Creating origami in the form of roses

Creating origami in the form of roses

Origami technique allows you to create beautiful and original crafts yourself. There is a huge variety of options for the manufacture of similar products. Today we will talk about how to make a rose-origami, what materials will be needed for this.

Classic Roses in Origami

To begin with, we will look at how to independently make simple crafts in the form of roses.

For beginners

Before starting work, all the necessary materials should be prepared:

  • Color paper (red, green)+
  • glue (better use PVA)+
  • knitting pencils or needles.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of suitable paper. Often used simple office, corrugated, crepe material, colored paper. In any case, the basis should keep well. Otherwise, the rose will simply begin to reveal and become a formless.

First, a red paper square is taken, it is planned a longitudinal fold, folding in half. After that, the workpiece gently unfold and make another fold, only already transverse.

Then all four corners of the workpiece fell to the central part of the paper square. So, the standard “damn” must be formed. The figure unfold 90 degrees and again fold the material by the converter. This technique is called “Double Damn”.

Next, the third time you will need to bend square angles. All the sections of the fold is better to carefully strictly stroke the hands so that the figure does not start to fall apart. In the end, a floral bud is formed – it will only need to gently deploy it “petals”. In this case, all the vertices of the obtained small triangles are taken injected in all layers.

The edges of the “petals” are screwed on knitting needles or a simple pencil. They will become a little wavy and acquire their natural appearance. After that, you can proceed to the manufacture of leaves for roses. For this, the paper square is taken green. From it form a basic harvesting in the form of an air snake. The material is folded through the diagonal line twice and disclose. Sidewalls bend to the central axis at the bottom of the workpiece, and then in the upper.

The material is folded in half towards along the longitudinal line. One of the sharp corners bend upstairs and spread the resulting “pocket”. The same actions are carried out on the other. At the final stage, it remains only to glue a ready-made bud to a sheet.

It is better to make several decorative sheet plates at once. They are fixed from different sides of the flower to get a neat and beautiful composition.

Often, from several such products form a whole bright bouquet. You can also separately make rigid stems from green paper. For this, dense thin tubes twisted from the material, their end is fixed with glue. Ready-made floral buds together with leaves are attached to the resulting stalks. Such a craft can be placed in a vase or basket. This option will be able to approach children.

You can also form a whole colorful panel. For its assembly, several roses are made with leaf plates. At the same time they can be of various sizes. After that, they are laid out on a flat base, forming a harmonious composition, all parts are glued to the surface.

This product will be additionally decorated with various details (buttons, beads, beads) and hang on the wall as an original decor.


Such a rose can be made even without glue. To make a crawler with your own hands, you first need to prepare a square red sheet, it should not be more than 10 centimeters. At the first stage, the basic blank “Double Triangle”. Corners on the side fold to the top. After that, the corners lower down the book and raise back.

Corners will need to be revealed and lightly flatten in such a way that they become like small squares. Next, the external corners are lowered from above to the central part of the paper blank, after which the entire figure is turned over and repeated all actions again.

The top corner is then flex to the edge and flex in the opposite direction. The bottom of the paper blank opens. In the center of vertical parts it is necessary to light slightly so that in the end it turned out two triangles with vertices in the central part.

The workpiece is turned over again. Central corner placed vertically. Square on the right at the bottom bend downward down the diagonal line. The resulting product gently unfold 180 degrees, and then again bend into two equal parts of the lower square on the right.

The product is taken to the left hand. The other hand is beginning to gradually twist her central part. Do it until a beautiful dense bulk bud is formed.

From such homemade roses you can also make a beautiful panel or just a colorful decorative bouquet.


Now we will look at how you can make a miniature neat rose in the Origami technique. For this prepare a thin paper strip with a width of 1 centimeter. You can take any color.

The upper left edge of the prepared strip is bend down the diagonal line. On the diagonal edge of the product bend again. From the top corner it will be necessary to make a fold back. Next, holding the tip, gradually twist a small bud. It is important to control so that the bends with the angles do not coincide.

The remaining paper end using the adhesive mixture is fixed to the back of the floral bud. If you wish, you can make many roses and form a beautiful miniature bouquet of them.

