Shaving Foam Slice

Shaving Foam Slice

Creation of homemade slides – Favorite occupation of many children. Significant advantage is the ability to engage in the work of scribe, for example, shaving foam.

Pros and cons

All slots made from shaving foam can be divided into four varieties, each of which will have its advantages and minuses. Conventional lysons have a jelly-like consistency and externally resemble the usual mucus. The substance is well stretched, but it does not hold the shape on the smooth surface and spreads. It can be left transparent or by adding a dye, paint into a single shade.

Toy flapfth stretches perfectly, but it is not deformed. It has a pleasant consistency that resembles a soft marshmallow, and during the kneading in his hands it becomes more magnificent and air. However, phlaffic is not able to preserve the form of unchanged for a long time.

Elastic Handgams externally resemble chewing gum, but blurred on a smooth surface. Differ very different from other varieties and jumped, which practically do not pull and bounce off surfaces.

In general, all lysons having a foam composed of a good volume and viscosity. The relative disadvantage can be called short term storage of homemade slots.

Cooking recipes

At home, make lysun with your own hands in different ways.

From glue PVA

Simple slide will be able to cook at home with a shaving foam and plow glue in an amount of 100 milliliters. In addition to the above ingredients, the work will require a bowl in which the ingredients, a spoon or blade for mixing and, at will, dye will be mixed. It all begins with the fact that glue is first poured into the tank, after a small amount of foam is added, and everything is mixed well. If the consistency of the mass remains not thick enough, you can add some more foam. In the same stage, the dye is introduced into the substance.

Ready Mass must be intensely kneaded in the hands until it becomes externally reminiscent of lysuine.

Sodium glue and tetraborate

Quite often to create lysen glue combined with sodium tetrabore. In this case, the components are applied in the proportion of 20 tablespoons of the shaving foam, 170 milliliters of the stationery or silicate glue and 0.5 teaspoons of sodium tetraborate. As a dye, it is recommended to apply acrylic paint, and if it is not added, the toy will gain a beautiful white shade. The glue is poured into the clean capacity, after which the shaving foam is squeezed out. Components are mixed until uniformity, and then, if the mass is not enough thickness, the foam is added to it.

The dyed substance is painted with dye and complemented by decorative elements. Tetraborate is also introduced into it. The mass is rebuilt again, until it loses the stickiness, after which the slide will have to spin with hands. Another recipe with sodium tetrabrate require more products added. So, the leaser will require 130 grams of PVA glue, a glass of shaving foam, a teaspoon of a tetraborate and a glass of water, a slight salt, literally on the knife tip, cooking and food dye. First, the sodium tetraborate is diluted with water, and in another container, shaving foam is mixed with PVA glue. The dye is immediately introduced into the substance, and all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

A small amount of soda is introduced into the mixture, and everything is again stirred by a spatula. There is neatly poured diluted tetraborate. Ready lysun extracts out and warm up to readiness by hand. Alternative to the sodium tetraborate may be used liquid for lenses. At first, 750 milliliters of razor foam and 125 milliliters of glue are connected in the tank, and then the dye falls back and poured 10 milliliters of the solution for lenses.

The mixture should be stirred until it can dig from the bowl of the bowl. Next, almost ready slim is warm up to homogeneity.

From shampoo

Available on the farm the remains of shampoo also should be introduced into the mixture for gaming “chewing”. To create it, 10-12 tablespoons of shaving foam are needed, 100 milliliters of PVA glue, 0.5 teaspoons of any shampoo and the same amount of hands cream, as well as literally pea toothpaste. First, glue is poured into the container, and then the shaving foam is squeezed there. Mixing the components to homogeneity, it is necessary to add shampoo, cream and toothpaste to the mixture. Each time the mass is smelled carefully with a spatula. After making all the components, the slot is warm up manually until it stops sticking to hand.

