All about cut Couch

All about cut Couch

Precious stones always attracted their beauty and extravagance. However, in addition to natural data, the cut mineral is of great importance. It is she who gives the unique beauty and a dazzling brilliance to stones. Proper compliance with forms and proportions allows for striking results. Each type of stones processing has its own characteristics. Today we will talk about one of them – Couch Couch.

Specificity cut

This variety of grinding is distinguished by softened forms. Kushon is a quadrangle stone, whose edges are rounded. When viewed above it looks like a bulk pad.

This type of treatment is characterized by wide edges, and the convex parties provide the perfect game of light.

Stone cuts Kushon is very demanding of purity. Whether it is a diamond or any other gem, the slightest pollution will noticeably on it and will affect the appearance and brilliance. It is also noticed that neither daylight nor during lamp lighting the stone will not shine as in the candlelight.

Modern jewelers often use cut Couch for fantasy colors. It transmits all the optical properties of minerals, demonstrating their advantages and hiding possible disadvantages.

Skillful and correct processing allows the stone not only profitable to give his native color, but also acquire new shades.

History of appearance

Stone processing Technique Kushon takes its beginning from the XVII century. Directly on diamond mines where future jewels were mined, and workshops. Here minerals acquired shape and shine. A little later, it was taken to grab stones table. Like all new, Such a processing method was of great popularity, but over time it turned out that it is impracticious.

It was then, in the baroque era, the jewelers masters came to mind somewhat modify the shape of crystals, smoothing the corners. But in general, nothing revolutionary was not.

Therefore, the cut Kushon was originally called “old spear”. The first diamonds of Kushon were mined and cut in the diamond mines of Brazil.

Then South Africa came to the market, and Brazilian mines began to call “old”.

When processing, the diamond acquired a number of advantages:

  • No risk of chip corners+
  • Volumetric appearance+
  • Increased light prospects+
  • Minimum weight loss.

    In the 4th century Europe was the main consumer of jewelry and precious stones around the world. So masters had to learn how to handle minerals. London, Paris, Antwerp and other cities became leaders for the development of jewelry. Couch Couch rapidly gained popularity.


    It is noted that every way of the storage looks differently on different minerals. One stones are more suitable oval or perfectly round shape, another – pear or heart. Kushon – no exception.

    Consider several stones to which such a cut is most suitable.

    • Tanzanit – Pretty rare purple mineral. Named after the country in which it was discovered. This, by the way, is the only place on the planet, where it is mined. The color scheme varies from a light purple shade to a saturated dark tone, sometimes an admixture of pink or red may be present.
    • Stones Swarovski. They also look perfectly in Couch cut. This type of treatment maximizes the shade and gloss of crystals.
    • Sapphire. Pink, blue and even yellow color looks great in a rounded square form. The cut adds the sapphire of transparency and saturation of the shade.
    • Diamond. This stone attracts attention to any design. Diamonds Kushon enjoy great popularity and demand.

    Special jewelry and width of the faces create a feeling of the uniqueness of each product with Kushon Stone.


    Couch cut is now so popular that several subspecies of this grinding were developed. Their essential differences are the form and variations of the faces, but only a specialist can distinguish them. There are the following types of cushions.

    • Diamond. Has a more rounded form.
    • Diamond modified. No clear requirements for parameters. The emphasis is placed on the maximum storage of stone.
    • Diamond modified with rounded edges.
    • Old mine. Reminds the minerals of ancient cut, which are characterized by a high crown, a small platform and a rather deep pavilion.

    Sometimes the technology of processing stones with rounded angles call “Antik”. This is because this method is considered the most old, one can say antique.

    Famous precious stones

    There are a lot of world famous minerals filled with cushion. Among their representatives are the following diamonds.

    • “KULIAN ІІ”. It is considered the largest stone of its kind and adorns the crown Elizabeth II. Total “Kullyanov” nine, names differ only by Roman digit and weight and are located in order of its decrease.

    • “Golden Anniversary” – Golden color stone. In 1997 he was presented to the King of Thailand and to this day is located at the Royal Museum of Bangkok.

    • “Brilliant Tiffany” – Famous Kushon Amber-Honey Tint, Pride and Tiffany Trademark Logo.

    • “Diamond Resent”. Has its mysterious legend and is currently stored in the Louvre.

    • “Blue Moon”. Fantastic beauty stone rare shade, was sold at auction.

    Famous sapphires are also not inferior to diamonds in the sizes or in beauty. Among them are stones such as the “Blue Giant East”, “Logan”, “Blue Beauty Asia” and many others. Each of them has its own interesting and unique story.

    Brazilian citrine cut Couch presented in video.

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