Creating origami on the topic Cosmos

Creating origami on the topic & Cosmos &

The art of origami largely brings great benefits – develops spatial thinking, stimulates imagination, trains small motility, attentiveness, preferabity. Folding paper figures without the help of scissors and glue is available to everyone in contrast to singing, drawing, playing musical instruments, where without any special abilities.

How to make a rocket?

To make a paper missile, it is enough to take advantage of the simplest scheme developed on the basis of a classic aircraft. Such a sequence is most accessible to children and beginners. After the manipulations done in front of the artist will stand Spaceship type “Apollo”. Feathering perfectly answers the topic of holiday Cosmonautics Day. For its manufacture, you will need a square sheet with dimensions 21×21 cm.

Step-by-step execution.

  • The sheet is folded in half diagonally first in one direction, then unfold, and fold in the other side.

  • Re-deployed, fold the leaf twice the bottom up, then bend it once again to the right.

  • The top valve opens, giving down and getting a triangle.

  • Figure turn over, repeat 4 step.

  • Two external angle lowered down the book, then the figure turns over again, and manipulations are repeated.

  • The workpiece is rotated by a free end in the opposite side of the side, open the first valve, and the square fold.

  • The same is done with the opposite.

  • The upper left valve is translated into the right side, and repeat with opposite sides, ensuring that all square parts are inside the figure.

  • The edges are bend towards the central axis, repeat on the back side, transfer the valve to the left and repeat on the other side.

  • The lower pockets open, getting a “house”, and repeat on the reverse side.

Triangles in the middle raise, revealing supports and watching them to be located at the same angles. Rocket is ready, it can be supplied, you can put on a regiment in a row with other crafts, and you can use as a toy.

Folding of space aircraft

The proposed schemes represent three types of cosmolets, each of which can participate in star wars, being on board the carrier ship, or climbing the task from the ground and then returning to the cosmodrome. All three schemes offer different models options, stimulate the development of the child’s imagination, give basic reading skills and schemes. It is possible that in the future this skill will develop and come in handy in choosing a profession.

Other ideas

By the Day of Cosmonautics, you can make crafts on the topic “Cosmos” not only in the form of cosmolets and rockets folded from a sheet of paper. It can be a more complex rocket, made in the technique of modular origami, or satellite, moonport, astronaut in a safandra.

The following is a light scheme of addition from the paper of a flying saucer, ideally suitable as the first work in the Origami technique.

Step-by-step master class.

  • Square sheet is folded in half, thus obtaining horizontal marking, then unfold. Paper again fold, watching the edges look up.

  • One half bends in half and flex down – in the image of the direction indicated by the dotted line. After that corners on the bent half flex down.

  • Next, begin to work with an untouched half sheet, the angles of which also bent down, as shown by the dotted line. Now the workpiece is turned over to the other side, and before the eyes of the child is a layout of a real flying disk.

The figure can be re-organized by drawing the portholes and even the faces of the aliens, with curiosity of our world looking at our world.

On how to create origami on the topic “Cosmos”, see the following video.

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