Options for folding origami in the form of a handbag

Options for folding origami in the form of a handbag

Children in their games willingly enjoy various accessories similar to adult people belonging. Girls are always happy to take bags for their favorite dolls made in Origami technique.

Simple scheme

In a paper handbag, you can pack a small gift. Candy, key chain, mirror and small calculation placed there. Some models are designed for decorating postcards. In addition, the beautiful product can revive the boring interior.

Paper bag in Origami technique make it yourself for children quite easily. We need to prepare in advance:

  • Colored sheet of paper A4+
  • hole puncher+
  • 2 Tips+
  • scissors.

Simple folding options handbags available baby 5 years. In the process of work on origami, the creative abilities of the kid, the Motoric of the hands and the visual memory is strengthened.

  • For the manufacture of a simple model need to take sheets, fold it diagonally, tighten the left corner to the right side and smooth. Similarly, bend the opposite angle.
  • Valves formed at the top of a triangle It is necessary to disconnect and bend them on both outdoor sides. Then you can do the hole to do the holes for the handles.
  • Insert the fingers into the crevice, spreading the walls. On both sides in the holes in the hole in the braid, tied from the inside of the knot.

This model is superbly suitable as an accessory for dolls and packaging for a gift.

Consider another simple scheme for making a baby bag in the shape of a basket:

  • On a color standard A4 sheet, you need to draw a 18×15 cm rectangle+
  • The long side of the designated rectangular figure is divided into 3 equal shares of 6 cm+
  • In width, measure the same 3 identical parts+
  • Corner parts divide on strips in 2 cm+
  • Draw triangles in the middle part on top and bottom, shadowing the corners formed from the edge+
  • Cut the shaded fragments+
  • Make in the angular rectangles of cuts by drawn lines+
  • Bend the resulting corners up+
  • Sea and replace strips located next to the triangle+
  • Symmetrically, remove and fix the remaining strips with glue from both sides+
  • Cut the strip of another color 1.5 cm wide and a length of 20 cm+
  • Form the handles from it and stick them+
  • The base of the handles can be covered with cut circles+
  • Decorating round floweries.

Handbag ready.

Creating a mouse bag

The original handbag in the form of a mouse can be folded from paper with your own hands. For the manufacture of crafts, you will need a color square sheet, 2 plastic toy eyes, a piece of black paper, pencil, pen, scissors and glue.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Put in front of you square leaf of light colors+
  • fold it diagonally and straighten+
  • Make a second diagonal and lower the bottom part of the resulting triangle up 1.5 cm+
  • Upper straight corner Tighten to the center bent downstairs strips+
  • Expited trapezium Expand+
  • Fold the square along another diagonal+
  • The base of the formed two-layer triangle is adjusted up by 2.5 cm+
  • Scroll sheet by lifting the bottom corner up the visible line+
  • Two corners on the right and on the left, bend towards the central part+
  • Purchased in the center of the corner+
  • Fully expand the sheet and carefully consider all the resulting lines+
  • Start pressing the corners, dusting them with cruciform screenshots+
  • Lock all sides by glue+
  • Remove 4 corner on both sides of the formed handbag+
  • Speakers Fragments from the side of the sides, seize and secure glue+
  • Send one of the large straight corners+
  • Turn into the valve another generated straight angle+
  • Place the eye on this valve, glue the black spout, try the mustache+
  • Cut 2 round ears, fill the middle color pencil and glue them at the top of the crafts+
  • At the final stage, it is necessary to cut down the paws from paper, draw on them 2 strokes and glue onto the craft.

The handbag in the form of a mouse is ready.

Other ideas

Especially for the holiday of all lovers, you can make a handbag in the form of a heart.

  • First, cut 2 identical circles of pink and red. Next you need to be slightly bent one edge in the middle part of each billet.
  • After that you need to combine the circles at a certain angle and glue them. Round with scissors side tops from above.
  • At the next stage, it is necessary to make holes for the handles that can be made it from a pink cigital wire.
  • Sliced ​​to small segments of a cocktail tube should be done to future handles. Then the tips of the wire must be inserted into the holes and bend from the inside of the handbag.
  • Similarly, the second handle is fixed.

Original Heart Shape Bag Ready.

A child can independently fold from paper handbag for dolls. There are various elections origami. Consider one of the easiest ways:

  • 10×10 cm square sheet fold diagonally+
  • Right part of the base of the triangle tighten to the opposite side and seize the fold line+
  • The same actions do in the left part+
  • Turn the craft to the back side and bend it in the middle, without smoothing this fold+
  • retreating from the right edge of about 1 cm, make a parallel incision until you stop+
  • Return the workpiece into your previous condition+
  • Generate in different sides resulting after the internal triangles+
  • Welcome all paper layers+
  • decorate the craft at your discretion+
  • Little handbag for dolls is ready.

In addition, you can copy any of the options for the options for ready-made templates found on the Internet. The workpiece must be printed on dense paper using a color printer. The pattern must be cut and folded on the marked lines. Should be copped the sides and the bottom of the bilateral scotch. Fit the tongue, place there as a decoration satin bow or silk flower.

Ready templates allow children to create neat and beautiful handbags. Time spent time much less than on the folding of origami from zero.

On how to make origami in the form of a sore handbag, “Bear” and “Bunny”, see the following video.

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