Variety of crafts from boxes

Variety of crafts from boxes

Boxes from household appliances, furniture and other purchases occupy a lot of space in the house, and it is extremely difficult to find use. Some use them for storing things, others make houses for pets. And you can check your creative abilities and greatly transforming the room using ordinary boxes as a base for crafts.

Children’s toys do it yourself

Children adore new toys, but acquire them every time they borne old, quite problematic. To please the child and save a fairly large amount, you can make children toys from boxes that stay after buying a TV, refrigerator and other goods.

The boy will be delighted by a very realistic knightly costume, and if he is in charge of creating it, will be proud of his craft.

This design will take time and enough boxes. First of all, it is necessary to determine the size of the costume, namely: with a waist width, shoulders, hips and with a total height.

From the cardboard box it is necessary to cut pieces, externally reminiscent of metallic scaly. If possible, it is better to cut them from one piece, connecting behind or on the sides, so that the central part of the cardboard is a solid child’s shield.

From a big box you need to do bib, Smaller use to create armor for hands and legs. It is worth considering body geometry: in the shoulders of the petals should be wider than the wrists. Helmet and other irrelevinal parts can be made from the balance of a large box.

To connect boxes with each other, use the adhesive gun or stapler. After fastening all parts, you can additionally use gum for greater strength. It is important to make a suit fairly spacious so that the child can safely run in it and fight the monsters. As a supplement to armor, you can make a sword: cut one piece of blades, insert it between two harvesters of handles and glue.

From a large box there is an option to build a certain kiosk using which children will be able to play the seller and buyer.

The shape of such a craft can be any, but the simplest will have three parts: The largest bottom block, slightly smaller upper – with a slot for the seller’s window, and a signboard that will be at the very top of the crafts. The wider boxes, the more goods the child can place on the counter. To create a cheerful atmosphere, you can paint the kiosk in bright colors.

Of the simpler ideas of crafts for children, the following options can be noted:

  • Decorative boat+
  • Puppet furniture+
  • camera+
  • Dollhouse.

What can be made of milk and juice boxes?

Big box – good diverse material. But more often people have to deal with less major things: boxes from milk or juice. Here are some examples of what can be made of them.


An interesting example of crafts from the box from liquid products will be a cardboard vase. This design does not require special materials and actions, because inside the box is processed by a special waterproof substance, which allows you to pour not only milk or juice into it, but also water.

The shape of the vase can come up with himself, here is a large scope for fantasy. Since inside the box is repeated, it is only necessary to separate it outside and can be used for destination or pack as a gift mom, grandmother or girlfriend. The easiest option is the usual paint. But for those who want to maximize the material of the manufacture, perfectly suits the spit with the patterns shown on it. After frozen, the shplanyowka is worth painting the aerosol paint.

Regardless of the design of the cardboard vase, it is perfect for the interior of almost any home.


Convenient and practical craft will be a stand for a phone or tablet. She is designed to make the most comfortable viewing of various films or video. All that will need is cut from a dairy box Two mirror parts of a rectangular trapezium. At the same time, the oblique side should be changed so that at the lower end it was a bit of a tubercle, which will keep the gadget. Details must be attached to each other, cutting up one and lower two bands at the top and inserting them into each other.

The stand for the phone can remain color of the cardboard, and may be decorated at the request of the creators: painted paint or plated stickers.


Probably one of the most common crafts, because very often such designs are made in junior school classes. In the process of manufacturing this craft, you can use both a box from under milk and from under the juice. It needs to cut a hole for a sufficiently large diameter so that any bird can fly there and enjoy treating. Design must be decorated and fixed on thick thread – best fit wool. For this thread, the finished feeder hangs on a tree.


In order to make a children’s house from the boxes from under the juice, you will have some time for some time not to throw and save the source material. The number of required boxes will depend on the size of the desired structure: for the cat’s house, it will take much less packages than for children’s, and for puppet enough and one.

In general, make a big house from the boxes is quite simple: it is enough to lay out the walls out of the boxes, fasten them with glue. For convenience, it is better to make this building in the corner of the house. Thus, you will have to lay out only two walls, and not four. The ceiling is done as desired, for example, from plywood sheet. The main thing in this craft is the strength of the design. The biggest walls will stand, the more convenient and more interesting will play for children.

The puppet house is made much easier – it is enough to remove one of the sides of the box, make a partition between the first and second floor and the roof of the cardboard, cut the windows and decorate the resulting structure. You can add curtains, attach the walls from the inside with pieces of wallpaper or painted paper, install furniture from matchboxes.


It is easiest to make a wallet out of the box with a screw round lid. Also necessary:

  • scissors+
  • ruler+
  • Flomaster+
  • sample.

