How to remove slim from the sofa?

How to remove slim from the sofa?

Slime – Popular entertainment, beloved by children and adolescents, but parents much more interested in the chemical composition of this sticky substance, but how to remove it from the sofa or drop the spot remaining on the upholstery. The problem of non-accurate treatment with “mucus”, indeed, exists. A detailed story about how you can clean the dried lysun from the fabric of upholstered furniture so as not to harm the coating, will avoid annoying errors in the process of cleaning and cleaning.

How to clean with the help of purchased tools?

Having found a recent spot, remove the slim from the sofa, you can even. The easiest way to use a solution based on dishwashing agents. This household variety of chemicals allows separating fatty substances from the surface of the fabric. It is enough to mix a thick gel with a small amount of water, and then apply to the spot area, leaving for a while for exposure. After 4-5 hours you can wash off the remedy, dry the area with a hairdryer or paper towels.

Soased spots from contact with slide on the courtyard of the sofa are removed by traditional stains. Among the finished compounds are distinguished by Vanish, produced in the form of spray and active foam. The tool is applied to the contaminated area, if necessary, is divorced by water – the method of application is better to clarify on the package. In a liquid solution, the composition:

  • foams with a sponge+

  • distributed over the surface of the spots+

  • It is maintained+

  • washed off.

It is important to pay attention to the type of sofa upholstery. Industrial and household stains may contain bleaching substances resulting in lightening, bleaching upholstery.

Cleaning upholstery from genuine leather, wool, flax, should be carried out only by compatible compositions, otherwise the material will be spoiled irrevocably.

Ready industrial production chemicals can relate not only to the category of cleaning products. On the darling upholstery, remove all traces of lysuine without special solvents almost impossible. Special category of chemicals will help to cope with the task. For example, the glue solvent – it is better to choose it, knowing which base was used in the manufacture of slide. And also for these purposes fit automotive lubricant WD-40.

Folk Methods

Removing traces of slide from the surface of textile upholstery of upholstered furniture can be made with the help of submitted means that is guaranteed to eat in every home.

  • Mixture of salt and starch. In combination, these substances provide a double effect – accelerate the drying of sticky residues of decorative mucus, and also ensure absorption of fat traces from it. The great advantage of the recipe is the refusal to use moisture. The mixture is simply falling asleep a problem area, leaves for a while. The remnants of the slide, together with salt and starch, scrape, collect with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Soda pasta. Sodium bicarbonate powder turns into a thick cashem in a mixture with water. The resulting composition is applied to the surface of the upholstery in the area of ​​the spots left by slide, it is left for 30-40 minutes. After this time, the remedy together with the remnants of pollution is erased from the surface with a sponge, moistened with warm water. Distribute soda paste on the upholstery surface is the easiest toothbrush.

  • Ethanol. Degreasing composition is suitable for removing fatty traces from surface textile, leather, suede upholstery. The greatest efficiency ensures the treatment of the sofa by pharmacy ethyl alcohol, but in absence it can be used and similar means of cosmetic destination can be used. Degreasing properties of matter help effectively dissolve left by slim connections. In the future, the processed region must be wired by a sponge dipped in warm water.

  • Mixture of acetic essence and washing powder. It is prepared on the basis of 2 parts of water and 1 part of the food soda. Other ingredients are added to the composition (in the same quantity as sodium bicarbonate). The resulting active foam is whipped, distributed over a problem area, then wash off after 15-20 minutes. After processing the remnants of the means it is recommended to collect a wet cloth.

  • Acetone and means based on it. This method is suitable only for those upholstery options, which contains non-soluble substances. In this case, acetone or liquid for removing the varnish is applied to a cotton disk. Then they are rubbed the surface of the sofa at the spot formation. Especially well, the method works on the surface of the skin.

  • Hydrogen peroxide. This antiseptic composition is also well known as whitening and even clarifying hair. It is not surprising that the substance copes well with the slide on the sofa. It is only necessary to take care that the fabrics are not larger spots. For this, the impact makes short-term, and after hydrogen peroxide, the processing area is thoroughly washed with a wet sponge.

These are the main folk remedies that can be used in the fight against stains from the slide on the surface of the sofa upholstery. A dialing surface of synthetic materials can also be cleaned, connecting the treatment with a salt mixture and lemon juice with a mechanical influence of a rigid brush.

Mechanical cleaning

Removing the slide from the surface of the sofa is quite easy to perform if contamination is fresh. Actually, it is this method that is recommended to try immediately after the mucous meal falls to the sofa upholstery material. To work, you will need any pointed metal object – blade knife or scissors. It is their slot particles that are removed from the upholstery.

It is not recommended to perform mechanical cleaning with a razor blade, iron washcloth. These items will rather leave irreplaceable damage than they will help get rid of the slide on the sofa trim.

Accelerate the process of mechanical cleaning will help the processing of hot water stain. Fat traces are cleaned with a cotton disk, soaked in dishwashing agents. Then this area can be treated with wet napkins.

Heat treatment

The mucous particles, smeared on the surface of the sofa upholstery – the problem capable of deriving even the most patient parents. When trying to remove the slide, the substance is even more rubbing on the material of the trim. Avoid possible problems helps the use of heat treatment. Slums can be preheated – a jet of a hair dryer or a hot compress, steam generator. Then it will be easily separated from the surface when contacting the napkin.

Hot effect can be replaced with freezing – with ice cubes, seeking curing of the problem substance. Slum in this state is easily removed by simple scraper with a nail file, a stupid side of a knife.

This method is better not to apply on the dilated surfaces – the risk of damaging the material, leaving not too aesthetic oscillate where there was a lysun before.

Dried slim to be cleaned from the surface of the sofa – a serious problem. In this case, ordinary funds will be little effective. Nevertheless, Lizuuna can be tipped from upholstered furniture, using hot water and universal wet wipes.

Let us give the order of cleaning.

  1. The sponge is wetted in a hot solution of natural soap without additives and fragrances.

  2. The spot area is cleaned by this composition. Leaves for 5 minutes to dissolve fat substances.

  3. On the surface treated, the surface is applied with a sponge moistened with hot water. The action is repeated until the slide softens.

  4. Wet napkins Lizun is going from the upholstery surface.

Hot water – effective means for softening dried slot particles. It is she who helps to achieve the separation of hardened mucus. Soap solution for processing, too, can be prepared independently. Enough to take a household soap, grinding it on a grater, pour hot water, and then beat foam. In such a composition, you can process any stains from substances having a fat basis.

When you need a dry cleaning?

The main problem of cleaning upholstered furniture from slide is in the complex, heterogeneous mucus composition. The tightweight substance includes a boor, polysaccharides, and with independent making children and lay inside dyes, shaving foam, oil, rubber glue. With short-term contact, sticky mass leaves footprints on the upholstery of furniture, but if for a while forget the slide on the sofa, the problems can not be avoided. And the stains left them are quite difficult to remove independently.

The reason for referring to chemical cleaning can be the formation of solar spots that could not be removed by another way. In addition, it is recommended to apply this method in cases where the sofa is made of suede, velvet, silk.

In this case, any impact on the material of household chemicals will lead to the fact that other stains will appear other. Professional cleaning will avoid such problems.

What to drop slim from the sofa, look in the video below.

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