Options for folding origami in the form of a hat

Options for folding origami in the form of a hat

Paper cap is a headdress that can be made literally in a couple of minutes. Paper hats will be useful not only for games, but also for walking or repair work. Make such a product maybe even a small child.

The easiest option

Beginners of Origami lovers should pay attention to the simplest folding scheme “Caps”. You can make it from paper A4 format or newspaper.

  1. First of all the harvested sheet must be bent in half. Location of bend you need to try.
  2. Having overtakes the workpiece in half along, it should immediately deploy it.
  3. Top corners need to carefully adjust down. Their edges must coincide.
  4. The lower strip must be adjusted so that its edge coincides with the edges of the triangle.
  5. Corners of the strip must also be adjusted on both sides. The resulting obsessions need to bend upstairs.
  6. Next, pulling down the central points of the lower strip, the figure must be taken so that it turns into a square.
  7. Bottom corners from two edges should be raised.
  8. Next, pulling the lower lines, the figure you need to unhand.
  9. Challenges need to be adjusted out. Side edges need to dilute on the sides. It turns out a beautiful and neat small boat.

The hat made in such a technique is an excellent option of a simple headdress for children and adults. You can do it from both white paper and color.

How to fold a medical hat?

Initially, such details were used to create a samurai costume. They also resemble hats that have previously wore nurses. Most often such accessories Mastery for thematic holidays or photo shoots. Do it yourself very simple to make a doctor’s hat. The main thing is to stick with a simple step-by-step instruction.

  1. Square sheet you need to gently bend, connecting opposite corners. Then the workpiece must be deployed and folded again, but already on another diagonal.
  2. Acute corners of the resulting triangle should be omitted. Their edges should come into contact.
  3. Lower corners of rhombus need to raise. They should slightly play the edges of the figure.
  4. Next, the bottom of the top sheet must be raised.
  5. It needs to be carefully adjusted. Little triangle should be slightly covered with the resulting side.
  6. The shaped figure must be turned over. The second part of the sheet you need to get back.
  7. Doctor’s hat must be carefully loosen. Edges must be sharp and smooth.

You can additionally decorate the finished hat.

To create an image of a samurai paper must be painted in a dark color. Doctor’s cap can be added with a red cross cut from thick paper. This item can also be drawn on paper with a marker or pencil of the desired color.

Other ideas

There are other interesting schemes for creating caps from ordinary paper.


Universal headdress, which can be made in Origami, is a pilot. Do it best of all from a monophonic fine paper.

  1. A large square sheet is used for work. It needs to be folded in half, and then straighten. This will help to outline all the necessary lines.
  2. After that, the sheet must be folded again in half, connecting the upper and lower edges. One of the bands must be bent out. She must be very small.
  3. The resulting workpiece must be turned over. Her edges need to be adjusted to the center.
  4. Top edges need to bend on the sides. Corners must slightly play the edges.
  5. The bottom edge of the sheet needs to be adjusted up. He must close the side triangles slightly.
  6. After that, the cap must be accurately straighten. It turns out volumetric and neat.

The finished product can additionally decorate with simple drawings.

With visor

Such an interesting headdress can be easily made from a newspaper or ordinary paper.

  1. Sheet must be bent in half. Upper corners need to be adjusted to the middle of the fold line.
  2. One of the lower bands should be reset in half. Next, it must be bandaged again, creating a neat side.
  3. The sheet needs to flip and adjust the corners, hiding them for the triangle.
  4. Free lower strip should also be subject to.
  5. Bottom corners need to be beaten, connecting their edges.
  6. Next free angles bend inside the side.
  7. The resulting figure must be turned over. Free angle you also need to adjust the side.

Next, the figure remains only to straighten, giving it the desired form. Finished paper hat resembles a conventional cap. It can be made it in the summer to protect against the sun.

Headdress will like both children and adults.

For culinary

Cook cap can also be made from prudial means. It will be convenient to use during cooking or games with a child. It is done almost the same as the cap.

