All about 925 sample

All about 925 sample

Jewelry do not lose their relevance for many centuries. Nowadays, these are not just spectacular and stylish accessories, but also quite good objects for cash investment – gold, as well as platinum and silver over time only grown in price.

In stores often you can see cutlery and sample decorations 925, Some believe that it is nothing but white gold. Find out if it is.

What is this metal?

In accordance with the approved state standards of 925, the sample refers exclusively to products from Argentum, including gold-plated. Gold with such stimples in nature.

Officially recognized samples for the yellow dragmetal adopted 375, 500, 585, 750, as well as 95 and 999. Silver things may indicate such stamps – 800, 830, 875, 960, 999. Despite this, in jewelry boutiques, you can often meet the samples with numbers 926, 923, 929, as well as 952 – none of them belongs to the official.

Some people are believed that under the numbers S928 white gold is hidden. In practice, it is not at all like that – such decorations are made of silver covered with a layer of rhodium. Such a combination gives decorations specific flicker and prevents their oxidation. Even a very experienced jeweler sometimes it is difficult to immediately determine which alloy before him.

Marking 925 means that the product is 92.5% consists of precious metallol and 7.5% are impurities. Ready decorations are characterized by exceptional elegance and beauty, and in addition, high quality.

Many jewelers successfully use a combination of two metals, creating truly unusual and original decorations.

Characteristics of trial


At the very beginning of the last century, when developing an argentum of 925 samples, nickel impurities were added or manganese. But numerous studies held later showed that the addition of nickel is dangerous for people, and manganese does not give the desired decorative effect. After that, new experiments with the most different varieties of ligatures were held. Thus, such common metals as zinc, platinum, as well as germanium were used as additional components. The classic was recognized by the composition of Argentum 925 samples with copper. The fact is that various additives have a significant impact on the Kolero Argentum and its operational parameters. So, the alloy with copper and cadmium is not covered with a black flare, while with the introduction of any other metals, there are inevitably problems with a darkening of a silver surface. Over time, the main component for the preparation of the S925 alloy has become copper – This metal not only successfully solves problems with the color of products, but also represents a very economical additive. Moreover, with the addition of copper, the metal becomes durable, dense and reliably protected from any chips, scratches and other types of mechanical damage – this is especially true in the manufacture of decorations, coins and cutlery from alloy.


The Argentum 925 of the sample has undoubted advantages that are beneficial to distinguish it from other alloys:

  • Easy processing+
  • High plasticity thanks to which you can make the most complex elements+
  • Ability to cover finished products with gold.

The main technical and operational characteristics are directly determined by the properties of the silver. The density of this metal is 10.5 g / m3 – it is almost 2 times lower than the density of gold, several units below the lead density, but it is heavier than iron.

Argentum is characterized by the highest thermal conductivity in comparison with all other metals, while has unique electrical conductivity. TO

    The Argentum is rather low among other precious metals, the melting point is 961 grams, so that silver can be given the right shape by smelting.

    The main chemical characteristics include:

    • biological and chemical inertia – in its natural form it does not interact with any other substances+
    • Among other raw materials, Argentum is more predisposed to the reactions of precious metallol+
    • Argentum may be dissolved in nitric acid heated with sulfuric acid, and in addition, in mercury+
    • Unlike gold and platinum, it cannot dissolve in “royal vodka”.


    The marking of the Argentum S925 certainly includes the definition of “sterling” and the official icon, and the methods of its image directly depend on the manufacturer’s state.

    When stamping sterling silver, one of the following words are used:

    • Sterling+
    • Ster+
    • Sterling Silver+
    • 925.


    The history of silver S925 takes the beginning in the middle of the XII in. Exactly then In the UK, a silver coin was introduced into the money circulation, called Sterling. For money from such a metal, it was possible to purchase decorations, valuable household items and many other luxury attributes. 240 coins from this metal weighed as much as 1 foot – if such a number of metal had a smaller weight, it gave all the grounds to believe that Sterling is a fake. Times go, but today, as before, it is this alloy that is considered one of the best for the release of coins.

