Origami options for children 5-6 years

Origami options for children 5-6 years

Simulation technician Origami paper crafts is very popular. It can be mastered not only adults, but also small masters aged 5-6 years. There are a lot of simple and understandable schemes that children can take advantage. In this article, we consider the best origami options from paper for children 5-6 years.


Origami technique does not work so much popularity. The thing is that its development is positively reflected in many processes in the growing body.

  • Children who master the Origami technique acquire simultaneously with this skills of more beautiful and neat letters technology. To fold paper figures, you need to make the most clear movements with your fingers, so that after such “training” in the future writing letters in a child no longer causes great difficulties.

  • In children, developing ability to design, while they are trained by Origami. As a rule, guys who are well acquainted with the manufacture of paper figures are much easier to master geometry and 3D modeling. In addition, their spatial thinking is developing.

  • Thanks to the Origami technique in children, 5-6 years is raised by hardworking. Small masters come to this delight when they see excellent results of their works, so in the future they act diligently, responsibly.

  • Acquaintance with Origami technique contributes to building the right speech of the child. The vocabulary of the young Master-Origamist, his ability is pure and clearly expressed in many ways depend on the shallow motility. The latest origami equipment has the strongest influence.

  • Simulation of figures in the Origami technique contributes to the development of accuracy in children. If paper blanks are careless and hurried, then, indeed, it will not be a beautiful craft. In such a creative case, one of the main roles plays the high accuracy of movements, the concentration of a small master.

The formation of paper figures in the Origami technique has a predominantly positive effect on the children’s body. In the course of the folding of this or that crafts are involved both brain hemisphere.

The level of their activity turns out to be the same, so the brain work becomes the most synchronous. At the same time, the balance of basic mental processes is aligned.

Resorting to the manufacture of a variety of paper crafts, a small origamist can easily distract from sad thoughts and depressive sentiment. Modeling the figures in the Origami technique allows you to deal with stress perfectly.

How to put animals and birds?

Children at the age of 5-6 years are easily given a variety of paperwork modeling schemes in Origami technique. Little Masters especially attracts made of crafts in the form of various animals and birds.

Such creative classes are perfectly occupied by young origamists, raise their mood, develop creative abilities.

We will understand in detail how it is necessary to properly add a variety of animals and birds from paper in accordance with certain schemes.


A child at the age of 5-6 can easily make it easy and quickly make a pretty paper figure of the turtle. There is nothing hard in the manufacture of this craft.

Consider step-by-step instructions for creating such origami-crafts.

  • It is necessary to pick up a square piece of paper with a side of 21 cm. At the first stage, this square will need to be located on the table one of the parties towards myself.

  • Next, the workpiece from paper will need to be accurately folded into the triangle.

  • External corners of the product need to be adjusted up.

  • As a result of the above actions, a neat “double square” should be formed.

  • Now the right half of the top layer of the workpiece will need to be folded in half. Do it only need from top to bottom.

  • The same actions must be applied to the left side of the product.

  • The valve located at the right side will need to bend, as shown in the diagram.

  • Similar actions will be required for the left side of the workpiece.

  • Next, the future feature of the turtle should be deployed 180 degrees. The triangular element that will be at the bottom, should be carefully separated by the top layer, then you need to cut the part from the vertex to the central point.

  • In the next step, both halves of the paper product can be bend as you like.

  • The valves located at the bottom are also allowed to bend at their discretion.

  • Valves from below must be folded the same as the valves from above.

  • Side parts of the workpiece bend in the inside, but the center does not bring.

  • One of the tops of the figure should be omitted.

  • Forming a double fold, you should return the product to the opposite position.

  • The workpiece is then turned over, fold along the line along to give more volume. Simple and pretty turtle figurine Ready!


Child 5-6 years can be as easy and quickly easily make them origami in the form of a cute kitty.

We will describe in stages, how to properly simulate a figurine in the form of a feline face.

  • You need to take a square leaf of paper of any color that the child will enjoy more.

  • Paper is twice the diagonal line to formed a triangle. Next, the edges of this workpiece will need to wrap on the base to the middle. It should be done at a low angle – it will be cat ears.

  • The vertex is separated towards down. So the cat head will be formed.

  • The workpiece should be turned over to the other side, and then draw a felt-tip pen or glue the eyes, spout, mouth, mustaches.

Such an exercise is very simple, so it can simulate children under 5 years old.


Very interesting can get a crab figure made in Origami technique.

For its manufacture, it will be necessary to prepare a square sheet of paper with dimensions of 10×15 cm. And also it is worth buying ready-made plastic eyes in advance that are sold in many stores for creativity.