  1. First you need to bend a sheet by running a smooth line in the middle. After that it must be accepted again.
  2. The workpiece must be trained in the middle.
  3. The corners of the sheet must be tightened to the resulting center.
  4. The bottom edge of the sheet must be adjusted up, forming a neat side.
  5. Next, the workpiece must be rotated. Side edges cease to the center.
  6. All lines need to thoroughly try. Top corner need to beg, hiding it for the side.
  7. The edges of the free sheet need to be adjusted to the middle. Further, this part of the workpiece must be bent back, and to hide it the edge.

The resulting hat must be accurately straighten, stretching her corners to the sides. So that the hat looked more interesting, make it stands out of pink or light blue paper. The finished headdress can be decorated with an inscription with the name of its owner or a cute pattern.


You can pass the child with the art of origami, offering it to create a pirate tri-finger together. Classic pirate hat is best to do from black paper. But instead you can use the usual newspaper sheet. Such a hat is done very simple.

  1. First of all, the sheet must be added twice in half throughout the length.
  2. Next, the corners must be left immediately, leaving only a very thin strip below.
  3. Such strips should be raised on both sides.
  4. Corners need to beg. Next, the edges of the workpiece must be pulled to the sides, turning the figure into the square. The lines are required to be dissolved.
  5. Next, the lower parts of the figurine need to raise. Their edges must coincide with the top corner of the triangle.
  6. The resulting hat must be straighted. In the process you need to try not to spoil the craft.

Pirate tricon is obtained volumetric and beautiful. It can be additionally decorated with some kind of thematic pattern.

So that it does not fall from the head, to the lower part of the tricons you can attach a convenient gum.


Neat military cap can be made to some themed holiday. A similar figure, made in the Origami technique, can also be an excellent addition to a dad or grandfather. Military hat is made quite just.

  1. Prepared sheet need to be bent in half, and then proceed in the middle.
  2. Top corners need to be carefully hooked.
  3. The bottom strip is required to adjust, carefully covering the edges of the triangle.
  4. You need to do the same with the other side, turning the figure.
  5. Free corners need to be hooked by fixing them.
  6. Next, the figure should be pulled out, turning it into square.
  7. The lower half of the workpiece should be raised. Her Kray must coincide with the top of the triangle.
  8. Billet need to flip again. From the second half of the figure should be done the same. All the edges should try well.
  9. Figurine needs to straighten. Military cap is harconary and beautiful.

If desired, such a craft can be supplemented with a red star or a ribbon made of paper. These parts are attached to the base with the help of conventional glue or bilateral tape.

Santa Claus hat

From red tight paper, you can easily make the head of Santa Claus. The process of creating such an accessory consists of 9 steps.

  1. To begin with, a rectangular sheet of one-sided paper must be added to the diagonal. Edges should come into contact with each other.
  2. Next you need to deploy. After that, it is necessary to adjust half the lower angle so that its edge comes into contact with the fifth line.
  3. Corresponding corner should be hidden inside. Next, the resulting line is required to be bent in half, and then bend it again.
  4. The top edge of the received triangle should be omitted.
  5. Sheet need to turn to oneself.
  6. One corner must be beatened so that its edge goes beyond the bottom line.
  7. This protruding must be carefully lifted.
  8. Second angle should also be omitted. Its edge must be lifted and hiding inside the workpiece.
  9. The craft must be rotated, and its top corner – bend.

Such a hat can be used to decorate a New Year card or gift. It will make a present even more interesting.

There is another way to create such a headdress.

  1. In the hands you need to take a square sheet of one-sided paper. Downstairs need to make a small bend. On the edge of the sheet there will be a thin strip.
  2. The same must be done with another part of the sheet.
  3. Opposite corner should be carefully hooked.
  4. Next, the sheet must be turned over.
  5. Two corners also need to bend. One of them should be on top of another.
  6. Half of the resulting figure you need to get back. The fold of the fold is needed.

Ready cap can be used to decorate a postcard. It is reliably fixed at its corner.

All suggested caps can be learned to do very quickly. Practicing a little bit, a person will be able to make them literally in a couple of minutes.

About how to make origami in the form of a cap, look in the following video.

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