Posters with sweet girlfriend’s birthday

Posters with sweet girlfriend's birthday

If you can not decide what to give a friend for your birthday, then the most optimal option will be the homemade poster with sweets. Such presents can be easily made with their own hands. Today we will talk about what it is necessary to create such a gift, which there are options for its execution.

What can be?

Such greeting posters can be decorated in various versions. Beautifully look at the products decorated with bright congratulatory inscriptions made in templates and with joint photos. At the same time, sweets are fixed in a chaotic manner next to the pictures.

And also a good option can be posters with printed images in the form of favorite cartoon characters of the birthday girl. Such a composition should also be diluted with bright major inscriptions with congratulations and wishes. Additionally, all this can be decorated with paper cuts in the form of hearts, small letters, stars.

For the birthday, a poster with painted bright markers and paints background. It is better to use big and tight watman. You can draw different patterns, interesting pictures with floral ornaments, you should also write a large number of cute and pleasant phrases. After that, the entire surface fix small sweets.

So that the product looks more elegant and original, congratulations can be cut from corrugated or brilliant paper. If you wish from colored paper or cardboard, various additional parts are cut in the form of small gifts, bows, colors. Then the sweet presents are fixed next to them.

Sometimes similar gifts are made in the form of a large card or book. In this case, sweet details should be fixed on the outer, and on the inner parts of the product.

What will be needed to create?

To make such a poster for a girlfriend’s birthday, you should prepare everything you need in advance:

  • whatman+

  • scissors+

  • glue+

  • Colored paper or color cardboard+

  • Simple pencil+

  • Feltolsters+

  • paints.

And various decorative elements for decorating posters can also come in handy.

You should buy all the necessary sweets: most often used chocolate bars, chewing, chewing candies, dragee, tiled chocolates and candy.

How to make it yourself?

Now we will look at how you can make and arrange with our own hands such a poster of a friend’s birthday. First you need to take a white and dense basis. After that, it is neatly folded in half, forming a blank in the form of a book.

The edges of the product obtained can be processed by giving them a wavy shape. Then several congratulators are selected, they can be printed on non-ferrous paper, while it is better to use the material of several colors.

As well as from colored paper or cardboard, cut small elements in the form of flowers. When all the items are ready, they are started to glue a tight basis, while remember that you need to leave a place for sweet presents.

If you wish, you can pick up ready-made figures with age birthdaynitsa. It is better to glue them to the top of the poster. After that, they start fixing sweet elements. Scaffolds, candy, lollipops, chewing gum gradually lay out. You can lay out a small detail image in the form of a major heart.

Often the congratulatory posters with a white background and bright clippings. You can take pink or red paper, and make a lot of hearts of various sizes from it. They are attached to the base in chaotic order, after which various congratulatory labels are applied with a red felt-tumbler, sometimes they are simply printed on a color printer.

After that already take sweets in various bright packs. You can consolidate them with the help of a special bilateral scotch. Next fix additional decorative parts. For this, elegant gift fabric packages are used in which coins, bows, volume stickers should be poured.

Another option will be posters, decorated in the form of a book. The background at the same time should immediately paint, creatively and unusually look like such a product painted in black saturated color. At the same time on the surface of the workpiece it is worth painting various small images, write congratulations using golden markers or just yellow.

Next to the finished basis begin to gradually attach sweet presents to bilateral scotch. The composition should be supplemented with lush bows of bright colors (purple, green, blue, red or golden). Then the printed inscription “Happy Birthday” is fixed on the top of the poster. You can also attach several coins of different sizes to the surface.

At the end begin to glue on the tape all cooked sweets. Often, each such sweet present is fixed with the printed inscription with pleasant wishes for the birthday girl.

An excellent option will be a poster made with joint photos or only with photos of one birthday girl. In advance with the help of a simple pencil worth outlining places where they will be placed. After that, design the background with the help of markers and paints, but it can be left and just white.

Next make tenderloin from old newspapers or magazines with cartoon characters. They are glued on the side parts of the dense base. Then with the help of color pencils, several small decorative elements are drawn in the form of hearts.

On the top of the poster make a bright greater inscription with congratulations. Below you can specify age, either gluing ready-made numbers. As well as several blanks in the form of small envelopes are fixed to the surface, it is where you can put small sweet presents. It is better to make such envelopes of different colors so that the composition looks more bright and interesting.

How to make a poster with sweets, look in video.

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