We will analyze the algorithm for modeling origami in the form of crab.

  • At the first stage, the paper square will need to be folded on the diagonal. Do it follows in two directions. Then the product is bent twice by the type of “books”.

  • Billet open. Diagonally form inverse folds. At the same time, the extreme points of the line in the middle are connected in the center. The result will be “water bomb”.

  • It needs to be the basis down. Corners located outside, are sweeping inside in accordance with dotted lines in the diagram.

  • Billet turn over. The bottom half is sweeping. The fold must be carefully stroke. Side parts bend down the dottedia.

  • The product is turned over again. It is necessary to fold the grinding claws on the dotted line. After that they are infringe.

  • Crafts need to give an appropriate shape of the “scissors”. For this purpose, the external parts of these parts are rejected back to the previously marked fold.

  • It will only be left to glue plastic eyes, and the figure will be fully ready!


Consider the algorithm for the manufacture of a simple figurine in the form of a woodpecker.

  • Need to cook a square sheet of paper. It must be put in color up.

  • Paper are twice. Corner must join the corner. White color should be inside. A triangle is formed.

  • Then connect a couple of other corners.

  • Disclosed paper, lay in front of the corner. In the lower half align the parties according to the fold.

  • Billet turn over. In the upper half of the product, too, fold the parties along the internal bend.

  • The workpiece turns over again.

  • You must unscrew the top white part on the left side. It is necessary to do it so that on the left side was a noticeable corner. This item will play the role of beak bird.

  • Next, raise the corner at the first part of the paper blank.

  • The torso of paperwood is folded twice, after which they draw eyes or glued them.

How to make a postcard?

Young origamist at the age of 5-6 years old can easily assemble the original and very beautiful postcard-origami birthday.

Consider a step-by-step master class on modeling such a creative craft.

  • First you need to pick up a piece of paper square shape with dimensions 15×15 cm. One of his side should be white, and the other – color. Color can be absolutely any, for example, pink.

  • Product assembly should be started with a white side. First fold the basic form “Triangle”. It has a touch of himself.

  • The corner of the upper layer must be adjusted, not slightly reaching the bottom of the figure.

  • The same detail must be folded by the accordion. First, it is necessary to raise the workpiece on 2/3 upwards, and then smooth on 1/3 down.

  • Billet turn over. The left half fold so that the top will be on the contrary. It should also be done on the left side.

  • The top corner needs to be adjusted to a few centimeters a book.

  • Figurine again turn over. Triangle from above twice bend forward so that his tip is slightly squeezed on the front side.

  • Now it should be issued the foundation of the postcard itself. It is advisable to use a cardboard sheet for scrapbooking. Its size should be approximately 21×28 cm. This item is twice in the transverse direction.

  • You can use the elegant packaging paper, and cut out a strip from it to design a “table”, as well as the second strip narrowing – for “candles”.

  • First you need to glue the basis for a postcard, and then on top of it the figure of the cupcake. It can be additionally alarmed by rhinestones, sparkles and any other decorations.

Other ideas

There are a lot of other interesting ideas for creating origami for children 5-6 years. There are cool modeling schemes for beginner origamists, thanks to which it is possible to create figures of colors, trees, transport, underwater residents and many other objects.

Child can captivate the process of making a beautiful paper craft in the form of a maple leaf. Consider gradually, how should this crash.

  • The sheet will consist of 10 square pieces of paper. Of these, 9 squares will go to the leaf itself, and 1 – on the stem. The dimensions of these materials can be absolutely any.

  • One of the squares should be put in front of them.

  • Its bended twice, connecting the corners located on the opposite sides. As a result, a triangle should be formed.

  • The bend side must be well pressed.

  • The triangular item must be disclosed, and then bend, aligning the fold line, as shown in the diagram.

  • First one side begins, and then the second.

  • To simulate paper maple leaf, it will be necessary to make 3 similar details and 6 more, having a more complex structure.

  • For the manufacture of a complex part, first need to carry out the same actions as in relation to simple. After that, the workpiece turns over and fold one side, aligning in the center.

  • Then bend and the second side, as in the scheme.

  • It is necessary to make 6 such elements.

  • Ready components will need to be folded into a single design.

  • 2 complex and 1 simple details are taken. Two complex components connect 3 simple components glued on top.

  • Need to make 3 components petal. After that, they fasten them. Each subsequent part must be glued to the previous. Will only make a stalk.

  • To half the square of paper is applied glue, and then glued it behind the leaf, more reliably fastening 3 main parts.

  • The visible triangle is cut, the stalks are sweeping in one direction, and then to another. Beautiful model of modular type is ready!

More about the options origami from paper for children 5-6 years see in the video below.

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