All about phlaffic slimme

All about phlaffic slimme

Phlafi slims with an unusual texture are popular among children, and among adults. Soft and elastic lysuins are sold in many stores. But much more interesting to make such a craft with your own hands.

What it is?

Bright phlasty slims are characterized by soft and elasticity. They stretch well and easily return the original form. Play with such slim is very nice. Aerial lysons perfectly help to cope with stress. This is what makes them so popular. Flafffy slims can be given to a child older than 4 years old.


Air slots are made from a wide variety of components. Therefore, each slider may choose the appropriate option.

Without glue

Soft slim without using glue is very simple. It will take only a few ingredients for its creation:

  • Shampoo – 60 ml+
  • Shaving Foam – 1 jar+
  • salt.

The process of creating this toy consists of the following steps.

  • To start in a large capacity you need to mix shampoo and foam. It is better to use products with neutral aroma.
  • Mass need to thoroughly stir. Mass obtained homogeneous.
  • Next to this mixture you need to add salt.
  • After that, the mass must be mixed for the second time. The resulting product is sent to the refrigerator for 3-4 minutes. It is done to thicken the mixture.
  • After a couple of minutes, the product needs to get out of the refrigerator and once again.

You can play with lysun immediately after its manufacture.

Without shaving foam

The popular product for creating volume slots can be easily replaced by other ingredients capable of giving toy airiness. For the manufacture of phlaffic sleems used:

  • Bath foam – 120 grams+
  • Transparent lenses – 40 ml+
  • Liquid glue – 90 ml+
  • Food soda – 5-10 grams+
  • Water and paint.

The last ingredient is added to the mixture at will. The color of the finished phlaffic slider can be any. The phased process of creating a toy consists of the following steps.

  • First of all in a bowl you need to mix foam and warm water. The mixture should not be very liquid. For whipping foam it is worth using a soft foam sponge.
  • In the finished mixture it is necessary to enter glue and color paint. Both ingredients must be high quality. Such a toy can be calmly giving a small child.
  • The resulting mass must be mixed. Bright slide can be both monophonic and multicolored.
  • Next to the container is added a small amount of soda and liquid for lenses. The contents of the bowl is mixed.

It needs to get from the bowl and smold your hands. If lysun still sticks to the skin, they must be mixed with a solution for lenses. Ready slim will turn out to be air and will not rush during the game.

No sodium tetraborate

Boric Acid is the most popular thickener used by slimmers. However, it can be replaced by other ingredients. The slide is obtained lush and without pharmacy thickener. To create it, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • High-quality glue – 90 ml+
  • Shave foam+
  • Aromatic soap+
  • water+
  • Paint of any color.

After that, you can proceed to the creation of the phlastic slide.

  • In a clean bowl, you need to pour all the glue from the bottle. Next it needs to be slightly stirred. This is done in order to remove all lumps and make a lot of more homogeneous.
  • Next in a bowl with glue you need to pour the water with a thin jet.
  • After in a container with prepared ingredients, add the appropriate color dye.
  • So that the slide turns out to be volumetric, in a bowl you need to add a shaving foam.
  • Next mixture is neatly mixed.
  • In a thick foundation, a washbasin is introduced. It is best to use a gel from a proven brand. Add this fragrant product need slow and neat movements.
  • Ready slim get from a bowl.
  • Crafts warm in hand for 2-3 minutes.

Slime must be moved to a package with a clasp. There he must be stored.

Mask film

The glossy mask film is a popular cosmetics from which beautiful glossy slots make. This product replaces the glue in the mixture. In addition, it smells very pleasant. To create a flash slider, in addition to the film mask, a very simple set of components are used:

  • Fragrant foam – 2 tablespoons+
  • Soap or gel – 1 spoon+
  • Toothpaste – 1 Spoon+
  • A clear solution for lenses – 1 spoon+
  • Soda – 2 teaspoons+
  • Warm water+
  • Liquid dye.

The process of creating this simple toy consists of the following steps.

  • Mask film you need to squeeze into a deep plate. There you have to add high-quality dye suitable color.
  • In a separate bowl you need to pour warm water, liquid soap and foam. This mixture must be supplemented with a small amount of toothpaste. It can be both monophonic and color.
  • All these ingredients need to beat well. Mass should turn out volumetric.
  • This mixture must be connected in a big bowl.
  • After that, in the container you need to enter a solution bought in a pharmacy for lenses.
  • Next, it is necessary to add a pinch of food soda. Slime is stirred for 2-3 minutes. If it turns out not enough thick, it is necessary to add some more solution for lenses.

The resulting toy should be removed from the bowl and slightly.

From plasticine

The process of creating an air slide from lightweight plasticine is passive to both adults and children. For its manufacture, you will need a simple set of ingredients:

  • Shampoo – 1 spoon+
  • Shaving foam – 110 grams+
  • Starch – 1 spoon+
  • Plasticine – 1 Bar.

The process of creating an antistress toy consists of several simple stages.

  • To begin with, deep tank need to pour the desired amount of the foam.
  • Plasticine bar must be divided into identical parts and add to the bowl.
  • Soft material need to neatly smash. Color mixture will be volumetric and velvet resembling its texture.
  • After that, in a bowl you need to add a tablespoon of shampoo. All this needs to mix well.
  • You need to add starch to the finished mixture.

Elastic mass you need to get from the bowl and well to smoke. Some slides to make a toy brighter, also add food dye there.

Without thickener

The slider that is done without adding thickeners is not only easy to manufacture, but also absolutely safe for child health. All you need to create it – starch, shampoo and some free time.

