A variety of gold colors

A variety of gold colors

Most often, gold products have a saturated yellow shade. This kel is considered classic for noble metal. However, modern technologies have reached such a level that In stores you can find gold products of green, blue, purple, pink and some other shades.

A variety of shades

The shade of the golden product directly depends on the number and percentage content of the elements that form the alloy with it, Used for the manufacture of a particular jewelry. To give gold increased strength, some other metals add to it – they change its physico-chemical characteristics, and also give a new unusual shade. The following are the following.

  • White gold. White gold decorations have long become a classic genre in the jewelry industry, this color is obtained due to the inclusion in the palladium alloy, platinum or silver. According to its physico-technical parameters, white gold resembles platinum a bit, but at the same time it is much lower at cost.

In addition, alloys with platinum make metal much more durable, thanks to which products of a wide variety of forms can be created from such raw materials.

  • Red and Chervonne. In these alloys, the content of impurities is minimal, so it is precisely such gold in the greatest demand among fans of jewelry. Copper and pure gold here are combined in proportions that fully comply with GOST.

  • Yellow. This gold is considered a classic that never comes out of fashion. In stores most often found products of this color, and the alloy is characterized by the minimum presence of copper.

  • Pink. This gold is especially in demand from lovers of exquisite and unusual decorations. Gentle shade prefer young women, he emphasizes their elegant and slightly touching image, and adding various precious stones makes decorations truly expensive.

Non-standard types of colored gold.

  • Black. Persters and chains from black gold appeared on the jewelry market relatively recently, but have already managed to conquer the sympathy of lovers of jewelry in various countries of the world. There are different ways to obtain such an unusual gold shade. Most often, black rhodium and ruthenium are fought as additives.

The unusual view of black gold jewelry many times increase their price compared to all other products. Men’s accessories create men’s accessories.

  • Green. Products from such an alloy are quite rare, they are most popular in men and women who love to stand out from the crowd. In addition, green gold has a high cost – the price is 2 times higher than on products of traditional calves, so such decorations are not available to everyone. Green shade give supplements of potassium and nickel. From this metal masters can create the most original decorations.

  • Blue or blue. In the heart of these alloys lie intermetallic compounds. The technology of obtaining gold alloys of such shades is quite complex, so blue gold is usually found as part of small inserts, and not as the main material for decorating. The ligature includes chrome, cobalt or iridium.

  • Lemon. Very unusual metal, which is often found in products of European masters. The cost of it is relatively low, which does not detract from his exceptional physical properties – it is this fact that it became the main reason that today there is a tendency to increase demand for lemon gold. The bright color is achieved due to the inclusion of copper, silver and some other components.

  • Gray. Such a shade became one of the last trends. To obtain the desired shade of the wizard, combinations of pure gold with manganese. Despite the high price of such jewelry, the demand for them does not weaken.

  • Violet and amethyst. Such raw materials can be obtained by combining gold with aluminum. Depending on the percentage of additives, the desired final shade is obtained, with the more aluminum it will be entered into the alloy, the more saturated purple color will receive metal. However, such products are not always durable, so only the most experienced jewelers work with them.

  • Brown. Beautiful chocolate tint of the alloy gives copper, which is added in large quantities. Thanks to special chemical treatment, brown gold acquires additional strength.

How to choose?

The creation of new shades allowed jewelers to deploy its activities for complete power. On the jewelry market today, new models of products are rapidly appearing rapidly, which combine several shades of precious metal.

Yellow gold is usually combined with pink – Thanks to the contrast of these shades, it turns out a very unusual effect. Such decisions are most relevant to add autumn-winter clothing collections.

At the peak of popularity in the last season, the connection Brown Gold with genuine leather – This trend occurs everywhere in bracelets. Decorations Green gold most often combined with lemon tint, And if you want to achieve a gentle image, you can combine Lemon with White. Typically, such products are additionally incrusted by chrysolites, pearls, topases, grenades or zirconami.

Precious metals of a more rich green color are more often used as decorative elements, For example, in the manufacture of brooches. Gold lilac and purple relevant when creating curly inserts, sometimes they can even replace stones. In addition, patterns applied by this material on the surface of wedding rings are especially popular. Sophistication Pink gold Especially well suited for vintage jewelry.

If you want to purchase stylish colored gold jewelry, then the risk of running on the fake is very large. The fact is that the composition of such products is very complex, and to understand it. It is necessary to have experience in the jeweler and necessary to verify the authentication of the toolkit.

Especially attentive need to be when purchasing Green Gold Jewes, It should be traced that in them there are no impurities of cadmium. This metal gives the alloy a brightly pronounced green shade, however, it is a very toxic element, so in Russia, as well as in a number of European countries, the use of this element in the jewelry industry is prohibited at the legislative level. However, many unscrupulous masters ignore this ban.

Make purchases best in proven jewelry networks, But even in this case, it will be necessary to grab a small magnet to the store. Just bring it to the decorations you like – if they begin to be modeled, it means that they have an iron, which in accordance with the adopted standards should not enter green gold. Therefore, such a product can not cost big money, which usually ask for gold color baler.

Separate recommendation is related to the purchase of products with expensive inserts of gold purple, blue and blue shades. In this case, it is very important to make sure that these inserts are firmly fixed at the base and have not risen, otherwise you risk them simply lose. In addition, pay special attention to the fact that these items do not come into contact with open areas.

Unlike cadmium, ligature of blue and purple gold is safe for a person, but when contacting the skin, metal starts to oxidize.

Otherwise, all the recommendations on how to choose the right decoration for all types of gold are universal, they act when buying absolutely any golden product.

  1. Do not hurry with the choice – Spend time to inspect the goods offered to you in detail. Make sure that it has a factory stamp confirming the high sample, make sure that there are no chips, scratches and other types of marriage on the surface.
  2. If you buy decoration with stones, Check that they were tightly fixed. If you buy chains, bracelet and earrings, look, whether they are well fastened, as cheap jewelry often have problems with locks.
  3. If you choose a thick chain or bracelet from the links, Be sure to make sure that all elements are performed qualitatively, have a smooth surface without any jar.

From the implementation of these elementary recommendations, it depends, how long will you serve your jewelry.

How to care for decorations?

Any gold jewelry over time loss their original shine – they are formed dark raid, they dump. Most often, such changes occur when contact with cosmetic and perfumes, chemicals and water. To avoid unpleasant consequences, All decorations made of precious metals are recommended to rent at home, and regular care for them should include compulsory wiping their flannel wipe after removal.

It is strictly forbidden to clean gold with abrasive means, And also use hard and sharp sponges, since such manipulations lead to damage to the surface of the noble metal. Can be careful for gold Take advantage of special pastes, which are sold in jewelry boutiques – the means easily cope with all types of pollution and return the decorations lost shade. The most popular leaving is considered The composition of “Alladin” based on ammonia.

Slightly different care for white gold. In order to return the decorations a nice shimmer shine, you can use the following recipe. In a small container pour distilled water. Pay attention to the fact that tap water is not suitable because it contains chlorine. Several drops of detergent for dishes are added to the water, dissolve and immerse the decoration about a quarter of an hour. After that, sweeten the golden product with casicia from soda, rinse and wipe dry.

If the decoration made of white gold is not inlaid by stones, then it can be simply shirted a little in the water, after preserving in a bag of soft tissue.

The following video presents additional information about the existing variety of gold colors.

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