Options for creating origami in the form of a cake

Options for creating origami in the form of a cake

All people love holidays, whether new year, March 8, or just someone’s birthday, so often questions about what interesting and original decorations for a celebration can be made with their own hands. The main components, of course, are various dishes prepared by the hostess at home, but by the end of the holiday they lose their appeal. Excellent alternative are bright paper crafts. For example, the cakes in the Origami technique. In this article we will tell you a few simple ways to manufacture this confectionery paper, including modular origami technique.

Simple option

The easiest way to manufacture a paper cake is to fold one sheet in the traditional Origami technique, that is, only with folds, without glue and other auxiliary elements. Best of all, such a craft is obtained from one-sided paper or napkin, because such a material is perfectly repeated by the appearance of natural baking: the color side is the dough or mastic, and white – sweet cream. For the manufacture of crafts, you will need a square sheet of paper and a flat surface to create neat folds. Simple scheme and step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of cake-origami:

  • First fold the square in half and remove the front angle so that its tip does not take to the bottom edge 1-2 cm+

  • Raise the angle, then lower and lift again so that the “cut” of the cake+

  • Mentally dividing the second angle horizontally in half, create a smoothly in the middle of the zigzag fold and move the tip down so that it “hugged” the top of the cake+

  • Check the side parts, slightly caught a confectionery form.

Delica is ready!

Paper cake in traditional Origami technique is a great way to fold napkins for serving a festive table.

Cake box do it yourself

The technique of making cake-boxes is very simple – this method is suitable even for beginner needlewomen. For the manufacture of crafts, you must prepare the following tools and materials:

  • Colored paper (preferably high density)+

  • scissors+

  • Glue “PVA” or “moment”+

  • Simple pencil+

  • ruler+

  • stationery knife+

  • Materials for decor (ribbons, beads, pencils and other).

Also to create a craft you will need a special template that can be printed or draw yourself on the A4 sheet. It turns out a piece of cake with the following parameters: Length – 12 cm, Width – 6 cm, Height – 5 cm. If folded from paper 12 figures, it turns out a whole round cake. The product looks equally good both in one color and in a multi-colored version.

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  • Print or draw yourself on plain paper template for future crafts, then carefully cut it down the contour.

  • With the help of a pencil and ruler, transfer the outlines of the template for colored paper, noting the folds of the folds and slits.
  • Cut the blanks and fold them on the outlined lines.

  • Apply the glue to the sections specified in the template and connect the product to the triangular box with one open side.

  • To the box closed, make a slotted line with a stationery knife and insert free edge into it.

  • Next, it is necessary to make pieces of cake more “appetizing” with the help of decorative elements. For example, you can wrap their satin ribbon, creating a “cream” layer. Cute bows are obtained from satin ribbons, which also perfectly decorate the boxes.



Cake-box is not only a beautiful decoration for a festive table, but also a comfortable packaging for sweet gifts to guests.

How to make a modular craft?

Module cakes are large and time-consuming crafts. To make them independently, you will need a lot of time, patience and perfection. This method of manufacture is not suitable for newbies, because the finished product is neat, it is necessary to fold the modules exactly in size. For the manufacture of crafts, you will need the following items:

  • Colored paper+

  • glue+

  • scissors.

Step-by-step assembly of the product begins with creating a certain number of triangular modules. Instructions for creating elements of this craft consists of the following steps:

  • Cut a small paper rectangle+

  • Fold it in half first along, and then – across+

  • Refract out the last fold, load the side of the workpiece down and adjust the bottom corners up+

  • Fold a figurine in half – this is a ready module.

To start executing a master class, you need to prepare modules of different size and color in the following quantity:

  • Billet size ¼ sheet A4 – 175 pieces of white and 7 pieces of blue+

  • 1/8 sheets 1/8 sheet A4 – 166 pieces of white and 14 pieces of blue+

  • 1/16 billets Sheet A4 – 14 pieces of white and 14 pieces of blue+

  • 1/31 billets sheet A4 – 7 pieces of white and 7 pieces of blue.

Prepare the necessary elements, proceed to step by step assembly of the modular cake:

  • From 42 white size modules ¼ Create a circle, connecting the items in a checker order+

  • Close the circle, then turn over and remove it+

  • Create another row of 42 white pieces+

  • Attach 7 blue parts of size ¼, leaving the gap between them in 10 “legs” of white modules+

  • On each side from blue parts ¼ on white modules Attach blue elements of 1/8+

  • On the sides of blue modules 1/8 Put the blue modules 1/16, and attach blue parts 1/31 to the remaining white “legs”+

  • Repeat the same procedure, but with white modules – this is the lower cake tier+

  • Next, collect the top tier – it is performed in the same technique, but the ranks are folded out of 22 parts of 1/8+

  • In total, in the second tier, collect 4 rows+

  • Connect the finished two tiers with each other – this is the base of the cake.

The modular cake for the festive table remains only to decorate – it can be done with paper roses.

Also on paper it is very interesting to look at the decorations in the form of bows, leaves and even just decorative ribbons separating the cake on the layers.

More about how to create origami in the form of a cake, look in the video below.

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