Second life light bulbs: variety of crafts

Second life light bulbs: variety of crafts

In the modern world it is impossible to imagine life without lighting. As soon as the dark day comes, there are light bulbs in each house. It would seem, the products that have failed remains only to throw out. But giving the will of fantasy and imagination, you can find a lot of ideas to give the second life at first glance such a useless thing.

Christmas toys do it yourself

Christmas decorations are one of the easiest and most common ideas.

Toy from the light bulb, unlike the factory glass bowl, very budget option.

In addition, it turns out an original and unique product.


On the eve of the new year you can have fun and with benefit to spend time with relatives, engaged in creating toys on the Christmas tree. Options for ideas for such work do not have any restrictions, the old lamp can be placed by beads, rhinestones, colored paper, threads. You can paint the glass surface with patterns and drawings or to build small figures. One of these solutions is a snowman figure.

For work, you need old lamps, fabric, paints, glue, scissors, polymer clay, decor (ribbons, braid, rope).

The order of work includes several steps.

  1. At the first stage you need to cover the paint white lamp. It is advisable to use acrylic paints for glass and ceramics. And for applying a complex pattern, contour paints will be suitable. Different density of materials in the end does not allow mix different colors.
  2. While the paint dries, you can make the creation of the cap. For this, triangles are cut out of the fabric, stroke in such a way to get a cap.
  3. Next, the headdress of the snowman is decorated with fringe, ribbons, beads.
  4. Creating a nose-carrot. It is painted from polymer clay, and after drying it is painted in orange.
  5. While all the details of toys dry, the snowman needs to draw face.
  6. All elements are connected by glue.
  7. At the end of work to the cap, the loop of the rope is sewn, for which it will hang on the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree – this is another simple version of the christmas decoration of the light bulb. Materials needed for work: Old light bulb, green woolen threads, glue, beads and star. The last attribute can be made with your own hands, for example, from cardboard, or pick up the finished plastic small sprocket.

We list the stages of work.

  1. To begin with, the light is firmly wound with green thread – this is the base of the Christmas tree. So that the material does not slip, the glass base is labeled with glue.
  2. After the adhesive composition is completely dry, the green base is decorated with beads and beads (as a Christmas balls), and a star is fixed on the top.
  3. The last step – the loop of the rope is glued to the star. You can install such a craft to the stand, for example, glue to the dense cardboard, then the toy can be used as the subject of the decor.

How to make vases?

To make a unique and interesting vase from an old light bulb, you do not need to make great efforts or search for unusual materials. An empty light bulb is a kind of vase.

The only stage when creating a vase, which requires maximum caution and accuracy, is extracting unnecessary parts from the light bulb. To do this, with the help of pliers you need to remove contact from the top of the base. After that, you will need any acute metal object (nail, needle, needle). There is a special glass insulator around the contact, it needs to be accurately broken up with a sharp object. Now you can get out of the light bulb all the contents with forceps or tweezers.

Important! Glass from which light bulbs are made are quite thin and fragile, so in order to avoid injury (cuts, scratches), the preparation of the flask should be carried out in gloves. In addition, work should pass over a box or any plastic material (film, fabric, newspaper): In case the glass base breaks, it will be easier to remove all fragments.

After the material is prepared, the Vase needs to be stable, for this you can use several ideas.

  • VAZochka can be suspended on the rope, ribbon, lace, which are fixed behind the base. And you can also make a composition of several items, hiding them at different heights. A combination of several colors and textures will create an unusual atmosphere and good mood to others.

  • Stand – the easiest way, with which you can give stability vase. For the element, almost any material is suitable, whether it is a texture breed, a wooden plank, a cover from a bottle or wire. For the last option, you need a piece of wire winding around the object of the cylindrical shape (which in size is more than the flask), moving upwards. After that, the free end is fixed around the base. The lamp is glued to the rest of the lamp.

  • Candlestick or podstavka For suspended candlestick.

