Variety of crafts from cups

Variety of crafts from cups

Disposable cups have a mass of advantages – capacity, hygiene, strength. It is not surprising that they have attracted creative parts, and they are actively used as a diverse material.

Such cups can be handed a child without fears, offering to make an interesting handicraft.


The availability of the consumables causes the popularity of disposal articles from disposable cups among children of any age. Cups made of thick paper easily cut, join each other, glue. They are convenient to mount small elements, embodying all their plans.

Glasses are good and what makes the formation of volumetric figures. This factor has a beneficial effect on the child, developing smartness, attentiveness, perseverance, the ability to see more in ordinary subjects.

Creating a hare

The simplest handicraft from a plastic or paper cup. It is enough to glue individual elements to it (ears, tail) from the materials available at hand.

You will need:

  • Glass+

  • Slices of brilliant, white and pink paper+

  • Thermal Candles with a Pistol+

  • scissors+

  • Feltolsters+

  • Vata.

We will analyze the step-by-step process of work.

  • Draw on paper oblong ushko. Put it on shiny paper, circling the contour, then cut ears on it.

  • Cut another couple of ears smaller, Using pink paper. Glisten the billets on shiny ears with thermal.

  • At the bottom of the cup with scissors to do 2 mini-slots, Put the ears in them. Strengthen them thermoclaim.

  • Missing a piece of cotton “Hairstyle” rabbit. Paste between haunted ears.

  • Wat will go to the pompon-tail. It is glued to the “back” part of the cup. This item is easy to do even from threads.

  • Flomaster Draw a fruit.

How to make a snowman?

Crafts Snowman from plastic cups serves excellent decor for the new year. It will be somewhat difficult for children, you will need an active participation of adults. How many cups are needed, depends on the size and number of tiers- “Komkov” (2, 3).

Inside the ball, you can put the LED garland, and use a bulk figure as a decorative backlight.

For decor you can use a knitted cap, hat, New Year’s tinsel.

You need to step by step to follow the instructions for execution, which is especially important for beginners.

You will need to prepare the following consumables and tools:

  • Disposable white cups (transparent) per 200 ml (on average 300 pcs.)+

  • Stapler and staples in an amount equal to the number of cups+

  • 1 sheet of orange cardboard on nose-carrot+

  • Scarf+

  • White, black and other paper for details+

  • Tewish Candles and Pistol.

The work process consists of several stages.

To speed up the assembly, it is necessary to bind plastic products in pairs of brackets, installing a 1/2 stapler from depth.

Approximately 25 glasses need to be needed on the main ring.

The second ring from glasses is also connected pairwise and attached to the lower tier. To this circle will take up to 22 cups.

On the third tier already need no more than 18 cups.

The fourth tier is going out of 15 cups. Gradually, the semisfer should be formed, which is similar to the bottom.

According to this scheme, the second “snow” ball is formed, a smaller diameter – a snowman head. All round parts also need to connect the brackets among themselves.

Cutting of orange cardboard twist the cone, then fix the edge of the brackets.

“Nose” Place in one of the cups at the topmost ball.

Eyes made from cardboard, mouth – from a piece of red material (felt). Glue details better than a thermoclate gun.

Little snowman is easy to make it yourself.

Of the two white paper glasses

They are put on each other, connecting with pre-lubricated glue with rims. The legs are made from cotton wool lumps, scarf and hands – from colored paper. You can improvise with flowers, materials, combination of textures.

From one cup

You will need a marker for drawing eyes, carrots, butt and unnecessary color children’s sock or a piece of any bright fabric. It is easy to make a hat. The fabric is stitched in a circle, and the top is tied with a thread, forming the likeness of the pompon. In the case of the socks, it is not necessary to sew anything. You can decorate the craft of a beautiful shiny braid or rain. Such a light and fun toy can be hung on the Christmas tree. The child will be pleased, constantly admiring his snowman.

Other ideas

Brief master classes for the manufacture of autumn, New Year and thematic crafts will help the child to develop creative skills. Such ideas are good for kindergarten and students of junior classes.


