to add a certain amount of artificial leafy plates of roses and a chashelistic.



Original cash rose is ready!

Making a shirt with a tie

If you want to present a creative and really useful gift, you can simulate a small shirt with a tie from cash bills. Such an interesting homemade will become a great Present on February 23.

Consider phased instructions for modeling a shirt with a tie of money.

  • To make such a non-standard shirt form, monetary bills should be folded twice.
  • You need to bend and disperse to the centerpoint of the left edge.
  • Educated triangular detail must be determined to the central part of the bill.
  • The sides of the triangle are sweeping and form equal folds in order for a small money tie.
  • Then the monetary bill re-share.
  • In the form of the side, the side of the right is raised by about 1 centimeter.
  • Cash bills turn over. Right part of it is divided into 4 parts and bend down towards the central point.
  • Next, the bill turn over and bend in half. After that it will need to break.
  • It is required to extend the central part of the money between the formed bends. Then the bill bend in half to the formation of the collar.

At this stage, modeling the origami clothing with a tie can be considered complete.

How to make a female dress?

A very cool gift for March 8 or a birthday will be a female dress made from bills. Consider the step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of such a present for people who are familiar with the origami technique and for beginners.

  • You need to take a bill. Its edges, located on top, you need to adjust to the lower edges.
  • Next, the upper edge plot folds downward. The fold line must pass through a third of the gap from the edge at the top.
  • Then the money turn over and fold twice. Lay out bills to work out to form a fracture line. Forming down folded corners.
  • The folded fold is gently unfolded, after which it needs to be folded along the line. The same manipulations must be performed in relation to part of the bills on the left.
  • Next upper edge fold down. The formed bend must be one third of the upper half.
  • Billet turn over. Its upper edge is folded down by about 3 mm.
  • Money is once again turned over, and then put the right-handed corner. The same actions must be repeated on the left, then fold back into the angle. On the right it will be necessary to form the same fold.
  • Banknotes need to turn over, bend the edge part from above. Form a small collar of a female dress.

Original homemade ready.

What else can you fold?

From banknotes with different faults, be it 500, 1000 or 5000 rubles, you can still make a lot of beautiful and creative figures in the Origami technique.

Cash crafts can be both as simple as possible and intricate, complex performed.

From the money it turns out to make a wonderful figure of the turtle. It is modeled in several stages.

  • First, the bill is put vertically. The right corner is undermined to the left corner diagonally.
  • Banknotes unfold. The above steps are repeated with the left corner at the top.
  • Form double triangular blank.
  • Next, it is located horizontally so that the triangle at the same time is directed to the left side. The right half is sweep down.
  • Detail unfold and bend up.
  • The workpiece unfold and form a double triangular detail. In this case, part of the bills need to be left unaffected.
  • Free part fence.
  • The strip is filled into the inner part of the triangular pocket, exposed to corners.
  • Sharp corner parts in the center of the workpiece flexion to the sides. It will be a turtle paws.
  • Billet turn over. Side corners bend inside.
  • Front and back fence. So the head and tail of the monetary turtle will be formed.

At this creative homemade completed.

Of the money it is also possible to simulate the shape of the butterfly.

  • Bills are twice as wide.
  • The top corner on the left side must be folded diagonally towards the right corner.
  • Last folding unfold.
  • Located from the bottom of half the bills are folded to the starting point diagonally and well stroke. The same fold line makes on the other side.
  • The banknote is disclosed, and then again make it a fold, connecting the bends from the above steps.
  • The workpiece is folded, after which the upper layer is rejected to form a peculiar pocket of the triangular structure.
  • Covers turn over. Make the same pocket.
  • The triangular part is bent toward the edge point of the workpiece, well stroke. The same actions spend on the other side.
  • Next, the bill is unfolded.
  • Flexing tops, making triangles.
  • The resulting triangular elements are bend in the middle, then form the body of a monetary butterfly.

There is still a lot of options, how to make money origami. Crafts can have any forms. It looks original pigeon or airplane from bills.

Not bad option is the cash star. Find out how to do it.

  • Start with the front side. Bill need to be folded in half, and then deploy.
  • Next, the bill is folded twice, moving from left to right. Then unfold. It is also necessary to act and with respect to the left half so that it shares it through the folds of 4 parts.
  • Fold from the right side of the corners from below and on top.
  • Then you need to attach the right point indicated in the diagram to the point on the left. So it will be possible to form the necessary fold.
  • Next, cash bills turn over.
  • Put the right upper and right bottom corners. Then the angular sections are folded.
  • Money turn over again. Fold the left side to the right, refuel the tip under the triangular valve.
  • Re-fold the left part of the bills, fill under the triangular part.
  • Then another part of the bills listed in the diagram are three times and refilled under the triangle.
  • Folds are pressed through clothespins or clamps. Need to do another 4 similar details.
  • After that, they must be combined together, tightly inserting each other, fixing with chopsticks different blocks, as shown in the diagram.

More, about creating origami from money, look in the video below.

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