  • One of the most difficult and unusual options – Make the bottom of the flasks flat with the gas burner. High flame temperature softening glass and it will be possible to give the desired form. The only minus – you need to accurately calculate the heating time.

Original lamp

Another unusual master class on creating a lamp from old light bulbs. The product can be made both suspended and outdoor. Necessary Materials for Work: Old Light Bulbs (at least 15 pieces), Feltaster or Marker, Glue or Bilateral Scotch, Cartridge on the cord with a working light bulb.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on the assembling assembly.

  1. First you need to decide on the form of the lamp, it all depends on the number of materials and their size (it can be a cube, star, ball, snowflake and other).
  2. After that, the first row of light bulbs is laid out.
  3. Marker or felt-tip pen on the lights marked the points in which they come into contact.
  4. With the help of thermoclause or bilateral tape connects (by points marked) the first row of light bulbs.
  5. Next, on the same algorithm, the rest of the tiers are collected.
  6. Abazhur is ready, now the working cartridge is fixed in his middle.

A lamp lamp can be collected and easier way. To do this, it is enough to bind the rope or tape to the bases of the light bulbs and collect them in a bunch.

Garland for the garden can be arranged on a long cord, placing a lamp at an equal distance and painting their luminescent paint.

Other ideas

The idea that the blinking light is considered useless and ineffective, it is considered to be familiar. But even such an intestic thing can be changed beyond recognition, giving her a second life. Consider some more ideas of crafts from light bulbs with your own hands.


A variant that can be used as a gift and as an interior decoration. To work, you need to prepare an old empty light bulb, water, sequins, glycerin, wire or other parts for decoration, a cap in size of the base, stand, tape or rope, scissors, glue.

Here’s how it is done.

  1. First of all, you need to prepare an internal wire decor. The form can be any – an abstract figure, outlines of plants, the first letter name and much more.
  2. Next, the figure is fixed on the lid.
  3. A solution of glycerol and water is poured into the empty flask. Proportion 3 to 7.
  4. Sequins are embanked to the same capacity.
  5. The next stage – the lamp closes with a lid with a decor and lasted by glue.
  6. Next you need to tighten the base and set the craft to the stand.
  7. At the end of work it is necessary to re-establish the place of attachment of the stand and the base of the rope or ribbon.

In the water with glycerin, you can put not only sequins and any decor, also for work will be suitable colors. The buds of the first spring or bright autumn colors are placed in the solution. The flask is also closed with a lid and a thermal. This is perhaps the most unusual and gentle decoration made of old light bulb.

Important! It is not recommended to use master classes to work with old light bulbs for children or lessons at school. Light bulb is a rather fragile subject, negligence can lead to injury. But if you still do not do without it, the whole process should be under the sensitive leadership of parents or teachers.

A few more ideas that are perfect for home or apartment decoration.


In the empty glass foundation fastened melted paraffin or wax. IMPORTANT TO ESTABLISHING IN THE LAMP FITYLES. After frozen the flask is broken, and all fragments are removed. As a result, candles of an unusual form are obtained.


Crafts, which will decorate the dining table – Pear of the light bulb. The flask is wrapped by the twine, here, as well as with the craft of “Christmas tree”, so that the material does not slip, the glass base is cleaned with glue. The top of the pear is decorated with a green leaf of paper or fabric. Work is ready.


Mossi and succulents are mini-plants that can be placed inside the flurarium from the old light bulb. First, in the glass foundation you need to pour soil and sand, some small pebbles and wood bark. After that, you can plant plants, it is convenient to do this with a pince. Water with a syringe, so not formed dirty splashes from the inside.

By turning on the fantasy, putting a little effort, you can find use, it would seem completely unnecessary and old things. Introduced to the classroom of the needlework of relatives and friends, you can get even more positive mood, and teamwork will become even more productive.

Interesting ideas of crafts from old light bulbs can be viewed in the following video.

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