  • In a bowl it is necessary to pour 2-3 tablespoons of shampoo.
  • To make slides bright, in it at this stage add coloring material.
  • Then, in a bowl with a prepared mass, you need to add some dry starch. Do not replace it with flour. It will only spoil the toy.
  • In the process of adding starch mass you need to constantly stir. The thick slim is kneading in the hands of a couple more minutes. During this time, the toy becomes sufficiently soft.

It should be borne in mind that such a slide is stored at all long. Already 4-5 days old toy will have to replace the new.

How to cook?

Deciding to make a phlaffic slider with their own hands, it is worth paying attention to those crafts that are obtained by the most vivid and unusual.

Rainbow slot

Bright rainbow slims like both babies and schoolchildren. Creating such a toy takes quite a long time. But the result is definitely worth. For its manufacture, the child will need:

  • Shaving foam – 700 ml+
  • Multicolored food dyes+
  • Glue – 350 ml+
  • boric acid.

Wooden sticks for kneading mass and 7 small tanks will also use. The process of creating the slide consists of the following steps.

  • In each container you need to add 100 ml of shaving foam and 50 ml of glue. They need to mix until the mass becomes homogeneous.
  • Next to each plate need to add a few drops of dye.
  • The content of all bowls must be mixed to a homogeneous state.
  • After that, the resulting mixture must be thickened by adding a few boric acid droplets into it.
  • Each slider must be taken out of the tank and spread in hand.

Multicolored blanks must be combined with each other. Play with bright rainbow lysun can be long enough.

With color figures and sparkles

To create elastic anti-stress-toys with sparkles, the following components use slides:

  • Easy shaving foam – 300 ml+
  • Glue – 90 ml+
  • Water – 120 ml+
  • Boric acid – 1 teaspoon+
  • Solution for contact lenses+
  • Colored Balls and Small Sequins.

Made such slot is very simple.

  • For a start in a bowl you need to add boric acid and solution. There it is necessary to pour half the warm water.
  • In another large capacity, glue should also be mixed with water. After mixing the mass will become smooth and brilliant.
  • Next, the contents of two bowls must be accurately mixed.
  • There you need to add a shaving foam.
  • Mixing the resulting mass, you can fall asleep colored balls and sequins.

Ready slim can be used for games long enough. It looks beautiful and unusual.

Glowing Flafphy Slym

Like the child and phlaffic slim that can glow in the dark. To create it at home, simple and affordable ingredients are used:

  • Toothpaste – 2 Spoons+
  • baby oil – 1 spoon+
  • Fluorescent dye.

This soft and beautiful slim is done very easily.

  • To begin with an empty bowl you need to squeeze 2 spoons of toothpaste. It must be accurately stirred by a wooden spoon or a skewer.
  • Next, the mass must be heated. This is done in order to the toothpaste excessive fluid. A bowl can be sent to the microwave or warm up on a water bath.
  • When the mass is ready, it is necessary to add some fluorescent paint into the container. The contents of the bowl must be carefully stirred.
  • Next hands worth lubricate with a small amount of baby oil. Slum must be carefully arched in the palms. This is done to soften it.

Do not replace baby oil vegetable. In this case, the slide can be a medium for the development of mold.

How to store?

If you do not follow the state of the slide, over time it will decrease in size and will lose its appeal. Save the toy made with your own hands, adhering to simple rules.

  • Store slide best in a hermetic container. It can be bought in the usual supermarket. Inside the tank should not penetrate the air. It can lead to the fact that the toy dries very quickly.
  • Do not leave the toy indoors with high temperatures. This will lead to the slope will be sticky. Optimal temperature for storing toys – 3-9 degrees above zero.
  • Flaffy slims very quickly absorb sand, dirt, dust and wool. Noticing on the surface of the toy pollution, it should be immediately cleaned. To do this, the slide must be placed in a bowl with water for three minutes. Wash under running water is not recommended. Dry slim should naturally. Wipe it with napkins or dry hairdryer.
  • Before playing with slim hands you need to thoroughly wash.
  • The slide must be protected from strong blows. Mechanical damage can harm the toy.
  • So that the phlastic slim is soft and elastic, you need to regularly play with it. Otherwise, the toy can decrease in size and even dried.

If the toy has lost attractiveness and elasticity, you can try to restore. For each problem in this case there will be your decision.

  • Waste. Remove the excess moisture will help the usual salt. To return the toy elasticity and elasticity, it must be placed in the container and sprinkle with a large grinding salt. Next, the container must be shaken, and the toy is cleaned from the grains of salt. After such processing, Lisun cannot be used 1-2 days.
  • Density. The slide that is often played and for a long time, can hardly harder. If it happened, it should be sprinkled with a small amount of warm water and also put in the container. After 3-4 hours, the toy can be taken from the tank. Store it after such processing is best in the refrigerator.
  • Lepacity. If the toy has become sticky and unpleasant to the touch, it can also be sacrificed. For this, the slide must be sprinkled with several drops of thickener. After that, it must be placed in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
  • Neelasticity. Over time, fluffy slot can start rushing during stretching. It happens because the toy dries. Could bring it too frequent. In order to return the slide elasticity, it needs to be handled with hands, lubricated cream or glycerin.

If the slider fails to “reanimate”, it should be thrown. The process of creating a new toy takes just a couple of minutes.

Useful advice

Those who are learning to create slides of the house will help simple tips from experienced people.

  • Silicate glue or PVA glue for slots must be high quality and unshakable.
  • You should not add too much activator. It must be done gradually. The mixture must be constantly mixed.
  • When working with the sodium tetrabrator, it is worth using disposable gloves. This will help protect your hands from the impact of a harmful substance.
  • Little child should not be engaged in the creation of slots unattended by parents.

Homemade phlaffic slims are not less high-quality than purchased toys. If you follow all the rules and store the air “cloud” in the appropriate conditions, the crafts will serve its owners long enough.

How to make a phlaffic slim from ordinary plasticine, look in the following video.

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