Origami options on February 23

Origami options on February 23

There are many variants of crafts that can be made of colored paper. Figures made in Origami technique can become an original gift for a close person on February 23.

How to make medal?

Beautiful tricolor medal made by hand, you can give a brother, dad or any other man. First you need to make 78 triangular modules of the same size. Billets are made for modular origami according to the following scheme.

  • First of all, a rectangle must be bent in half.
  • Next it needs to bend and disperse. Do it in order to outline the middle of the future craft.
  • The workpiece must be turned over. Her edges should be adjusted to the middle.
  • The resulting figure must be flipped over.
  • Edges leaving the triangle, you need to raise up.
  • Corners need to beg.
  • Lower stripes omit down. Corners need to bend inside and raise again.
  • The resulting figurine is required to bend in half.

Making the right amount of blanks, you can start forming a medal. They are attached to each other in turn. First goes white, then red, and then blue. These colors can be replaced by any other.

The resulting billet from the modules should be gently bend, forming a smooth circle. To make a nice gift to dad or grandfather, this foundation can be used as a photo frame. To do this, cut round blank. It should be less than the frame. Its foundation must be neatly smeared with glue. Next to this craft you need to attach a color ribbon.

Instead of photography as the foundation of the medal, you can use any postcard or beautiful picture.

How to fold ships?

An excellent thematic gift for February 23 will be the boat made with their own hands. The simplest and understandable scheme for creating such a figure is suitable even for preschoolers.

  • The first thing is the sheet of paper A4 format folds in half.
  • Next, it is worth outtage of the fold line, bent this detail in half in the other direction.
  • The resulting item is required to break. The angles of figures need to be adjusted to the middle of the sheet.
  • Next, the strip that is downstairs carefully rises.
  • The workpiece must be carefully untorn, forming a flat rhombus.
  • After that, the angles should be raised up.
  • Next, the resulting product must be strained. As a result, the classic boat will be in the hands.

Create a craft in the form of a ship with your own hands in another way.

  • To start a square sheet of paper you need to bend in half and immediately break.
  • Rectangle edges need to be adjusted to the central line.
  • Next, the lower and top units must be made to the base, and then break. This will make it possible to outline all the folds of the fold.
  • The lower corners of the workpiece required to be engaged, forming the frame of the ship.
  • Upper corners need to be taken out.
  • After that, the corners of the top of the ship should be raised up.
  • The workpiece must be turned over.
  • The basis of the figure should be bent in half, and then carefully.

If you wish, such simple crafts can be painted or decorated with carved paper cut from colored paper.

We make a postcard

Great gift for the Day of Defender of the Defender of the Fatherland – this is a simple postcard with a bulk star. Following step-by-step instructions, even a small child can make such a postcard.

  • To start a piece of green cardboard you need to fold in half.
  • Orange and black sheets of paper required to cut on thin strips. They should be the same width. Then they must be pasted on the side.
  • Next, you can start creating a red bulk star. It is best to use the printed blank.
  • This figure needs to be cut out of paper. Next, you must neatly outline all the folds of the folds.
  • The edges of each beam of the star need to be adjusted to the center.
  • Their outer side need to smear dry glue.
  • Next, this item must be glued to the prepared postcard prepared. Star must be volumetric and neat.

You can decorate such a crawl with carnations or any other colors.

Other ideas

Making a gift for boys, worth paying attention to other interesting options for crafts.


To create such a beautiful figure, the sheets of paper of two colors will be needed. This star is done as follows.

  • Square sheet of paper red need to bend in half.
  • Next, the edges of the resulting triangle must be adjusted to the center.
  • Fit lines need to try well.
  • Free edges gently raise and beg in order to outline the fold lines.
  • Nizhny region is worth a bend inside.
  • Next, the corner must be carefully lifted and stroke.
  • By the same principle, you need to make three more blanks of red paper and four – from blue paper.
  • Then you need to start assembling the product. Detail of blue is placed in the pockets of red.
  • After that, all other details must be combined on the same principle.
  • Acute corners of such a workpiece must be accurately straightened, bending to the left.

Star gets volumetric and beautiful.


From paper you can easily make a uniform or a pilot. Master class on creating a simple headdress consists of several stages.

  • To create such a craft to the military theme, a rectangular sheet of paper must be bent in half and immediately break. Next it must be bent in another direction.
  • The edges of the workpiece need to be adjusted to the middle.
  • The upper part of each sheet must be bent in half.
  • Then this item needs to raise up. Next, the workpiece must be turned over.
  • Side edges need to be adjusted.
  • Top corner need to lower down.
  • The lower edges of the resulting square should be carefully lifted. Sefibeles should be carefully stroke.
  • Next, the lower strip must be adjusted again.

Prepared a pilot must be accurately straighten. If you wish, you can additionally decorate with color ribbon or star. The workpiece created by this phased instruction turns out beautiful.

Thematic crafts by February 23 look very impressive, Therefore, such a gift can be safely given to any close person.

How to make a paper tank in the Origami technique, see the following video.

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