Origami options from paper for children 7-8 years

Origami options from paper for children 7-8 years

Origami technique is available not only for adults, but also for children of all age groups. There are so many cool schemes for the manufacture of beautiful crafts adapted for young origamists 7-8 years. In this article, we will consider various options for modeling origami from paper for children of the specified age.


Junior school age is time when the first serious hobbies and hobbies appear. If a child is 7-8 years old exhibits a great interest in a variety of schemes and is trying to design something with his own hands, such undertakes must be supported.

An occupation of the Japanese technology of paper will be positively affected by the child’s development.

Very often, children are engaged in modeling a variety of origami figures on labor lessons at school. However, interest in such a creative session is advisable to support and at home. Parents should support the initiatives of small masters, help them in difficult moments. It is necessary to give the child the freedom of choice when he decides with his own hands to make another figure. The young origamist should choose the forms and colors of the future paper craft, independently select the decor for her.

Parents whose children are hardly mastering mathematics and calligraphy, it is worth paying attention to the Origami technique. Such lesson is an excellent way to develop memory, logical thinking. In addition, the simulation of paper figures perfectly affects the shallow motorcy. Instead of making a first-class student to do lessons, causing him hostility to the learning process, the whole family is better to make a variety of paper figures.

The manufacture of paper figures will be fine pastime. Having mastered the basic schemes, younger schoolchilde will be much better given geometry, 3D modeling, as well as algebra.

It is desirable that the child at the age of 7-8 knows:

  • distinguish the basic basic forms of origami structures, could put them on their own+

  • Could recreate a variety of schemes on the existing Ready+

  • Clearly follow the instructions presented in oral form+

  • Properly apply finished figures folded from paper+

  • Create on the basis of existing your own assembly schemes.

How to make a bracelet?

Original and attractive will be children’s origami-handicrafts in the form of a bracelet. Its modeling will definitely interest and pass the young masters.

For the manufacture of such a craft, it is advisable to prepare dense, durable and moistureproof paper. If these conditions are met, you can make a bracelet that will serve much longer. Special paper for flowers, kraft paper, sheets of glossy magazines will suit modeling. The size of one modular component for the bracelet should be 15×2 cm. And you can also use paper strips 10×1.2 and 20×2.4 cm.

Consider from which stages consist of the correct manufacture of origami in the form of a bracelet.

  • First you need to cut 20 paper strips of the above size. Next, you need to take one such strip and arrange in front of you the long side.

  • Detail must be divided in half through folding. Next, it is revealed.

  • Each of the halves must be folded twice as in the basic form “Doors”.

  • Folds need to smooth out well. Each action should be as accurate as possible.

  • Now in the reserve there will be one modular component, from which the product will be folded. In the same way, it will be necessary to simulate all other details.

  • It is recommended to use 2 different shades contrasting with each other. Then the product will be more original and bright. For example, it can be the use of pink and yellow colors.

  • Need to take a couple of different modules. One should be kept in the left hand, the side with the loop up. The second module must be held in the right hand at an angle of 90 degrees.

  • Now one paper module must be inserted into another.

  • As a result, the starting detail of the future origami-bracelet will be.

  • Next you need to take a dual module in the left hand. It should be kept so that the pink item is located vertically, and yellow – horizontally.

  • The third modular component is inserted. It is installed in a pink parallel to the yellow element in the counter direction. At this stage, the block will be made.

  • It is necessary to further collect a bracelet until it becomes free to make a hand. As soon as the turn of the last part will come, it will need to be opened in the form of the letter “M”.

  • After that, both end of the crafts must be collected in a single design.

  • These components are placed in the loop of the penultimate modular element, and then stretch “until the stop”.

  • Next, the other end of the bracelet is taken. It will be necessary to reveal the loop at the part on the edge. They will need to insert free tips of the M-shaped type. You should connect them through open loop.

  • Now it is necessary to heat the tips in the direction of different sides. Then they are reliably tightened.

  • Outstanding fragments of the connecting component are placed in the inside of the loops, securely bonding origami-bracelet.

Original and very beautiful paper cutting ready!

Creating animal figures

Young origamists 7-8 years old can collect cool figures of various animals. There are many interesting and not the most difficult schemes, to use which can be as a beginner and experienced master.

Read with some popular schemes.


Hamster figure in Origami technique can be collected by the simplest and easiest scheme. For modeling such a craft, a child will take at least time. For all operations, you will need:

  • A4 paper sheet+

  • Scissors with sharp blades+

  • ruler+

  • pencil.

We will analyze in stages, how to make them original origami in the form of a hamster.

  • First you need to prepare a piece of paper 20×20 cm. To get a detail of such sizes, it will need to be highlighted on a sheet A4 by means of a ruler and pencil.

  • Discarded item must be carefully cut down the contour.

  • Next, the workpiece folds twice.