Another recipe, in addition to the shampoo, also requires the use of sodium and salt tetraborate. For work it will be necessary to prepare a shave foam, a means for washing head, water, 50 grams of salt, sodium tetraborate, deep bowl and a whisk. First, a shaving foam is squeezed into the container, several drops are added to it. Next to the mixture is made about 15-20 milliliters of shampoo and a couple of salt pinch. Mixing the components to add several drops of the tetraborate to them. The mixture is laid until it stops sticking to a spoon. Ready lysun is recommended to leave in the refrigerator somewhere on a third.

From Stachmala

For the preparation of air “chewing” from starch, in addition to 2 tablespoons of the main ingredient, 7-8 tablespoons of shaving foams are required, 65 milliliters of transparent glue, 0.5 teaspoon of gouache, 2 tablespoons of water and the same amount of gel for washing. Capacity first filled with glue, after which the gouache goes there. The mixture is diluted with water and connects with a razor foam. Mixing the mixture thoroughly, it will be necessary to “enrich” starch, and then thicken with a washing gel. The resulting substance first mixed with a spatula, and then warm up with his hands.


To create a crispy seal-slot with foam, a razor foam is also suitable. In addition to half the cup of the main ingredient, you will need to prepare PVA glue packaging, 20 milliliters of the shower gel, pieces of 30 foam balls, a quarter of a teaspoon of soda, a small amount of boric acid and clean water. At the first stage, 5-10 milliliters of water, foam and gel are connected. The more carefully the components will be smeared, the greater the airiness will be inherent in the finished toy. Next, PVA, balls and a mixture of boric acid and water taken in the proportion of 1: 1 are introduced in stages in the mixture. Coloring Slile Sluff Any Food Dye.

An unusual “chewing” will succeed in connecting air plasticized plate, half cups of shaving foam, 20 grams of potato starch and 20 milliliters thick shower gel. First gel, starch and foam are mixed to homogeneity, and then softening plasticine is added to them.

Recipe “Chewing” with liquid soap implies the use of 20 milliliters of this component and the same amount of shaving foam, 80 milliliters of glue, teaspoon of sodium tetraganorate and acrylic paint. PVA and liquid soap are first connected in a deep bowl. After stirring, a razor foam is added to them, and then a few drops of the turret. Lizun tinted paint and puts out with a blade. Finished substance at the end thoroughly warm up.

It is even easier to make slim by using toothpaste. In essence, in addition to the main components – the foam, the glue of the PVA and the pasta will not need anything, except for mixing equipment. Components are added in the following sequence: adhesive substance, cleaning paste, shaving foam, and the latter is extruded until the mass thickens. All of them are mixed to the state of homogeneity, and after they warm up with their hands until elasticity acquire. You can also use a mixture of 100 grams of toothpaste, shaving foam tubes, 40 grams of polymer glue, flavored oil and dye. Mixing the components to almost the formation of bubbles, it will be necessary to dispose of the substance by hand.

Useful advice

If starch is present in homemade lysen, then water should be prehered, and all other components are adjusted to room temperature. If the shaving foam ended suddenly, it is possible to replace it with a gel for shaving, a combination of glue and activator, or a large amount of air plasticine (if it is used at all). To thicken too liquid substance will be able to add a cook salt capable of absorbing excess moisture.

Enlarge homemade slims will turn out if you add a mixing gel mixture and baby powder or make it a salt injection.

Rules for storing toys

Keep the game “Zhuma” follows in a hermetically closed clean container located in a cool and dark place. This can be a container with a twisting cap from under the cream, plastic container, a tin can or a bag with a zip-fastener. In no case should not leave a toy under the open rays of the Sun or near the heating device. High humidity should also be avoided. The most for storage is suitable for the balcony, or the refrigerator, with the exception of the freezer.

It is worth mentioning that once a day of Lizun is recommended to be removed from the box and roll it between the palms in order to avoid hardening. If during the storage is dry, it can be restored, placing for several minutes in warm water, and then stretching my fingers. If black dots or third-party education appear on it, Lizuun will have to throw. In general, the shelf life of the toy is determined depending on the shelf life of the components used.

How to make a slot from a shaving foam, look in the video.

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