Variety of crafts for the careman

Variety of crafts for the careman

Increased already a huge variety of crafts for the day of the teacher. Therefore, decide what to do in kindergarten with your own hands on the topic of the day of the preschool worker is not too simple, it is important to take into account the advice of experts. It is necessary to pay special attention to the easiest, but pleasant holiday gifts.

Options for postcards

Everyone who goes to kindergarten must give His staff gifts to delight and express gratitude for all the accompanying efforts. The simplest way to do it is to create with your own hands the postcards “My favorite educator”. The base portion is made of white cardboard. It is advisable to choose and print the background for the image being created.

Possible options:

  • Congratulations between the parts of the sunflower+

  • Smiling children’s faces (stylized)+

  • homemade drawing.

Master class on making postcard for the dying day in the video below.

How to make a bouquet?

From candy

Such a composition for the day of the preschool worker is fully satisfied:

  • Cut the wire, make a “leg”+

  • wound on her foil or corrugated paper+

  • Watch sweets in foil+

  • fasten her on the laid place+

  • pack prepared products in ordinary paper paper+

  • decorate the assembly at its discretion and taste.

From paper

It is very easy to make various flowers also from paper. For example, cornflowers, tulips or a bouquet in Kusudama technique.

In addition to the considered options, you can work:

  • Chrysanthemum+

  • Lilies+

  • Peony+

  • Gladiolus+

  • rose.

Let it be decided to make lilies. Then it is necessary:

  • Cut paper blanks 15×15 cm+

  • fold the flower+

  • Repeat the same procedure with the following multiple copies+

  • twist paper in the rod (cylinder)+

  • fasten the stalks to the bases of flowers+

  • Put it all in a vase.

Working with gladiolus implies the use of attached paper. Quite a very small piece. Tape wound to the base and attach to the wire.

The same operations are alternately performed with the following buds. Flowers need to be created immediately with a specific pattern.

Other ideas

Flowers and postcards, of course, are quite good gifts for the holiday. However, monotonous presents immediately from the whole group can produce a depressing effect. Especially in the case when the same is repeated annually. But there is a way out – to look at different options for interesting original surprises, which can be both collective and donamy on their own behalf. Good Option – Basket with Artificial Flowers.

Make a basket like this:

  • Clear cardon+

  • 3 short stripes attach a stapler to a long thick+

  • Watch the very first strip and attach her free tip to a long segment+

  • repeat these manipulations with the second and third stripes+

  • Complete the creation of the composition, I joking the last fragments of the stapler+

  • From a long thin strip form a beautiful handle basket.

One of the best crafts for the day of the teacher from parents and their children has long been recognized as a cookie or a different confectionery. True, it is impossible to call this option – it is associated with noticeable troubles and labor. You can combine a similar idea with the previous ideas, for example – to present an edible gift in a homemade basket. You can also pick up different unusual delicacies, decoring them with your own hands, again, in those most baskets.

There are still such options:

  • Hand-written porcelain sets or figurines+

  • Gift bells painted images on holiday+

  • Painted Plates and Cups+

  • Cut from wood dishes+

  • Volina Pictures on Cardboard+

  • Embroidery and lace+

  • Homemade tissue covers for phones+

  • Portraits from the leaves in the autumn style – some of them are so elegant that they may even be shown at the exhibition+

  • Knitted toys+

  • Congratulatory newspapers with thematic and personal photos (very good, if you make them clearly manually, without computers and printers)+

  • Vintage porridge (either made of old things).

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