All about blue adventurine

All about blue adventurine

Blue Aventurine – Quartz relative. This flickering stone is inherent in therapeutic and magical properties. In nature, there are not so many of this breed, so synthetic fakes are increasingly. Consider the blue adventurine and its properties in more detail.


Avenant in Italian means “adventure”. It is not surprising that this twinkling breed was so called. There was a stone as a result of mixing a clay breed with sand. For many years, such a process forms seals into which pieces of hematite and mica periodically turn on.

These inclusions form a stunning inner flicker, which in the blue version of the stone looks like a star summer night. From here and went the folk name of the stone “Night in Cairo”.

Mystical properties

On popular beliefs stone is suitable for gambling people. He can become for them Lucky Talisman. The breed attracts financial success, but in love affairs it helps perfectly. After all, love is also a kind of game where the victory depends on the will of the case. At the random configuration of the circumstances in your favor and will affect the dark blue adanturin. This stone is especially suitable for girls who do not have to meet their beautiful prince.

It is believed that the avanturine favors rapid conception. Many women unsuccessfully treated from infertility, bought adventurin and pregnant. Harm this way will not bring exactly, so there is no treatment with treatment, it is not forbidden to buy a couple of beautiful jewelry with adventurine for the future mother.

An interesting fact is that on popular beliefs Avenant is able to grow little genius from the child. This stone is displaced for babies and only contributes to the disclosure of their internal potential.

As well as this stone helps to establish relationships with others and gives a positive charge of travelers. When acquiring such an amulet is very important not to lose it. Random loss of stone can lead to long vital troubles.

If we consider this stone in combination with the star influence, it will fit the best to the calves and devans, but it is better to stay from hairstyles and archers. The rest of the signs can wear decorations from this stone without fears, but not to impose special hopes on his magic.

The stone has a property to choose the negative energy of the host. Therefore, periodically, about once a month, it must be washed in running water to get rid of the clusters of the negative. To recharge and filling the magical power of Aventurine is worth showing the light of a growing moon.

It is recommended not to wear a blue stone in the summer and in the spring, since in these seasons he should relax and gain its medicinal energy. Do not wear it more than five days without a break, otherwise the adventurin can drown out by the vitality of the owner.

Medical quality

Many people are confident that the stones will help in curable ailments and diseases, and are convinced of this in practice. There are no scientifically based theories of this magical influence, but no one forbids trusting the wisdom of ancestors. Avanturine color indigo, indeed, can improve health, even because of the placebo effect.

Avenant has many medical properties. It is believed that it helps to improve the work of nervous and cardiovascular systems, and also accelerates hair growth.

In addition, an Aventurine bracelet helps reduce high blood pressure.

Diseases of the respiratory organs gradually release a person if he wears a necklace from a blue adanturin on his chest. Even the thyroid gland normalizes the work if wearing a ring with this stone with a sneous finger.

There is an interesting way to combat insomnia with the help of Aventurin. For strong healthy sleep and light falling asleep stone is sewn into the mattress at the head of the bed. Such a trick will help to calm the nerves and relax well to people with increased excitability.

Large stones are heated and used in massage practice. The beneficial heat in aggregate with a strong positive energy of the stone strengthens the effect of impact on the muscles and the nerve endings of our body.

In case of treatment with the help of aventure, it is important to remember that the closer the stone is to a problem place, the stronger its beneficial effects will be. Therefore, necklaces and beads are preferable for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the throat, light, thyroid gland + earrings will improve vision, blood circulation in the brain, hair growth and eyelashes. Bracelets and rings will reduce pressure, get rid of joint pain, improve the condition of the skin of the hands.

It also happens that the Avenant is not suitable for a certain person. With sock, this person will feel the common fatigue, ailments and other problems. If such symptoms appeared, the decoration should be removed and not to wear so as not to aggravate the situation.

How to distinguish natural stone from fake?

Since in nature Aventurine is not too much, they began to produce its synthetic analogues. On beauty they are not at all inferior to natural, but therapeutic and magical properties they naturally have no.

The most famous fakes Avanturin is a synthetic stone “Cairo Night”, as well as the Venetian glass “Murano”, which is done with the addition of soda and dyes.

There are several ways to distinguish fake.

  1. On brilliance. The real stone is slightly shining. He has a noble gleam that comes mainly from the inside. If the product is strong and brightly shine, shifting with all the colors of the rainbow, then the likelihood that this is a fake, very high.
  2. By overflow. Natural Avanturine has iris on the surface, but the fake does not boast such a decorative property.
  3. For homogeneity and color saturation. Natural stone is characterized by a non-lass, muted shade of blue. In addition, the color is uneven due to its natural origin. Synthetic analogue is often painted in a homogeneous bright blue color.
  4. By structure. In this adventurine, it is easy to see small cracks and cunningness. Artificial stones are completely homogeneous and smooth.
  5. By glow. Natural stone has an interesting feature of glowing in the dark. From the synthetic analogue of such magic to expect not worth.
  6. By durability. Artificial stone is easy to scratch, but the mineral is very strong both in a conventional sock and random blows.

How to care for decorations?

To avanturin not lost its decorative qualities and pleased the eyes of the hosts for a long time, for decorations with this stone you need to carefully care. It should be remembered that storing the avanturine is in some way soft: bags for jewelry, caskets, upholstered velvet. This will allow him to not receive additional blowers, which is quite possible with inaccurate storage.

Pollution on jewelry with this stone need to be cleaned without the use of chemical.

Simple soap solution, soft toothbrush and thorough rinsing – the only possible means of cleaning Aventurine.

Energetically, this stone is friends with many fellow, but does not complain about the neighborhood of diamonds and other transparent stones. Therefore, it is better to highlight these minerals different storage locations, otherwise the adanturine can even take revenge.

If you come up with the mind to a sock of such a gem, like a blue adanturin, then it will help to become more restrained, balanced, and even to be the health of its owner. In addition to these important properties, the adventurine is also very beautiful in the frame of silver or gold, and it will suit both brunettes and blondes due to their wonderful deep color.

On the features and special properties of the stone, see further.

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