Ways to decorate boxes

Ways to decorate boxes

Empty boxes from under different trifles Easily turn into packaging for a gift or a stylish interior detail. All that is needed for this is a bit of fantasy and infirmized materials that can be used for decoration and decoration.

Decorating interior boxes

Originalized cardboard boxes from under shoes perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom, living room or office.


To decorate the shoe box, you can use the wallpaper remaining after repair. For working with fliseline or vinyl wallpaper, wallpaper glue. Paper sheets can be attached to the cardboard box using conventional PVA glue. This is done as follows.

  1. First you need to cut off a piece of wallpaper of the desired size.
  2. Next to it you need to put a box. With a pencil, you need to mark up.
  3. After that, its side parts need to wrap with wallpaper. Edges at the same time need to bend on the inner side.
  4. Then this paper frame should be removed from the box. All unnecessary must be trimmed with scissors or knife.
  5. Next you can start bashing boxes. First, the glue is applied to the bottom of the box. Then she put on paper.
  6. After that, the boxes are smeared with glue. These are also attached to the desired parts of the wallpaper.

From the inside the crawler can also be decorated. For its finishing, paper or soft fabric is usually used. To save the structure and color of the wallpaper, the cracker after processing can be covered with colorless lacquer on an acrylic basis.


This technique has long been popular among needlewomen. Using it, a shoe box can be decorated with both simple patterns and full drawings. The process of its design consists of the following steps.

  1. To begin with the cardboard foundation you need to paint on the appropriate color and dry well.
  2. Napkin should be divided into several layers.
  3. Next of it you need to cut a picture.
  4. This drawing should be missed with glue and attach to the box. It needs to be well.
  5. The edges of this detail can be carefully shoved using a sponge. In this case, the drawing will look like a part of a common image.

    When the box is dry, it also needs to be treated with a clear varnish. So that the product looks more beautiful, it is worth covering the cracker. After such a finish on the surface of the paper, the microcrack will remain. Such a box will look like a vintage box.

    You can store various decorations and accessories for creativity.


    To create a coziness indoors, you can use products decorated with cloth. It is best for this purpose a dense cotton or denim fabric. Make such a home decoration very simple.

    1. To begin with the box you need to remove two standards. It is necessary to measure the height of the side and gripping of the product.
    2. After that, the fabric needs to cut the workpiece of a suitable size. At the edges, it is necessary to leave the allowance of 1 centimeter long.
    3. Next the edges of the details need to gently flash. You can do this as manually and on the sewing machine.
    4. The resulting workpiece can be mounted on the basis of the box with the help of glue or double-sided tape. When working it is important to make sure that the fabric is tightly pressed to the cardboard, and there are no waves and folds on a cardboard basis.

    When the craft is ready, the box can be saved with a cloth and inside. It is very convenient to store books, children’s toys and accessories for creativity.


    There are more non-standard ways to decorate boxes. So, even an old sweater can be used to create an original container for storing things. In addition to an unnecessary knitted sweater, the glue gun is useful and two segments of ribbons for handles. Master class on creating a beautiful soft box consists of the following steps.

    1. To begin with a wide part of the sweater, you need to cut off a piece of fabric suitable size.
    2. It must be accurately glued to cardboard basis.
    3. Next edges of knitted fabric need to be turned inside. They should also be fixed with glue.
    4. On the sides of the box you need to attach the handles prepared in advance.

    In such a product, it is convenient to store various household trivia.


    A large box for storing various trifles can be decorated with light twine. It is attached to a cardboard basis with a glue gun. The rope is wound on the cardboard basis. Each part of the harness is fixed with glue. Inside such a box can be placed a small tissue lining.

    If desired, instead of the twine, you can use color yarn. It is well fixed on a paper surface. To decorate the finished product, you can use both monophonic threads and colored. Make beautiful packaging easily even from unnecessary yarn residues.

    Beautifully decorated box perfect for storing various trifles used for creativity.

    Design options for different holidays

    Do it yourself you can make a gift box.

    For new year

    Stylish packaging of a New Year’s gift increases pleasure from his unfolding. For registration of a small gift box, you can use kraft paper, twine and fir branches.

    To start a gift you need to wrap the crafted paper. Its edges should be accurately fixed with double-sided tape. Ready box need to wrap the twine. Spread branches are attached to her basis. In addition to them, it is also possible to use bumps, cinnamon sticks, dried slices citrus or gingerbread slices.

