All you need to know about christmas wreaths

All you need to know about christmas wreaths

Christmas wreath is a popular Christmas decoration. It is hanging on the door or over the fireplace, and also use instead of the candlestick. To decorate your home with such an accessory, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. After all, almost everyone can make the original wreath.


Tradition to use Christmas wreaths to decorate houses was founded by German pastor in 1839. The first such accessory was created from a simple wooden wheel decorated with candles. Over time, instead of heavy and bulky crafts, people began to use lighter wreaths. Made them from materials that were always at hand. To create decorations most often used conventional fir branches or willow rods.

Classic wreath that hang in Christmas houses, decorate four candles. They notify about the birth of Jesus and illuminate the world with their glow. These candles begin to light four weeks before the holiday. On the first Sunday, only one candle is used, and everything is already burning before the holiday.

Each of them has its name and value.

  • Candle prophecy. She is lit first. This candle testifies to the soon coming of Jesus Christ.
  • Bethlehemskaya. Since its insight, people start preparing for the meeting of Jesus.
  • Candle Pastukhov. Ignor her, people are divided with the other faith, like the shepherds who told the world to the birth of Christ.
  • Angelic candle. It lights the latter and fills the world with its light and warm.

American wreaths candles are not decorated because they are hanging on the door. In European countries, they are placed on the table, decorating apples, red ribbons and sweets.

What happens?

Modern Christmas wreaths for decorating the room can be different in their form and size.

Based on

The frame of such a craft can be made of metal wire, vines or cardboard. These materials are perfectly held. Cpagar decorative elements to them with the help of the same wire or hot glue.

The basis of the crafts, as a rule, has a round shape. Oval wreaths occur a little less. Fans of original accessories worth paying attention to wreaths in the form of snowflakes, stars or hearts.

According to component elements

Branch from branches or wires most often decorated with spruce branches and cones. But instead you can use other infirm materials.

  • Christmas balls. To create such a craft, you can use toys of different colors and sizes. Most often masters pick up traditional New Year’s combinations. For example, white and red, blue and silver or green and gold. No less beautifully looking and compositions from monophonic toys. Wreaths from balls look bright and effectively.

  • MARKMELLOO. Sweet wreath from small maphorms like children of any age. It uses a round foam base and sweets that are attached to it with toothpicks. They are very close to each other. This decoration can be used in a children’s holiday. It will accurately appreciate all guests.

In addition, a wreath of sweets will be a great gift.

  • Bows. Interestingly looks and wreath, decorated with plenty of bright bows. Such a christmas craft can also be made with a child. All you need to create it – a dense cardboard base and a set of color ribbons.

  • Candies. Another exercise, which will enjoy the parents of the baby, is a wreath of candy. To create it, you can use both long and thin candy and sweets in the wrapper. Free gaps complement bows, fir branches and balls. This is done so that the wreath looks volume and more beautiful.

  • Tangula thread. To create cozy and cute crafts, you can use miniature yarn balls. They are attached to the base, wrapped with colored threads. Such a cracker can be used to decorate a creative workshop or living room.

  • Things. If the decision makes the original accessory for the house or apartment, it appeared spontaneously, the craft can be decorated with appliant means. For example, slices of dry branches and sticks that can be found at any time of the year. Any of these crafts looks interesting in its own way.

What decorate?

Having finished with the foundation of a wreath, you need to decide on the choice of materials that will decorate the Christmas handicraft. In different countries there are features of decorating such accessories.

  • France. Wreaths in the style of Provence, it is customary to decorate the compositions of dried colors. Such a decor, fixed on the Rotan ring, looks unusual and very exquisite.

  • Italy. Decorations in Venetian style decorated with plenty of red details. Very often on the basis of a wreath fasten a plant Poinsettia. Flower with bright red leaves Especially love Italians, because he resembles a Bethlehem star with her form.

  • Scotland. For decorating wreaths Scots often use ribbons made from classic checkered fabric.

  • Scandinavia. In the northern European countries, a large number of natural materials are used for the decor of such crafts, for example, cones. Local wreaths are also decorated with thin ribbons and small bells.

  • USA. American wreaths are decorated with small red bows and butterfly. This plant, according to believing, can drive the evil spirits.

Christmas wreaths are also often decorated with dried nuts, acorns, long cinnamon sticks, slices of oranges and coffee grains. Such accessories are obtained by unusual and attractive.

How to make it yourself?

In order to create a beautiful wreath at home, you need to prepare all the necessary materials in advance and choose a suitable master class for yourself.

From Mishura

Beginner masters are the easiest way to make a wreath of bright tinsel. As a frame for such a craft, you can use a wire ring, cardboard or foam. Such a workpiece should keep well.