    However, on this sphere of its use do not end. Metal of this quality is used everywhere to create bracelets and many other jewelry. It makes items for interior decor, as well as dishes, other cutlery, cufflinks.

    Unfortunately, such widespread use of silver led to the appearance of a large number of fakes. However, see the deception is quite simple. The first guidelines will cost. Products made of noble metal will not cost cheap – the price will be much higher than similar, made from the sample alloy 585. Therefore, when the seller gives you the goods at a low price, then most likely, in front of you the usual low-quality product. The ultimate cost of finished jewelry products is based on a large number of factors, in the first of all it is the work of the Master itself. If the alloy is acquired abroad, then the final price includes import costs, as well as taxes and the required seller’s profit. As a result, ready-made decorations will cost a lot. And if moreover, they are produced under a certain promoted brand – it will have its impact on the price increase.

    For cheap crafts, the following features are characterized:

    • Fast appearance of black or dark gray plaque+
    • Pottack.

    Sometimes no noble metals are issued for Argentum. Keep in mind: in this case, it is not necessary to rely solely on your external assessment.

      The latest techniques allow to form a spraying of the highest class, so that the decorations from different metals are practically not distinguished from each other, so the only method of verification in this case will be the application of special reagents that are available in any pawnshop or jewelry workshop.

      If you acquire a product from 925 samples with hands and can’t contact the services of professionals, then You can use multiple express tests, which can be performed using affordable programs.

      • You can distinguish the present silver from the fake using conventional sulfur ointment, which is sold in each pharmacy. The composition is applied to the products the finest layer and leave for a couple of hours. If the decoration acquires a dark color, then with a large probability in front of you real silver.
      • Another effective method of checking is associated with the use of a magnet. Genuine Argentum is never magnetized and, accordingly, does not attract.

      It also happens that the S925 Survery Alloy is issued for white gold. This case also has several recommendations.

      • As you know, the Argentum is characterized by sensitivity to iodine and some other acids, because their use makes it possible to establish the quality of the alloy. To do this, the decoration offered to you should apply a thin iodine. In gold, she will not be able to absorb and will not be able to damage the type of product, but when it is contact with a silver object, a chemical reaction will begin – its surface will acquire a brown tint.
      • Another experiment involves the use of vinegar. In a cup of ordinary water dissolve a couple of spoons of the specified composition and decorate decorations in this solution. If they are made of real gold, the color does not change, since this noble metal does not react with acids.

      If the liquid is muttered and becomes gray, it means you are offered a replica – your product is made from Argentum.

      Features of care

      Silver care rules are largely due to the specifics of those factors that can have a negative impact on this precious metal. So, The blackening of the Argentum may be called:

      • high air humidity+
      • placement of products near preparations containing sulfur+
      • Under a nasty toe – deterioration of the health status of the product owner or intensive physical exertion+
      • Frequent contact with perfume and cosmetic products.

        We give the basic rules for the care of silver jewelry.

        • To clean the decorations from this alloy, in no case is not recommended to use abrasive products and rigid brushes.
        • Regular care for products involves their soaking in the soap solution, further rinsing, removal of excess water and a thorough polishing of a suede napkin.
        • For correct maintenance of the metal, the optimal option will be the use of specially created for this preparations.

        S925 samp silver care has its subtleties.

        • First, care for similar things is desirable using a special composition – Zilbertaushbaster. Nowadays, a lot of different alternatives are presented on sale, but it is precisely the most productive.
        • Secondly, to purify the silver of the sample under consideration, it is not allowed to use a lemon juice nor the acid based on it, which are often used to perform a metal cleaning of lower samples.
        • But 925 Silver is clean with ammonia-based funds. To do this, the ammonia alcohol is added to the water at the rate of 1 ml of a substance on 10 ml of water, then silver things are loaded into the resulting composition for 30-40 minutes, removed, washed thoroughly under the flowing cool water and wipe the soft cloth.

        About what is 925 sample, look in the following video.

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