Creating origami in the form of cars

Creating origami in the form of cars

What is just not made of paper using origami technique. But if girls are more supported by such creativity, boys often need to passibly. And the easiest way – making machines. It turns out, Japanese equipment and here it offers a lot of interesting options with different levels of difficulty.

Simple options

Such models are a good start or for the smallest origami crafts, or for those who have not done anything for a long time and wants to try without the risk of failure.

Flat car from paper – assembly scheme.

  1. Standard Billet – Square sheet. First, it needs to be bent along, then across, outline. Then deploy.
  2. The lower edge must be bent up to the median line.
  3. Corners Bend down diagonally – the wheels will come out.
  4. Billet folded in half to the horizontal median line.
  5. Lower edge.
  6. Upper right corner folded diagonally. Car flip over the front side.

The machine is ready – you can draw the windows on it using pencils or markers. You can, at the request of the author, make patterns and inscriptions.

The next work is already volumetric, but also refers to the discharge of uncomplicated. And if the previous car is calmly conquered by preschoolers 5-6 years, a racing car from paper – a task for children older.

Racing Machine – Step-by-step instruction.

  • A4 sheet – any color, can be white, can be colored or pressed. We take it. Fold in half along.

  • The left edge of the sheet must be bent at an angle of 45 degrees, break back, and then to the other side. This is done for the design of the lines by which the machine will fold further. With the right side – the same actions.

  • On the left side you need to take the edges of the sheet between bends, bring these parts to the middle. The same to do on the right side. It turns out the harvesting of the shuttle-shaped form, indicating in different directions.

  • The edges of the arrows must be lifted, bend to the center of the billet. Edges of arrows omit.

  • Parts arrows need to bend inside by midline. The product obtained should be bent in half.

  • Final strokes remained – the ends of the arrows before receiving parts resembling. Rear part raise up, get a racing car spoiler.

And also on a typewriter made by such a master class, you can blow – she will go.

Another short MK – only it will not be just a car, but a small school bus. But when fantasy can be “twink” to his car.

How to make School Bus in Origami.

  • It will take a paper square 15 by 15 cm with one yellow side, and another black marker and colored markers. You need to start with the inside – to adjust the lower edge one-third. Fold the rectangle in half from left to right. To uncover. Lower the corners down. Throw their vertices for rounding form.

  • Turn over the workpiece.

  • Left angle fold (everything is like in the picture).

  • Send the top edge. Corner from the preceding step in the backrest turn upstairs.

  • Black marker draw contour vehicles: Doors, window frames, headlights and wheels. There should be an identification inscription on transport and maybe the icon. Children and driver are drawn by colored markers.

The first school bus, by the way, was created on the basis of a truck, so turning this craft into a truck is also easy, especially with the drawing details.

How to make modular machines?

Working with paper modules much more difficult: and patience is necessary more and strength, and time. But the result of folding a huge number of parts is much more.


If you want to do actually a copy of the racing car, you will have to try.

For such work, you will need:

  • 298 black modules+
  • 48 white modules+
  • 297 red modules.

Gradually, a row for nearby (watch video) will be performed by the parts of the machine, starting with the spoiler, continuing to the ridge and fore. The car will be very similar to his prototype, but for beginners this option is complicated.

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