One end of tinsel is attached on the back of the crafts. After that, the ring is wrapped with colored layers. Turns should be as close as possible to each other. The second edge of Mishura should also be fixed using a tape or glue. This is done so that the wreath does not collapse. Decorate the craft from Mishura by New Year’s toys and shimmering stars. It turns out very beautiful.

From the plugs from wine

Fans of unusual crafts should pay attention to wreaths, decorated with veil veins or pieces of wood. Start collecting workpieces to work in advance. Corks on the surface of the wreath can be located smooth rows or in chaotic order. To the surface of the frame they are attached with hot glue. You can decorate such a wreath with green branches, ribbons, berries or cones.

From fir branches

Traditional New Year wreath Woven from the branches of Living Spruce. Step-by-step instructions for creating classic decoration will help in work.

  • To start from the cardboard you need to make a robust frame.
  • Large fir branches should be divided into smaller details.
  • Billets are attached to the frame of hot glue. Instead, you can also use the usual wire. We need to weave the wreath so that the edges of the branches and metal parts are not visible.
  • The edge of the wreath can be decorated with a wide bow.

The finished handicraft will delight households and guests not only with their appearance, but also a saturated coniferous aroma. Decorate Christmas wreath toys, crafts from polymer clay and small bows.

From knitted yarn

Wreath of colored threads can be done differently. Talented craftsmen can link the basis for crafts with knitting or crochet. A simpler version of the product is suitable for beginners.

Cardboard frame wreath simply winding the yarn of suitable color. The edges of the thread are associated or attached to the cloak. The cauldron is simple and pretty. Wicker Wreath You can decorate with small artificial Christmas trees or pompons from colored threads.

From paper

To create simple christmas wreaths fit different types of paper. This material can be used in different ways. So, an excellent framework from a paper vine or dense cardboard. To decorate the crafts, you can use paper flowers, coniferous branches from corrugated corrugations or cardboard cones of green. The simplest idea that is great for beginners – wreath decorated with corrugated paper. Create such a craft with your own hands maybe even a small child.

To do this, from dense cardboard or piece of boxes it is necessary to cut the rope of suitable size. Corrugated paper must be cut into small squares. These billets need to be well mounted in the hands, and then glue. They should be placed tight enough.


Christmas wreaths from multicolored felt also make in several ways. This material can be used to sewing a round basis. Colored fiber circle filled with cotton or syntheps. The finished handicraft is decorated with toys and natural materials.

There is a simpler way to create such crafts. Only leaves and flowers are cut out of the felt. They are attached to the frame, wrapped in a dense layer of threads. Such an exercise looks at least solemn and beautiful.

Where to hang?

Having finished working on a wreath, you need to immediately decide exactly where it will be located.

Entrance door

Traditionally, this decoration is hanging On the door. This method is more applicable for private houses. In apartment buildings, mount a wreath on the entrance door only if there is confidence that no one steals the Christmas decoration. Bright craft, decorated with branches and toys, can also be hung on the inner side of the door.


Owners of private houses and cottages can hang christmas wreath and fronton. In this case, the decoration will definitely be seen from afar. To decorate the house outside it is worth using bright crafts. In this case, they will be noticeable even in snowy weather.

Festive table

Candle wreaths are also used to decorate a festive table. Such an accessory is located right in the center of the desktop composition. The candlestick wreath looks spectacular and helps to create a festive atmosphere in the house. But, choosing such a decoration for your festive table, you need to be extremely neat. It is necessary to ensure that the candles do not fall and did not burn until the end.

Otherwise, the christmas composition may light up. So as not to worry about this problem, ordinary candles can be replaced by electric. Such miniature lamps can now be bought in many stores.

Beautiful examples

When making christmas decorations should pay attention to the finished crafts.

  • Green and Red Accessory. A simple bulk wreath of live fir branches as a candlestick looks very good. To decorate it, you can use nuts and sweet tangerines. Add brightness wreath Garland from red stars. It is perfectly combined with candles located in different parts of the composition. Such a wreath can be placed in the center of the festive table or in the living room.

  • Decoration in Golden Tones. Wreath of dark pine branches can decorate any entrance door. For its decoration, you can use cones, flowers and beautiful beads. To look more festive, all decorative details can be treated with golden paint.

  • Silver-pink wreath on the wall. Crafts from silver tinsel will be the original decoration of the house or apartment. Such an accessory can be used in rooms decorated in Scandinavian or modern style. Decorate the basis of crafts toys, stars, bumps and colored beads, made in pastel colors.

Beautiful Christmas wreaths with a unique design will help create houses at a truly festive atmosphere. Therefore, preparing for the holidays, it is worth paying attention to the proposed ideas and try to make such a decoration with your own hands.

About how to make a nice Christmas wreath with your own hands, look in the following video.

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