  • Square is inflicted and get a rectangle. Then it is sweeping on 1/3.

  • From the bottom and on the left it is necessary to add a triangle at an angle of 45 degrees.

  • Next, the workpiece is unfolded.

  • Future hamster should be given the right form. To do this, you need to fill the corner into the inside of the product.

  • Next form a hamster’s head. To do this, in the lower half of the product fold a triangular detail.

  • At the top of the head make ear. To do this, bend the triangular element.

  • Then make the body hamster. In the right part, the triangle is folded from above, and then refuel it inside.

  • Origami-drifting is practically ready. It remains to arrange a hamster face – draw eyes, nose, mouth. So that the aircraft looked more brightly, it should be added with spots.


From paper you can make a charming craft in the form of a cute rabbit. Read the simple workshop.

  • First takes a square piece of paper. It must be folded twice in the diagonal.

In this case, it will be necessary to outline the fold in the center.

  • Leaves unfold.

  • Near the parties are collapsed in the direction of the line in the center.

  • Now form the tail of the hare. For this, the straight corner of the workpiece towards the centerpoint.

  • Then the straight angle is flexing so that the paper tip allocated as the edge – it will be the tail.

  • Billet turn over.

  • Spicy corner bent back.

  • The product is twice.

  • Zaita head raise upstairs.

  • Through scissors cut the ears in half.

  • At the final stage, you need to draw eyes, nose and mouth figurine.


Child 7-8 years can easily make a squared piece of paper. For the manufacture of such a craft, it will take about 10-15 minutes. We will analyze the procedure for performing work.

  • Need to pick up a sheet of colored paper. It can be orange, brown or any other – the child chooses the appropriate color.

  • The leafleka is twice the diagonal.

  • Next, it is turned off and again folded.

  • You need to beat 2 parties towards the center. The billet is folded into the square.

  • The product is again unfolded, and then bend all 4 corners.

  • The formed triangles turn out to get “pockets”.

  • The product is turned over, and then the corners of the triangle roll to the middle.

  • The workpiece is twice. According to the contour of a large triangle, the product must be bent first in one direction, and then to another.

  • Next, the product is returned to the initial position. Need to get a finger into the formed pockets.

  • The triangle is turned inside, and the corners that appeared left are wrapped.

  • Acute corner need to be turned inside out.

  • A pointed corner on the muzzle proteins are hiding inside, and the triangles on the sides are painted – it will be a beast.

In conclusion, you should draw eyes, nose, mustache and paper squirrels.


To make origami in the form of a dog, will be needed:

  • Several sheets of paper favorite+

  • One pink leaf+

  • Marker or Flomaster of Black+

  • pencil+

  • scissors+

  • glue.

Consider the course of work.

  • Paper box folded twice to formed a triangle.

  • Next, the corner must be a little adjacent. This part of the workpiece should be deposited aside.

  • At the next stage, you need to make the head of the Origami-dog. It takes another leaf, folds into a triangle. The resulting figurine is folded again. So form additional folds of folds. Folded details need to stroke.

  • Now the angles must be bent to be formed dog’s ears.

  • The billet is turned over, and carefully reject the corner from below.

  • The product turns over again, flex back top of the head. Now you need to take glue, and connect together the body and head figures.

  • Next you need to simulate the tail. To do this, the corner on the torso must be deployed in the direction else. Through a felt-meter should draw mustache, nose, eyes and brow. The tongue is cut out of pink paper, and then glue it.

Other ideas

There are countless available and interesting modeling schemes that attract the attention and boys, and girls 7-8 years.

Little girls love to make origami in the form of flowers. So to make tulip, you need a multi-colored leaflet paper, scissors, plow glue. We will analyze the course of work.

  • Need to take a sheet of format A4. It should be folded, cut off an extra piece to get a square. It is bent along the line twice.

  • The product is deployed. Clean the right and left corners up. Also necessary to do with the bottom of the flower.

  • The workpiece is turned over again. You need to take green paper, measure 10 cm with each of the sides. Unnecessary plots cut off. The workpiece is twice and open.

  • Formed a bend line. It is necessary to adjust and right and the left side. They are connected, then bend the lower part up.

  • The product is turned over. Get ready green stem.

  • Ready details of crafts are connected by glue.

Boys will be interested in folding the car figurine. We will analyze step-by-step instructions for modeling such a paper craft.

  • You can take a landscape sheet for all creative works, and bend it half the length, or a sheet of colored paper. Color can be any.

  • Corners on all sides are sweeping towards the middle. It turns out the workpiece, similar to the arrow.

  • Long pieces on the sides should be beatened towards the middle, and those edges that were formed earlier should close the sleeves.

  • At the final stage, one of the sides of the crafts must be adjusted to the other side, after which it is gently fed to another part.

Origami according to such a scheme is done very quickly and just.

More about the options origami from paper for children 7-8 years old See in the video below.

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