Origami folding options in the form of a robot

Origami folding options in the form of a robot

In the Origami technique you can make very original figures in the form of a robot. Specialists have developed a lot of schemes, according to which the manufacture of both the simplest and very complex crafts is possible. In today’s article we will get acquainted with different options for folding origami in the form of a robot.

Simple paper

Origami technique is available not only for adults, but also for children. Beginner and young masters are best acquaintance with Japanese art to start with simple and affordable schemes. Osiving them, you can safely conquer new peaks and simulate more complex options for paper crafts.

There are a lot of simple schemes for modeling a robot figurine from paper. To make a similar craft, it is enough to prepare a piece of paper square. Consider step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of a simple shape of a paper robot.

  • The first step is the formation of the basic origami-form “Double Square”.

  • Each of the 4 valves of the workpiece must be disclosed, and after that flattering.

  • As a result, a blank with a long and pointed element should be released.

  • Lower side areas need to gently adjust towards the center. After that, they will need to break back.

  • The central part of the top layer will now need to raise up. In this case, the wrong rhombus should be formed. Actions will be largely similar to the formation of a basic form, called the “bird”. Corner will need to pull down the book.

  • These actions must be duplicated with the rest of the paper blank.

  • In the next step, the paper product should be carefully opened. In the inner part of the design, direct corners should be filmed.

  • As a result, the figure should turn out, as shown in the scheme.

  • Next, the upper corner of the design is addressed by the type of zigzag in directions on yourself, and then from ourselves.

  • After that, the sheet must be deployed. It should be accurate enough to damage the design.

  • On the outer circumference, it is necessary to formold folding in the type “Mountain”, and on the inner circle – by the type “Valley”.

  • Now the paper figure must be collected in the old form.

  • The layers of the workpiece will need to be rented.

The corners on the sides of the top layer are sweeping to the middle.

  • After that, the layers must be rented on the right side.

  • On the next side, it is necessary to fold the side corners again, directing them to the middle.

  • Wailed layers need to be rented on the left side. Bands need to lift on both sides.

  • Next you can form the right hand of the future robot.

  • At the next stage form left hand.

  • Billet turn over to the other side.

  • In the direction of the middle it will be necessary to adjust the corners located on the one-piece sides of the crafts.

  • Now the master can form the legs of the robot.

  • It is necessary to make feet. At this stage, the original paper craft will be ready!

Folding robot android

With your own hands, you can make it even a famous green robot android. Simulation of such a craft is more complex and takes longer than the classic features of the figure. To make a robot android, the master must prepare green paper.

If the manufacture of such a complex paper figurines is planned, then from the very beginning it is recommended to make all the necessary marking. It should be made as careful as possible so that during further folding the figure did not arise extra problems and inaccuracies.

Assembly of such a craft should be accomplished precisely according to the scheme. The author is Gerwin Sturm. A similar scheme of the master enjoy most often, simulating the figure of the robot android.



Other ideas

There are still a lot of different origami-figurines in the form of a robot. It can be flat, and volumetric, and modular options. Interesting and original will be paper handwriting in the form of a transformer robot. Consider stages like it must be done correctly.

  1. First printed on a dense sheet of paper drawings of the future robot. Sheet format can be A4 or A3.
  2. Printout must be put on a soft surface. It can be a sofa or bed. After that, through seed or needles, it is necessary to do in the details of the holes marked in the scheme.
  3. Next details are neatly cut out strictly by contour. Long and straight elements are more convenient to cut through the stationery knife and ruler.
  4. Next, with the help of a stupid side of scissors, you need to sell all the lines of folds on the future design along the line.
  5. It is necessary to adjust those details of the crafts that are static. This should be done by the outlined lines. After that you will need to glue the valves.
  6. Those details that are movable should be connected by elastic.

It is fought in the holes, and then on both sides fix with reliable nodules.

When all the details are prepared, it will be necessary to start assembling the original robot-transformer figures. We learn from which stages this stage of modeling paper craft is.

  1. First you need to glue each other to the body and the breast of the future paper robot.
  2. After that, the chest, shoulders and the neck of the design are bonded by elastic.
  3. Next, you will need to reliably glue the neck and the head of the robot. Too much glue is not recommended, as it can adversely affect the appearance of the crafts.
  4. The top zones of the legs of the robot, caviar and feet will also be needed to connect with each other with a rubber band.
  5. To the calf plots of figurines, the master will need to stick wheels.
  6. Torso crafts are connected to the upper sections of the legs.
  7. At the next stage it will be necessary to glue the wheels to the hips of the robot.
  8. Now you need to glue the thighs and the top sections of the legs.
  9. All components of the elements of the transformer should be copp through the same gum.
  10. A rubber band will also need to connect the shoulders, shoulders and forearm figures.
  11. Will remain fasten on the shouting exhaust pipes. Build the original figure completed!

Useful advice

Masite origami in the form of a robot need carefully and leisurely. Before proceeding with such operations, you need to be patient. Excessive hurry can adversely affect the accuracy of the crafts.

To build figures, you should use sufficient density paper, it should not be too thin. Special paper for origami, which can be purchased in specialized stores, which sells goods for art and creativity.

If you need to use scissors, then their blades must be well made. Otherwise, cuts will turn out to be fattened and neakkurat. It will affect the aesthetics of the finished paper craft.

On the faces of the finished robots, you can draw eyes and other parts, to highlight mechanical nodes on the torso. Each Master chooses how to reorganize such origami-craft.

How do you can add origami in the form of a robot, see the next video.

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