All about gold-plated silver

All about gold-plated silver

It’s not a secret to anyone that it is gold jewelry that takes the greatest popularity and demand. They today, as before, remain indicator of status and financial independence. But, unfortunately, the high cost of products from such precious metal does not allow to buy them to everyone.

It is good that today there is an alternative – Gold plated products. This technology coverage has been developed for a long time, and from the moment of its introduction, demand appeared. It is about gold-plated silver and will be discussed in this article. We will define the advantages and disadvantages of such products, features and rules of care.


For the manufacture of gold-plated products use two metal – gold 999, 750, 585 samples and silver 925 samples. Not only the appearance of the product directly depends on this, but also its properties.

Technology is quite simple. To start Produce from silver, and after it is a thin layer of gold is applied by coating, from 2 to 15 μm. The ready-made product is necessarily applied to the sample of silver, which is the basis.

Gold plated products are characterized by such properties:

  • strength+
  • wear resistance+
  • Corrosive+
  • Long service life.

    Each of the above parameters is inherent in only those products for the manufacture of high test metals. The higher the quality indicator of each of the metals, the better the quality of the finished product.

    Pros and cons

    Every potential consumer before buying a product necessarily estimates all it Benefits and limitations. Many may cause doubts for many, so let’s talk in detail about the pros and cons of such products.

    Their benefits include the following factors:

    • almost impossible to distinguish from gold+
    • gilding, with proper care and operation, keeps long enough+
    • Price availability – the cost of gold-plated products is much lower than from the precious metal+
    • Excellent appearance+
    • does not cause allergic reactions+
    • ease – due to the composition of the decoration not heavy, easy and conveniently worn+
    • Possess excellent properties+
    • Amenable to reconstruction – if the coating sees, it can be re-covered with a layer of gilding by choosing any color+
    • On the product you can make engraving.

    No matter how much benefits, shortcomings also take place. And speaking of minuses, it is worth noting the following.

    1. Gold-plated ornaments need to be properly worn and constantly monitor their condition. The thing is that over time they are erased, the gold layer is delivering.
    2. Products have a distinctive shine that is not peculiar to decorations made of precious metal. This parameter helps to distinguish gilding from real gold.
    3. Such jewelry or, for example, dishes, need special care.
    4. Since the gilding today is in the trend, and such products often buy, there were those who decided to earn not too honestly. In the modern market there are quite a lot of fakes that a person who does not understand the precious metals is hard to distinguish from the original.

    As you can see, pluses, like a lot of minuses. And after the familiarization with them, each consumer decides for itself, whether to buy gold-plated products.

    Given the relevance of the topic with fakes, we want to give a few useful tips, how distinguish “Fake” from gilding. So, the fake is characterized by:

    • uneven color+
    • Magnet Contact+
    • The presence of defects on the product.

    There are also several ways to determine the fake at home.

    1. Use a special set of reagents.
    2. If you drop on a gold-plated product with a drop of alcohol, and it will darken, then you are dealing with fake.
    3. Mechanical damage – you can slightly scratch the layer of gilding. If small particles appear at the injury site, it is a gilding.

    If you already have a gold-plated silver decoration, you can apply one of the above methods to make sure that it is valid.

    How to care?

    Already repeatedly in the article we mentioned what kind of products need to be careful. This is a very important aspect of the operation of the product, it depends on it, how long the decoration will keep its original appearance.

    First of all, it is necessary to determine the reasons that can contribute to the darkening or erasing of the gilding layer:

    • Action of aggressive substances – these can be hygiene products, cosmetic drugs+
    • Wrong care+
    • Continuous friction on each other or any other surface+
    • Frequent water contact.

    Specialists recommend, before taking water treatments or go to bed, be sure to remove decorations.

    It is also desirable to store them in a separate special box to reduce the possibility of friction.

    Correct care and wearing gilded decorations will give the opportunity to save their color and shine. But in the event that still the decoration was darkened, and over time it is not avoided, you should not despair. There are several effective methods that will help clean the products from black at home quickly and efficiently.

    Method number 1

    For cleaning need ethanol. Even if it is not, it is not a problem – it can be bought in any pharmacy. Ethyl alcohol is an excellent solvent that can cope with any type of pollution, dust, fat or stains. All you need is to moisten with alcohol suede napkin and rub it product.

    Method number 2

    This method is even easier, as it will take what is in any house, – vinegar. First you need to prepare a solution: the vinegar itself is a fairly concentrated product, and it is necessary to drain it with water. On 1 liter of water you need to take about 30 ml of 9% vinegar. The finished solution should be placed the gold-plated product for 20-25 minutes. After just rinse with water.

    There are also several methods that will help to return the product for the previous shine and beauty.

    1. Make a solution that makes egg yolk and jelly water. The last one can be prepared at home. To do this, in water, according to the instructions, you need to dissolve the Tablets “Zhavel Absolut”, which are sold in the pharmacy. In 15 ml of jelly water added 1 yolk. Everything is well mixed. The resulting composition needs to grasp the gold-plated silver.
    2. Place the gold-plated product for 30 minutes in a beer container. After the expiration of the allotted time, wipe well with a soft cloth.

    In case the gold-plated silver green, you can apply soap solution and ammonia alcohol for cleaning: 1 liter of warm water you need to take 15 ml of detergent and 6 drops of alcohol. For 30 minutes the product is immersed in the prepared solution.

    Where applies?

    Gilding, as one of the jewelry techniques, has been widely used. Today, gold-plated silver uses:

    • In jewelry for the manufacture of chains, bracelets, pendants, earrings and other products+
    • In art+
    • When designing interior parts+
    • in the automotive industry+
    • in dentistry.

    Most often, gold-plated silver is used specifically for the manufacture of jewelry, often with stones, and cutlery. Probably, everyone can at home find gold-plated crystal glasses or glasses, such were very popular for several decades ago.

    How to check the gilded silver on originality See in the video.

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