The template is a strip, the length of which contains three widths of the desired wallet, on top of which on each side by half a circle with a diameter of 2 widths.

You must unscrew the curved corners on the box and straighten all the bends, then crop strips of 3 mm wide from above and below the package. Locate the package so that the cover is in the center, attach the template and cut the part. Horizontal and vertical lines bend the workpiece, add diagonal bends of the side parts, then fold the design and cut a hole under the cover.

Crafts from shoe containers

In addition to the boxes from under milk and juice in many homes there are boxes from various shoes. Showing a fantasy, you can come up with a lot of ways to apply them. Here are some examples.

  • Office organizer. Due to the fact that the shoe box is wide enough, many different office items can fit in it, for example, handles, pencils, lines and t. D. For more convenience, you can use cardboard bushings that remain from toilet paper. They need to be put in the box and, if necessary, to fix something. Making this handicraft in this way, you can conveniently store things: pencils in one department, handles in another, stickers, tape and stapler also in separate places.

  • Boxing charging gadgets. This craft will be not only beautiful, but also useful for those who need to charge several gadgets at once. It always creates a not very aesthetic environment when many different wires are collected in one place. All that is needed for this design, this is placed by an extension, power supply and T. NS. in the box from shoes. In it, on one side, you need to cut a few holes for charging cords. Thus, all wires will be inside the box, and if necessary, you can join through the holes and charge the gadget. The box can be painted in the desired color.

  • Boxes for storage of things. Of the small and medium-sized boxes, there will be excellent crafts in which you can store small things. For convenience, you can attach any thread or t. NS., To make it convenient to pull the box from a narrow shelf. If there are several such crafts, it is worth sticking a small sign on the front side, in which the contents of the box will be written.

Candy ideas

Candy boxes are also excellent material for making various sodes. As a rule, such boxes are distinguished by their bright design, from which you can start when creating crafts.

  • So, the first thing that comes to mind is to make your home puzzles. Everything is quite simple – you need to take the most bright box from the candy, it is desirable with some clear pattern, or the simplest on which to stick the desired drawing, and cut it into separate components.

  • A good option will make a chalk board from candy boxes. Due to the fact that candy boxes are usually very flat and wide this craft will be practical and convenient. It will only be necessary to paint the back of the black acrylic paint box. Mel will be clearly visible, which will not only give children to play the “student and teachers”, but also use this blackboard for drawing and creating beautiful signs.

  • If there is a box from under expensive candies, it can be used as a place to store small things. In fact, everything that needs to be done is to wash a piece where candy lay. External design can be any, everything depends on the imagination. If there is a lid that opens by the type of door, then you can make a box as a suitcase. To do this, it must be painted in black and put the rivets that will keep the lid.

  • Box “Rafaello” perfectly suitable for different crafts. For example, you can make a decorative small house, putting the roof box on top. Another handicraft is a decorative Easter basket. Here, the main thing is beautifully all to arrange, attach the handle on top and glue the whole box with decorative paper.

Other options

In addition to the above ideas for crafts, there are plenty of other options that can be made from ordinary boxes.

  • So, using a box from under the cake, you can make a great box for storing different things. In order for the caretaker to be aesthetic, it should be placed by a cloth or paper on which you can sew or pinch different decorations. Used the box will be upside down, so on the lid, t. E. Former bottom, you can set a volume decoration.

  • It will be interesting to make a craft from a matchbox. In this case, the design will be seasonal. Consider the autumn option. It will take boxes and colored paper. Use Half and Orange Colors. Externally place the boxes need it to immediately remind autumn. Inside On the bottom of the box, you can portray a tree or just yellow autumn leaves.

  • A box from tea packaging can be consolidated to create also tea packaging, but more comfortable and beautiful. It is enough just to remove the upper lid, and inside the cardboard partitions inside. Thus, in each compartment you can put a specific type of tea or other little things.

  • Big box can be useful for creating a sample forest. It is enough just to remove the upper part and one wall, for the remaining to put the forest landscape. On the same principle and layout of the solar system. But in this case, you need to leave the roof, cutting out only one wall, inside everything paint in black or cosmos colors. Planet layouts can be suspended on rollers. There will be similar to the creation of aquarium with fish. You also need to cut one wall in a large box. Inside it is worth painting blue or blue, on rollers to hang fish.

  • For the garden, there are also various crafts. As a rule, they are pretty light and easy to manufacture. Usually all sorts of animal figures. Just draw the drawing and make a craft from the box. By the same principle there is an opportunity to make small cardboard toys for boys and girls.

Boxes from under different products and goods – this is an excellent material for crafts. There is a wide variety of ideas and projects. At the same time, it is not necessary to repeat after someone – it is better to show fantasy and do something.

Ideas of crafts from boxes in video.

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