Features and manufacture of wreaths on the door

Features and manufacture of wreaths on the door

Today, the wreath on the door is an elegant interior decoration, which can be used throughout the year, and not just under Christmas. Creating a similar composition is quite realistic to carry out your own hands.

Review of species

Initially, the wreath at the entrance door was used in Europe to decorate the house in the winter holidays. Traditionally, the decorative element was performed from fir branches decorated with candles and ribbons, and meant the fruit offensive of Christmas, and then just a symbol of life. By the way, first he lay on the table, and after already “moved” on the door.

When a beautiful tradition interested in Russia’s inhabitants, they decided to slightly adapt her and began to hang the decoration already under the New Year – the main national holiday.

Today, to create a winter wreath on the door as the basis usually apply Natural pine or firing, or artificial branches. The blank is decorated with balls, garlands, small toys and other festive attributes, as well as ribbons, cinnamon sticks, dried citrus and bumps. The finished composition is rotated by artificial snow.

The design of space with the help of wreaths so much loved by the lovers of home comfort, that some of them prefer to use such a decor throughout the year.

  • So, after the winter holidays, the place on the door occupies the spring wreath From the winds of willow or dry lavender. We must not forget about a special Easter decoration with multicolored eggs, bird figures and moss.

  • Summer wreath necessarily complemented by fresh colors: tulips, peonies or even early sunflowers.

  • In autumn The door can be decorated with a “yield” composition consisting of spikelets, multicolored leaves, cones, rowan berries, miniature pumpkins and Physalis.

  • Finally, at any time of the year it is not forbidden to diversify your interior creation From artificial materials: felt, cardboard or thread.

How to make it yourself?

To embody numerous ideas of wreaths on the door, start learning better from the classic New Year’s master class, as well as flower spring.

Welcome composition from living needles by the following algorithm.

  • The first thing will be needed Prepare branches required length, which depends on the dimensions and the specifics of the planned project. For this purpose, not only fir branches will be suitable, but also pine, fir, tower and other conifers.
  • Frame It is formed from a rigid wire, a slicer of wires, an old wheel, a tire from a children’s bike or a java vine. In fact, the material can be any, but durable and not particularly heavy.
  • Coniferous branches are placed on a frame clockwise and fixed with wire, fishing line or twine. It is important that the section of the preceding branch can go under the following. Adding a new material continues until the composition becomes aesthetically.
  • The finished design is soaked with a satin ribbon and decorates cones, feathers, dryers, plastic toys and other accessories. Fasten small parts more conveniently on liquid nails, but ordinary glue or wire are also suitable.

In the spring, the wreath of hydrangea will look beautiful.

  • First of all, shoots with inflorescences are exempt from sheets, Cropped bottom at an angle by 2 centimeters and left for a couple of weeks in glycerin solution. Drying fluid is pre-obtained by connecting two pieces of hot water and one share of glycerin.
  • Ready blanks can be squeezed by special floral paint, and after they will only remain fix on the carcass from the vine. Each stem will need to loliden at the basis of floral glue.

How to kp?

The choice of fastening for a wreath is determined depending on the size and weight of the design itself, as well as the material from which the door is made. On the iron door fix the decoration in any case is to be without nails. For the wooden door, it is customary to use buttons or needles with tips. Light ornaments manage to hang, engaging bilateral scotch, the remnants of which are perfectly laundered from any surface. For the metal input, the loop of a durable wire or a fishing line is easily twisted, which after fixing on the door eye and, if necessary, is additionally fixed by scotch.

You can also use a hook suction cup for towels.

Beautiful examples

Gentle and elegant spring wreath on the door will turn out if you take the old wheel as a base, which will be fixed on the door with the tape. Since the frame is interesting to look at itself, natural materials are drawn up only by the left part. The basis is completely “wrapped” into greens, and several large gentle-pink flowers become bright accents. An interesting complement is a small silver plated Lechka, fixed in the right side of the wheel.

        Luxuriously looking Christmas wreath requires, essentially, the use of a small amount of materials. Coniferous branches are alternately fixed on the basis of the branches. Next, the green design turns into a thread of red beads, wooden figures of deer are fixed on it, as well as plastic winter berries. The finished composition is slightly sprayed with artificial snow.

        How to make a spruce wreath with your own hands, look in the video below.

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