    For a birthday

    You can make a pleasant impression on your loved one or a friend, packing the box with a gift in Furoshiki technique. For work used fabric and packaging tape. The packaging process consists of the following steps.

    1. For a start, the fabric needs to be spread on a flat surface. In the middle of the square you need to put a box with a gift.
    2. Next, two ends of the fabric who are opposite each other must be neatly tied.
    3. You need to do the same with other ends.

    Such package can be additionally decorated with satin ribbon or lace braid.

    At the wedding

    To decorate a wedding gift you can use white or pink satin ribbons. Make it with your own hands very simple.

    1. The first thing the ribbon needs to be located under the packaging with a gift.
    2. Free ends should be carefully adjusted and tied by a node.
    3. Next, the box must be wrapped again with ribbon.
    4. Her edges need to start the knot again.
    5. Next to the gift packaging you need to bind another tape.
    6. It needs to be neatly tied by forming a bow.

    Gift packaging can be decorated with artificial colors. It will make it even more attractive.

    A small box with a gift can be packaged in craft paper. Such a gift looks very beautiful. Finished packaging can be additionally decorated with small white dots. So that they are small and neat, they should be applied to the edge of a pencil moistened in white paint. Mounted such points with even rows. When the drawing is driving, the workpiece must be tied with a light ribbon.

    Using this method of decorating, even the usual box can be turned into a real work of art.

    For the day of lovers

    Valentine’s Day is another reason to remind the second half about your feelings. You can do it, giving a loved one beautifully decorated gift. To decorate the box with the presentation, different technicians are used.

    • Rain. From a piece of cardboard it is necessary to cut the heart of the right size. Next of this heart you need to cut the middle part. A red rain is wound on this workpiece. It is necessary to have thick rows. Ready heart need to tie to a gift box with a color thread or ribbon. It is possible to place it in the center of the box or side.

    • Buttons. For the design of gift wrapping, you can use the usual buttons of red or pink. They can be glued to the lid box in chaotic order. From color buttons You can also lay out the heart, the first letter of the name of the beloved person or flower. The finished product should be covered with a layer of transparent varnish and dry. This will extend the life of the product.

    • Candies. Sweet lovers like a gift decorated with sweets. Decorate the box in this way very simple. To do this, to the package in the form of a heart you need to glue with candy rows. In the work it is worth using long thin chocolates. They must be placed as close to each other as much as possible. As an additional decoration for the box, you can use the red-colored satin ribbon. If desired, it can be further consolidated by glue.

    You can add a gift box with a neat tag with recognition written on it in love. Warm words will make a holiday truly special.

    By March 8

    For the gift packaging for March 8, bright parts and saturated colors are commonly used. Beautifully look a gift box, decorated with corrugated paper.

    From sheets of different colors need to cut off the strips of the same width. Every such item must be carefully cut on the edges. After that, the volumetric strips must be glued to the box. Smooth rows are located over each other. Thanks to this design, the gift looks bright and beautiful.

    Cute will look like a box, decorated in a quilling technique. To decorate it with my own hands can even a small child. To do this, you need to make petals and leaflets. All of them are attached to a cardboard basis in the right order.

    Flowers made in this technique look cute and pretty.

    Decor boxes of different shapes

    Having gained experience, you can learn to decorate with your own hands the products of any shape and size. Square and rectangular boxes easy to wrap in packaging paper. The process of packing a round article looks a bit more complicated.

    1. For a start, the box needs to be measured.
    2. From gift paper you need to cut off a piece of paper with a margin of 2-3 centimeters.
    3. This strip must be glued to the side walls of the box. Its edges need to be gently bend inside.
    4. Next of the wrapping paper you need to cut the bottom of the box. It glues to the bottom of it. This item needs to be attached so that the passage is not visible.
    5. After that, you can proceed to decorating the lid. To do this, you need to cut a circle of a little more.
    6. This item is glued to the lid.
    7. After that, it is necessary to cut the strip from the paper remnants, which will be equal to the height of the lid. The edges of the details must be smooth.
    8. This strip should be glued to the side of the lid.

    The finished product can be decorated with a bright bow, ribbon or artificial colors. By the same principle you can decorate and a box in the form of a heart, a triangle or stars. Using these simple ideas, you can decorate your home and please be close to the original decorated gifts.

    About how to decorate the box with your own hands, look in the following video.

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