Papier Masha Recipes for modeling

Papier Masha Recipes for modeling

Crafts from Papier Masha are popular not only in children, but also in adults. They are attractive and easy to manufacture. Therefore, the manufacture of such figures can become an excellent family hobby.

What will be needed for cooking?

Before you start creating toys, you need to prepare all the necessary tools and blanks. The following materials are used for the manufacture of original crafts:

  • Basis (old newspapers, cardboard, ordinary toilet paper)+
  • Adhesive substance (wallpaper glue or PVA + Kleister)+
  • Tassels for drawing (different sizes)+
  • gouache or any other paints+
  • vegetable oil+
  • oilcloth.

All these things can be found at home or buy in the nearest store.

What paper can be used?

For the modeling of figures in this technique use different types of paper. Each of them has its own characteristics.

  1. Toilet paper. Many needlewomen believe that this is the best option for making figures. This material is soft, so it turns very quickly. You can even crush it manually.
  2. Old newspapers. This material is characterized by a more dense structure. Therefore, the preparation of the mixture takes more time and strength. To create a base for figures, you need to grind newspapers on small pieces and pour them with hot water. After a few hours, it is necessary to drain excess water. The resulting mixture must be crushed again, but with the help of a blender. In the cooked solution, add the adhesive base. It will make a lot of more elastic and suitable for creating beautiful and durable figures.
  3. Paper egg trays. This material is also well suited for creating crafts in this technique. Adhesive mass of such a basis to cook very easily. Egg trays are crushed in the same way as newspapers. You can mix the paper base both with PVA glue and with a hub, cooked at home.
  4. Paper clay. This material can be purchased in specialized stores. This is not the most budget option. But create crafts from such clay very easy.

In addition, if you use such a basis, you do not have to wait for a complete drying of the figures.

How to make a mass for modeling with different braes?

Very often for the preparation of “test” from the paper base of the needlewoman prefer to use a hubby, made by their own hands. Using simple recipes, make the adhesive mass at home will be the first time.

Ingredients that are needed to prepare such adhesive mass, can be found in almost every home. This list includes the following components:

  • 1 roll of toilet paper+
  • 20 grams of plow glue+
  • 20 grams of putty+
  • water+
  • Small piece of fabric+
  • 1 C. L. Liquid soap.

PVA or putty

Preparation option.

  1. To start, paper should be crushed, and then folded into a pre-prepared container.
  2. After that, the contents of the bowl must be pouring hot water. So that paper spacing immediately, you need to use boiling water.
  3. When the base becomes soft, the contents of the bowl must be crushed using a blender, and then strain through the gauze. If this is not done, finished products will be covered with small cracks.
  4. Next, the mixture should be shifted into clean and dry container. There you need to add glue and putty. At this stage, liquid soap is added to the bowl. After that, the finished mass must be thoroughly mixed. Best do it with hands.
  5. The finished mixture will be rough. But toys from it will turn out strong and durable.

Paper mass remains not used immediately, can be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks.

With wallpaper glue

The mixture prepared in this way, for its consistency resembles plasticine or clay. So make figurines or toys from it very simple. For its preparation, the following components will be required:

  • 5 rolls of toilet paper and water+
  • 1 Art. L. Oboy glue+
  • 200 ml of pure water+
  • 100 ml of plow glue.

Preparation option.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to chop all the toilet paper and fold it into the prepared container.
  2. Then its contents must be pouring water so that it completely covered the paper.
  3. After a few hours, the mixture should be crushed with a blender or simply thoroughly.
  4. Next, the contents of the bowl must be thrown into a colander, covered with a dense cloth or gauze, and then leave until all excess fluid leaves. It takes only 5-10 minutes.
  5. After that, the wallpaper glue must be divorced in a bowl with a small amount of water.
  6. Pressed paper should be shifted into a large container, pour it with wallpaper glue and plow glue. After that, everything must be mixed to a homogeneous state.

With flour or starch

This vintage recipe is used with needlewomen for many decades in a row. He is tested by time and reliable. To prepare the perfect adhesive mass, the following components will be required:

  • 2 rolls of ordinary toilet paper+
  • water+
  • 5 st. L. Flour or starch.

Cooking method.

  1. To begin with, chopped toilet paper must be folded into the selected dishes.
  2. Then you need to pour hot water so that it completely covered the paper. After that, the contents should stand for several hours.
  3. Meanwhile you can cook aleas. To do this, it will be necessary to pour 2 liters of clean water into a prepared pan, after which put it on fire. While the water is heated in a cup or glass it is necessary to mix starch or flour with a small amount of water. When the liquid will boil, it is necessary to pour the content in it with a thin jet. After you need to bring everything to a boil, and then remove from fire.
  4. When the paper is dissolved, the mixture should be hit on a blender. Excess liquid need to strain through dense fabric.
  5. After that, we need to shift the mass in the container and mix with the fresh cease. Ready “Dough” must be left alone for half an hour.

Upon expiration of this time, you can proceed to the creation of crafts.


To make a mixture of paper and glue to be soft and elastic, in the process of its cooking you need to adhere to the advice of professionals.

  1. To create figures best use soft toilet paper. Its color does not matter, because at the end of the work they are still covered with a layer of paint.
  2. Pour paper is best boiled or hot water. After all, it will be able to soften much faster.
  3. So that figures are as harmless to the best possible to use natural components to create them, for example, flour or starch. Such crafts can use even small children for the game.
  4. When smearing the solution you can use gloves.
  5. If a little mixture remains after work, it must be placed in the refrigerator. There she can be stored for about two weeks.

Oshiving a few simple preparation recipes Papier-Masha, you can decorate the house by crafts created with your own hands. Such products will also become an excellent gift for loved ones and acquaintances.

Other Papier Masha Recipes for modeling in the video below.

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