All about blue gold

All about blue gold

In the jewelry area, a wide selection of colored gold jewes are offered. This metal is considered one of the most expensive and in great demand. Blue gold causes interest among consumers, because it looks unusual, has its own characteristics. However, it is necessary to take care of the products from the precametal, following several rules.

What it is?

Blue gold can be called a real exotic, because only its appearance causes a lot of issues, one of which is whether it is so valuable. Specialists argue that this is real gold, which is connected to India. It has a silver color, it is a soft metal, which when connecting with gold gives him a different shade.

Blue gold is often used as a decorative element in jewelry and is often combined with a white or yellow precious machine. In some cases used gallium, This metal also allows you to get a material of such a gentle color. The amount of gold reaches 58.5%.

This type of metal is not so fragile, but in the case it must be processed neatly.

His story is blue and blue gold start in ancient times. One day an Argentine master made a product from a precious metallol that had an unusual color. He opened the chemical composition later, but did not specify the percentage of metals that were used in the manufacture. To this day, experts are trying to unravel this mystery.

The production of blue and blue gold has its subtleties that only qualified specialists know about.

Advantages and disadvantages

Blue gold deserved its popularity due to an unusual color, as it looks original. This is the main advantage of the precious metallol, besides the fact that it is quite rare, so holders can be proud of the opportunity to have such a product.

However, there are some flaws. This material is fragile, Therefore, while working with it, it is necessary to respect special caution in order not to disturb the integrity. Masters are familiar with how difficult it is to produce products from blue and blue gold.

As for the quality of the material to Save integrity, you need to carefully care, And then the presentable appearance will remain the same. It is also amenable to mechanical damage, so it should be carefully.

Such gold is not amenable to stretching, so there are restrictions in the production of products of different forms.


The precious alloy with such unusual color is obtained in the process of metals synthesis. Specialists solder details from blue raw materials to the surface. To give a gold a certain shade, it is necessary to comply with the proportions. You can produce material using modern technologies, so To date, experts produce a metal blue or blue shade in large quantities.

The noble qualities of the precious metallol at the same time are not lost, which is the advantage.

Methods for creating raw materials for products by many masters are kept secret. But there are general principles for which work is performed. To get colored gold, you need to subjected metal high temperatures at a large pressure. Tint can be obtained by fusion or coating.

The first method enjoys the greatest demand, since due to it the material turns out to be stronger. The basis is a chemical compound that increases the efficiency of the metal and makes it a holistic.

Color saturation directly depends on how third-party component is added to the gold.


Blue jewelry consists of 46% pure gold, which is connected from 54% India. However, this is not the only way to obtain an unusual material. There is an alloy with gallium, thanks to which gold becomes blue. Specialists are familiar with different recipes for the manufacture of intermetallide, but technology is not disclosed.


Blue products that are obtained due to a gold connection with gallium are offered in 585 sample.

A pale bluish tint attracts the attention of buyers with its unusualness. But the alloy is quite fragile. Sample decorations 750 are in great demand, where 750 parts of the metal, platinum 25, 220 steel, and only 5 iridium. Due to this composition, decorative elements are more durable. Gold, connected with chrome, also has a blue tint and sample 750.

Using blue gold

Thanks to the original colors Metal attracts attention to masters of jewelry. But the alloy for the alloy is bad, so exclusive experts are taken for such a subtle work, and the products themselves are not so easy to find on the market. The fragility of the material allows you to use it only as finishes or small decor elements in precious accessories or decorations. Blue gold is indeed considered very rare, so the products from it are quite expensive. Products from this type of metal looks luxurious, elegant and original, so it causes increased interest in lovers of beautiful.

Criterias of choice

Choose a jewelry from blue gold need carefully. Therefore, it follows to start studying a few simple rules that will protect against the purchase of fake.

  1. Such decorations are offered not in every store, because the material is expensive and rare. To make sure the authenticity of the product is important to know the metal sample. To do this, it is better to use the magnifying glass, as the stamp is often small. Writing should be clear so that the numbers and letters can be considered.
  2. The manufacturer’s trademark is indicated on the inside of the product, be it clock, ring, earrings or other decorations. To make sure that it is blue gold, you can bring a magnet.
  3. The best way to determine the quality of the alloy is an electronic detector, which can evaluate the electrical conductivity of the metal. Folk ways in checking the authenticity of blue gold is better not to experience, as it is possible to damage the material.

Recommendations for care

It is necessary to care for the product from blue or blue gold as well as decorations from other precious metals. However, it is necessary to abide by caution in order not to damage the upper layer of products.

If there are contamination on the surface, it is enough to remove them with soap solution. Then the product dry wipes and is slightly polished with a soft cloth.

Store followed from stones and things that can scratch the surface.

    The cost of products from color gold is high, since the manufacturing process is very complex. Not all jewelry companies can offer products from such a material, since the production itself requires high professionalism and scrupulsiness. The average cost of one gram of metal can be 10 thousand rubles, and this is an impressive figure. Products made of rare species of material always enjoyed in great demand, and blue gold is not an exception.

    Any decoration made of gold requires special care – all recommendations in the video below.

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