Making such crafts is easy, a child can cope with this.

How to make modules?

This option will be more difficult to manufacture, but the finished handicraft will look as beautiful as possible and interesting. In advance, it is necessary to prepare small squares of colored paper, these billets will need 8 (if the rose will include two layers) or 15 (if the rose consists of three layers).

Square must be folded in half, the fold line is thoroughly smoothed with fingers. Then the material is deployed back – angle upstairs like a rhombus. Take the right corner and bend it inside through the fusion line.

The left corner is prevented in the same way. It needs to be twisted a little. To do this, you can use a pencil: it is wound on paper, giving the necessary form. As a result, there will be a module-petal.

The first row of the flower is going out of three bright petals. To do this, on the left corner of one finished petal and the right angle of another petal apply a small amount of adhesive composition. All parts glued together are connected in a circle. As a result, it turns out the first row.

The second row will consist of five petals. First, everything glues from above, and then turns over and gluits below. Billet twist in a circle. For the third row it is necessary to seven petals, it will be assembled in the same way as the two previous. The result will be three separate blanks.

All three rows fasten with each other into one floral bud, begin with the smallest. Fix all this is necessary with glue. In the manufacture of such a flower from modules, you can immediately take two coloring paper colors at once to make the most beautiful and original craft.

Rose made in such a technique will be a suitable gift for March 8.

Another interesting option will be a dross-cube. To create it, you will first need to cut from the sheets of A4 green and red flowers three square of the same sizes. Instead of red, you can take another coloring (yellow, pink, blue, white).

After that, the square blank consists in the center. Formed the line of the collar. Lickest unfold. Edges that are opposite each other are bended to the middle and form a line again. Then the bottom angle on the right bend up to the bend line from above. Also come with the opposite corner.

The right corner is neatly bend down at the bottom, and it will be necessary to combine the edge of the shape with a vertical visible fold. One fold is flexing to the right. The bottom of the corner is aligned, focusing on the fold line. Paper blank turn over. All the same actions are repeated with the opposite angle. After that, the material turns over again, bending the corner of the module.

At the next stage, a square is formed, in this case it will be necessary to gently beatened the corners at once on both sides. Also make two more modules. As a result, the red billets of the cube will turn out in the number of three pieces.

Next, you can proceed to working with green material. As earlier, Square sheet folds into two equal parts. Formed the line of the collar. Paper unfolds. The opposite edges of the material bend to the central part, the line is formed again.

Later make new fractures. The lower angle on the right is raised up to the top fold. Also do with the opposite corner of the sheet. The right angle is bent from the bottom, which combines the edge of the sheet with a vertical fold. One fold is flexing to the right, the lower part of the corner is aligned.

Paper blank turn over, all operations are repeated already on the other hand. Then the figure turns over and bend the corners of the module. Next again bend the top corner. The product is rotated and begin to bend the corners in the same manner as when creating red blanks.

In order to turn a small cube into a beautiful decorative rose, you need to pull out small green corners and deploy them. So the flower petals will turn out.

For the formation of the bud pin the corner from the bottom of the fold from three sides. The corners extended in the same way will be able to give a drawing line.

In the manufacture of this rose it is worth using a thin, but at the same time quite durable coated paper. This material will make it possible to correctly form a craft, it will easily withstand multiple bends and does not lose the form and appearance.

Useful advice

In the manufacture of a variety of crafts in the Origami technique it is worth remembering some important recommendations. So, Do not forget that for such work is the best to purchase special paper for origami. But when it may be able to approach and simple colored paper. If you want to make a product in a wet folding technique, then you should choose a more dense material treated with a glue mixture. Sometimes corrugated paper is used: it is perfectly holding the form, suitable for the formation of small parts.

So that your handicraft is more interesting and beautiful, it is better to use several colors at once. But remember that they must be harmoniously combined with each other. You can also additionally decorate ready-made homemade products using various elements (rhinestones, pearls).

For children, it is recommended to select simple step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of products in Origami technique. In this case, you can choose the finished scheme in advance. Modular style can be suitable for those who already have certain skills.

How to make origami in the form of roses, look in the following video.

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