Helicopter folding options in Origami

Helicopter folding options in Origami

Crafts in the form of a helicopter made in the Origami technique, is one of the most interesting homemakes for boys. Its creation will require a lot of time and accuracy. Today we will talk about how you can make such a craft.

Simple option

To begin with, we consider the simplest option that can be suitable for children, as well as for beginners. The process of creating a helicopter consists of several stages.

  • Square billet is cut out of the A4 sheet.

  • From the square product form the standard form “Double Triangle”.

  • After this corner, bend to the center. The resulting side angle is bended also to the middle.

  • The upper part of the right is rejected to the right to clearly be visible the fold line.

  • Corner straighten up, fold down.

  • Folded corner flex a right.

  • Corner refuel into the resulting pocket.

  • All covered steps are repeated on the left side of the workpiece.

  • And it will also be necessary to turn over the product, and again repeat all actions.

  • The blank is inflated slightly. Cube straighten.

  • The upper part is neatly pressed inside using a ruler.

  • Cube’s ribs are connected.

  • The rectangular blank is twice. Next form blades.

  • Corners of the main workpiece neatly bent back. The screw is inserted at the end.

We will analyze another detailed step-by-step workshop of manufacturing such a handicraft with your own hands.

  • Square paper sheet folds with defects, and then unfolds. It is best to use special paper for origami. It has the desired density level. Crafts from such material will be stable and will not be disclosed after manufacture.

  • After that, the corner will be filmed to the center and unfold.

  • Next paper product turns over, all actions are repeated again.

  • Corners from a square from below bend into the inner part of the workpiece, after which the upper corners will be rejected inside the mustache.

  • Then in half the rhombus fold.

  • Pockets figures open at both sides.

  • Triangular Figure upstairs rejuvenates down.

  • Triangles on the side unfolding on the sides.

  • The blank is turned sideways, an acute triangle is turned from the inside, and also open the edge, and gently bend it up.

  • Corners are inserted in front. Blades spread to the sides.

Consistent with pallet

A more complex version of the manufacture of paper crafts in the form of a military helicopter origami should be considered.

  • In this case, it is also necessary to first prepare the paper blank of the square.

  • After that, it is formed by the standard “Double Square” form. Then make the base form “Bird”, the tops of the product are folded down.

  • Next, the upper layer is rejected along the diagonal line from left to right, and then right to left.

  • According to the formed lines of the beggars, the triangle is up to the top, at the same time it is also folded in half and wrapped in the inside. The same actions repeat over the opposite.

  • Side parts fold to the center.

  • Movable sharp corner folds twice and hardened inside the fold, which formed. The same actions are repeated on the other hand.

  • The bottom of the top layer turn up.

  • Top angle folds down. The part that was shredded before that, flex in the opposite direction.

  • Next, the product turns over. The bottom of the top paper layer rises upstairs.

  • Top Corner Details Carefully folds down.

  • The upper part of the element is folded down by about 1 centimeter. Also come with the bottom of the workpiece.

  • Both details fold together. The elements sticking on the sides are spread, they will need to be adjusted vertically down.

  • The top layer on the right turns upwards with the help of a backstage. Detail is revealed, the sides are bend to the central part of the product. Angle turns down.

  • The detail is twice the direction along. The tail of the helicopter will have to be turned upstairs, and then form a reverse fold.

  • Tip feces to the side.

  • Separately, you need to cut a thin strip of paper. It is twice as well, and then across. Little triangle is cut into the fibbit.

  • Next, long parts are folded on the sides.

  • The resulting part is carefully put on a paper finished helicopter.

  • It will be necessary to make the same strip, only a little shorter. It is fixed on the bent tail.

How to make modular origami?

We will analyze more complex instructions for making a paper helicopter from individual paper modules.

The process will be quite time consuming and long. Most 1,600 modules.

  • From 1 to 3 rows are formed out of six paper blanks, while they closes in the ring.

  • 4-5 levels make out 12 elements. After that, the product is turned.

  • From 6 to 10 tiers form from 24 modules. To make the 11th row, you will need 14 parts that are inserted with your short side, and 10 parts, they will be inserted with a long side.

  • From 12 to 13 tiers, 24 ready-made modules are used.
  • Level 14 make 32 elements.

  • From 15 to 31 tiers form from 32 billets.

  • Starting with 33 rows there is a narrowing of the product. The upper part of the helicopter is made of 20 elements, the lower part is from 8.

  • Up to 39 levels make a narrowing of up to 22 parts.

  • After that, they start creating a helicopter tail. It will include 20 levels. In this case, alternates first by 9 and 10 modules, and then 8, 7. Last tiers make out of 5, 4 and 3 modules.

  • To make a force, you will need to alternately connect 2 and 3 modules. The length of this part of the helicopter can be arbitrary.

  • Next proceed to the creation of the screw. To do this, it will be necessary to connect four details among themselves, each in 18 paper modules. At the same time, they form a figure in the form of a snake. After that, all elements made glued together with each other.

In order for the finished helicopter to be stable, you can miss all weak points with adhesive composition.

Modular origami looks as beautiful as possible and interesting. But this scheme of making craft can be suitable only for those who already have certain skills to work with this technique.

The originally plane-helicopter is originally. To make such a craft, follow these steps.

  • A sheet of paper is taken. His corners are tightened to the middle. After that, a small strip is cut off from the bottom.

  • Then the sharp corner is bent downwards down and gently develops to the left.

  • Next, all previously made actions are repeated already on the other side.

  • The upper part bends twice from above. After that, the glider helicopter is folded in half.

  • A small tip inside flex. The workpiece is folded twice and smoothed.

  • Later, the carved strip is folded in half, the ends push out in different directions. This item will act as a propeller of a glider helicopter.

  • In the strip make two small holes, after that it is fixed on the main paper blank. Delica is ready.

When assembling such a helicopter, you can choose special paper for origami, corrugated material. As well as an excellent option will be a packaging with camouflage coloring, so that the finished product is more natural.

But if there are no such materials, then you can take a simple paper.

Detailed instructions for creating an origami helicopter can be found in the following video.

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