For the manufacture of a dog need a cup of white or brown, a bit dark (black) paper, glue and a piece of red cloth.

On the inverted cup of paper glue stains, imitating “tips” on the dog’s wool.

Paws and ears are cut out of dark paper. You can take for a sample any breed. Small details of the face are pasted in place – and the dog is ready to file a baby paw for efforts!

New Year’s toy

A bell from disposable cups refers to simple crafts. It can be entrusted to make a three year old baby. Adult help will need to make a hole in the bottom and hang the ribbon, and from the inside tie a knot.

A cup with a looping from above similar to the bell and the child will be interested in decorating it. In the new year, snowflakes and tinsel are glued to the cup, they can be decorated with a home tree.

Wreath of cups

Paste each other two or three dozen disposable cups and tie on the tape. Decorate at your discretion or in the right topic.


It will take a disposable cup of orange or colored paper. Tiger strips are very easy to make a black sheet of paper or draw a marker. Even the smallest Creator can cope with it.

For eye and ears it will be interesting to use bulk material like felt. Tailor convenient to do from a cinema wire in a fluffy braid. This is a great option for implementing a variety of creative ideas! In this case, the tiger’s tail is made of orange wire, which pinched a cup and bent the edge from the inside. It is necessary that the wire keeps in the marked place.

Eyes can be made of circles of different diameters using white and black paper. Or buy special blanks for crafts.


A bright paradise bird from a cup will like to do all lovers to create crafts with their own hands. Need:

  • Bright cups+

  • Colored markers+

  • paper with fun ornament+

  • Decorative feathers+

  • eyes or something for their manufacture (fabric, self-keys, color tape and so on)+

  • Beak is made from cardboard, felt or piece of plasticine+

  • Thermopystole.

With the help of a thermal stitching wings. Then make the bird’s eyes, adapt the beak and draw a plumage of the marker of a contrasting color cup.

By the same principle, it is easy to make owls, peacock, penguin and other birds, taking pictures with their image and suitable colored materials.


In order for the child to get such a funny elephant from the cup, you need quite a bit:

  • Gray (blue) paper (you can take corrugated or paint white base with paints)+

  • Scissors, glue with a tassel+

  • Thread for hanging.

Color paper paste on the workpiece. Ears are cut out of it, by template. Or you can draw the ear on your own, fold the paper in half, and cut two identical blanks. Then cut trunk. It remains to stick eyes and other small details.

If you make a craft from a big cup from coffee and attach the skills of the parent, the elephant lamp will be.


For the manufacture of a bee (roa bees) you will need:

  • Yellow plastic or cardboard cups+

  • Self-tech black (it is convenient to use a 1.5 cm width isolate)+

  • Pieces of felt (fetat) white or pale blue+

  • Thin ribbons arbitrary color for hanging a bee+

  • Hot glue gun.

One insect will need two cups. They need to be inserted by the type of matryoshki so that the craft is stronger.

Strips on the “Torchish” are made from the power of the bee. So that the strips are stuck smoothly, in the process of sticking you need to make small cuts on them. Children will have to show how to act at this stage.

Fabric Cut Wings.

Eye can be glued ready, with movable pupils. They are sold in the departments for needlework. Or use pieces of fabric, self-keeper, other material. The thermopystopist will cope well with the gluing felt, and the paper is more convenient to “plant” on bilateral scotch.

Roll over the metal needle on the fire to make two holes in a cup of cup. It is important to pierce two glasses at the same time.

Turn into the holes of the ribbon and form from the inside the node to get a neat loop. You can strengthen the place of connecting two edges of the tape, traveled to the tape buttons with through holes. The bee is ready and is about to heinge!


Turn a paper cup into the house is quite easy. Just need to prepare a piece of colored paper and multicolored markers. From the paper to form a roof, bent it in the form of a cone and bonding the edge. And then let the child paint the craft, independently determining what windows will be, and where to make doors. By the way, it will be interesting if an adult helps cut through the door. Then she can open and close, inviting the child to the world of endless fantasy. For strength, the paper house will be good to glue to the cardboard base.

7 Ideas of crafts from cups in the video below.

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