Variety of socks

Variety of socks

One of the favorite activities of many people is to create crafts with your own hands. The feature of this hobby is that crafts can be performed from almost anything. So, in this article we will talk about different versions of things that can be made of socks.

How to make a hare?

One of the easiest crafts that can be made of sock – this is a toy hare. It is best to do it from monophonic children’s socks, but adults are also suitable. In addition, you will need a couple of things, namely:

  • Hard fabric having a contrast color+

  • gum or if there are no thread+

  • Pompon, for example, from the old children’s hat+

  • Middle or Small Beads+

  • glue, preferably for fabric+

  • Crupes, for example, buckwheat or rice, which will be used as a packing (instead of cereals, you can use and cotton wool).

As soon as everything is prepared, you can start working. Below is an instruction that step by step explains the whole process.

First of all, you need to take a sock – and fill it with a prepared cereal or cotton. If a child’s option is used, it will take about one cup of cereals or a lump of medium-sized cotton wool.

After you need to measure the distance from the bottom of the toy to the desired location of the neck. This part must be tied with a rubber band or thread, separating the body from the head.

Then head is supplied from above, it should be left for the ears. It is recommended to tangle it.

The remaining part of the sock is used for the ears. It is divided into two equal parts, from which the ears themselves are already cut.

Once all of the above actions will be performed, the shape of a hare can be finished. It remains only to re-establish a toy:

  1. In place of the abdomen you need to glue a white cloth in order for the tummy out+

  2. make eyes from beads+

  3. From small pieces of fabric you can make a nose and hare teeth+

  4. Prepared Pompon attach from behind as a tail.

In order to better understand the whole process of creating, it is worth studying the master class in advance.

Dog with her own hands

Slightly more complicated, but no less interesting is toy-dog made of sock. For it, you will need:

  • pair of socks – can be old, but it is better to give preference to new+

  • Squinker+

  • Threads with needle.

This is what should be included in the main set before starting work. So, below is a master class on creating a dog:

  1. One sock is taken and turned inside out+

  2. A rubber band of the sock is cut+

  3. From the place of the cut gum to the heel is made longitudinal incision+

  4. Two parts of the fabric are sewn into two separate tubes – future paws+

  5. Then the sock turns back and snapped with syntheps+

  6. The hole is sewn, after which the neck is formed by threads, and with it – a head+

  7. The second sock is used for cutting small parts – ears, front paws, tail+

  8. they are neither either sewn or glued to the toy+

  9. You can additionally add small parts to your discretion, and after that the dog toy will be ready.

Create other animals

There are many other socks. Among them, a separate place is given to mild toys for children. Here are some examples of such crafts.


Another easy in creating a handful of old socks. It is necessary to take one sock and trim the top almost to the heel itself. After that, a stuff is stuffed in it, which is better to use cotton or Singry procession. In the place where the heel is located, the sock begins the expansion. There need to be placed a little more packing than below. Thus, you can make a selected head.

Two pieces are cut from the second sock and stitched into the tube. There is a stuffing, after which they are inserted to the craft and serve as the paws. The resulting cat paints mustache, nose and eyes. At the request, you can wear a collar.


To create a rabbit need one small orphanage. Starting from the heel and to the top there is a longitudinal cut – ears. After that, the billet is stuffed with cotton. As soon as this is done, ears and space between them are stitched. On the heel, especially if it is highlighted in another color, perfectly gets a muzzle. To do this, you need to draw mouth, nose and eyes.


Excellent option for beginners, as it is quite easy to do and does not require a lot of working material. For that To make a snowman, it will take a white sock, threads or a gum, a padding in the form of a synthet board or croup, additional decoration.

To create a snowman’s shape, it is enough to fill sockyprint or cereal sock trunk, top tie with rubber band or sew. The remaining tip must be turned on the resulting head so that the hat formed. Now you only need to decorate. Add your eyes, for example, from beads, buttons, scarf and pompon on the cap.

Options for crafts on February 23

From the socks are excellent crafts for the February holiday – the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. Below are the options for such crafts that can embellose this celebration.

Using a set of black socks, you can make a tank. To do this, we need to minimize several socks in the tube and fasten them with a clip or pins, but so that it was not visible. Then they perpendicularly rewind another or two pairs. Caterpillars are ready. A few more socks need to be folded and also twisted – it turns out the tower that put on the caterpillars. Sticking the handle, you can get an instrument. Will only take away the handy of the festive ribbon.

You can make a more easy toy, namely: dumbbells. For this, several pairs of socks need to be wind into a tight roll and put on a pencil. Rolls themselves should be copped with additional cloth or rubber band.

Using additional items, such as a dense cardboard, roll from paper towels and cream, can be plane. To do this, it is enough to take a roll and pull my sock. From the back to substitute the cream and pulling on it the second sock, connect these two parts. From the cardboard you need to cut the wings, on the form resembling boomerang, and also wrap my toe. After that, these two parts are connected using a clip or pins.

Making a carpet

From socks you can make even a small carpet. And there are two fundamentally different ways.

One of them involves cutting separate pieces of old socks and knitting them into one carpet. But this method requires knitting skills on the fingers. Represents it a rather simple process. One piece is taken, put on the index finger and twisted in the form of eights, putting on the middle finger. The same process is done with the second instance. After which the end of one piece is thrown at the end of another, thereby forming a loop. Thus fit the entire carpet of any form.

Another way is to, not cut the socks into pieces, sew them. Such a carpet will not be so stylish, but more original.

As you can see, there are a huge amount of crafts from socks. Each of them has its difficulties in the process of creating and its advantages already in the finished form.

How to sew a rabbit of socks, you will learn from the video below.

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