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The Spirit of the Forest in Slavic mythology is the well-known Lessel or, as it is also called, a loving. He is a defender of the Forest Kingdom – monitors the order and helps in trouble animals. Nobody knows exactly what Lesus looks like, since he constantly changes his appearance. Most often it is depicted in the appearance of an old man with a long rolling beard and confused hair of a marsh grass. Something he is similar to man, however, the grayish skin color and the absence of eyebrows and eyelashes are bright distinctive features. It has great luminous eyes of green.

Often the lash image is used as an idea for autumn crafts. To implement it uses a wide variety of materials. In the article you will find several useful master classes for the manufacture of Forest Defender Figures.

How to make a toilet paper sleeve?

As materials for creating crafts, you can use various types of secondary raw materials, such as cardboard sleeves from toilet paper. It is environmentally friendly and practical.

The cylindrical shape of the sleeve is very convenient as the basis for many figures, including to create a loving.

To make a craft “Les”, you will need the following materials:

  • toilet sleeve+

  • 2 White Sheet A4+

  • Watercolor paints+

  • wax crayons+

  • Pussy+

  • scissors+

  • PVA glue+

  • Scotch from paper+

  • Corn storks (hairs)+

  • leaves+

  • Artificial eyes+

  • Set of plasticine.

Work stroke includes several steps.

  1. We draw up a white sheet of paper, chaotic drawing on it with watercolor paints and wax crayons.

  2. After the paper dried, we glue the bushing, using PVA glue.

  3. From the white sheet, cut out the face of the lovik, glue it to the sleeve.

  4. Printed artificial eyes. We melt from plasticine eyebrows in the form of a thin stretched sausage. Oval nose and mouth made from orange and red plasticine, and cheeks – of two green cakes. All the details we stick on the face of our figures. Draw nostrils and mouth.

  5. Corn storks We use for beard and mustache.

  6. As well as hairs of corn use for hair. The collected bundle is wrapped with a scotch and glit from the inside of the sleeve.

  7. From the leaves we form a small bundle and fasten it with the help of tape. We put the collected beam inside the sleeve so that it is sticking.

Our forest keeper is ready!

Products from natural materials

Using natural materials when creating products with their own hands is always highly valued by teachers of educational institutions. Children are always more interesting to work with such a material, because it can be independently assembled in the park or in the forest.

Make a lash figure in kindergarten or school on any topic of autumn exhibition.

A simple version of the crafts on the topic “Leshe – Defender of the Forest” can be made of cones. This will require:

  • Big fir bishie+

  • Set of plasticine+

  • Dry branches+

  • leaves+

  • dried skin of chestnut.

We start work.

  1. We take Listic ash and on two sides cut it on narrow strips. He will serve as a savory beard of the future slaughterhouse.

  2. From plasticine we make eyes and eyebrows. Of the orange tone we form a small ball and add it – it will be the mouth. Lepim him at the base of the beard. For the nose we select a curled piece of twigs, make a round cake from brown plasticine, on which we fix the nose.

  3. All the workpieces are made, now carefully fix them on the shishke.

  4. We pick up a twig with several branches for hands, fasten the bunch of rowan. We tear off the required twig, and get rid of berries. From brown plasticine, we have two billets of oval shape and insert twigs in them.

  5. Attach to the sides of the cones ready-made hands. Thanks to the “lush beard”, the plasticine base is not visible.

  6. Dried peel from chestnut using a hat, fixing it on the head with a small piece of plasticine.

  7. From the plasticine brown, they sculpt two oval – it will be the legs of the figure.

The keeper of the forest kingdom is ready! Such a product is made easily, but it looks very original.

Interesting handicraft “Old Ladovachka” can be made of polyente or hemp. For its manufacture, you will need an adult assistance, as well as the following tools and materials:

  • small birch+

  • leaves+

  • dried or artificial cluster berries+

  • Shishki+

  • Justice+

  • moss+

  • Beresta+

  • Splits of ace+

  • cardboard+

  • Adhesive Pistol

  • drill+

  • Screwdriver.

We will analyze how it is done.

  1. To craft, choose a small diameter. Install it on a tree stand, fix with screws.

  2. Big Acorn Delim in half – this will be the eyes of a lovik. Fix them on the linen with a glue gun.

  3. We use a pine conex as a nose, glue it to the Polen.

  4. Of the small pieces of fir branches, we make eyebrows, fix them on the figure.

  5. Small piece of moss glue nose. From it, we make the beard our lovik, freamed it on the lion.

  6. We use bark pieces to create mustache. As well as several large curls glit at the level of the temples around the perimeter of the head, thus create hair on our figure.

  7. From both sides we drill two holes for hands around in the middle.

  8. Fix two firing branches on glue, insert them into the drilled holes – it will be the hands of Leshgo.

  9. From cardboard form a cone hat, fix it on the head of the product. Decorate her leafs, berries, bark curls, gluing them with a thermopystole.

  10. Now you need to decorate the stand.

To do this, use everything we have in stock – bumps, acorns, bark, berries, leaves. All fix with a glue gun.

Lesovik is ready!

Useful advice

Working with natural materials, it is important to take into account several nuances.

  1. Use for crafts clean and dry leaves.

  2. Acorns and chestnuts must be without damage, as various insects can be started in them.

  3. If possible, dry the collected cones, acorns and chestnuts in the oven. Craft of such materials dried longer.

  4. For fixing small details of the product from natural materials, use plasticine.

  5. To secure large or heavy parts it is better to use a glue gun.

  6. Having chosen the Leshego as an idea for crafts, in mandatory ask the child that he knows about this mythological image. Briefly tell about him, about how he looks like, what duties he performs in the forest.

  7. Discuss with the baby, how he myself represents, what he wants to make a figurine of Lesgo.

How else can I make a craft “Les”, look in the video below.

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