All about lemon gold

All about lemon gold

Surely not everyone knows what lemon gold is. Let’s figure out which impurities are used in such an alloy which it can be sample. And the recommendations for the choice and care will help for many years not to worry that the favorite decoration will sweep.

What it is?

Lemon Gold initially acquired its popularity in Europe and the USA. On the territory of Russia and the CIS previously appreciated the decorations with a red tint. Now the gold of noble yellow tone is becoming increasingly popular and with us.

Such an alloy is a high-quality product that combines beauty and nobility.

Gold lemon shade got the name of the electro. In the production of jewelry, an alloy is used, which is obtained by industrial. Lemon gold has virtually the same characteristics as the traditional alloy. Metal is resistant to oxidation, plastic and well prepared.

This alloy is used in the jewelry industry. Production of such gold does not have any restrictions. It is pretty solid, which allows producing precious decorations from it intended for everyday socks. Products from this material also make and very unusual, for special occasions.

Earrings, rings and pendants Externally look like yellow gold products, their color on a couple of shades lighter. As a ligature, the composition of lemon gold includes copper and silver, their ratio in the final alloy is almost the same.

Thanks to these metals, gold gets its light shade.


Clean gold jewelry in stores are not sold. In each alloy, gold is combined with other metals. This is done in order for gold to be practical, did not lose the form and remained durable. To determine the proportion of pure gold in the acquisition of the decoration on its inside, it is a print stamp, it is called a breakdown. Sometimes percentage of samples may be indicated on the decoration.

Lemon Gold has several shades. This affects the amount and percentage of impurities that are part of the product. In the solid jewelry salon, provide information about the alloy, its characteristics and sample, which allows you to make sure the authenticity of the product.

  • 375th sample. This alloy is considered the lowest and least purchased on the Russian market. The appearance of jewelry made from metal of this sample, compared to others seems more dull. Such a feeling is created because this gold has the smallest percentage of precious metallol in composition – 37.5%.

  • 585th sample most in demand. Alloy, in which 58.5% gold, and the remaining metals are 41.5%. Depending on the number and view of the added metals, gold gets different shades. Lemon Gold reaches its light color thanks to the greater presence of silver, it suppresses the red color that appears from copper. In lemon alloy 58.5% gold, 29-30% silver and no more than 13% copper. Gold 585 samples will not fade over time, even if we carry it every day.

  • 750th Sample. This alloy of gold is considered the most prestigious and expensive. Many mistakenly believe that it is this test that is lemon gold. However, it is not. These two alloy have a similar appearance, but completely different composition. Jewelers argue that lemon gold does not have the 750 sample. Accessories are obtained by another shade.

Where used?

Original jewelry – a way to manifest individuality. Today, from this gold, you can actually find any decorations – ranging from earrings and chains, finishing with jacket crosses and cufflinks. Earrings and pendants from lemon gold will give their owner an even more feminine appearance and attract additional attention to it.

In Europe, the decorations of this material are considered a good gift, and wedding rings are very popular, as they are a symbol of sincere love to each other. Light yellow shade is associated with a source of life and heat.

Products from this material do not like “competition”, next to them, decorations from other metals look unesthetically.

Choosing a decoration yourself, it is worth remembering about it and acquire a set of earrings and chains with a pendant or take an independent decoration, such as a brooch or ring. Emphasize the elegance of jewelry will be able to use precious and semi-precious stones. The lemon metal is well combined with such of them:

  • ruby+
  • Diamond+
  • Emerald+
  • Garnet+
  • pearl+
  • topaz+
  • quartz+
  • chrysolite.

Their union is especially harmonious if the color gamma is correctly selected. Fianit and zircon are also used as an addition to decoration, but apply them with caution. Many allocate diamonds among stones, and it happens no longer. They perfectly complement lemon gold, and in such a combination it becomes even more sophisticated and elegant.

Speaking of fashion trends, stylists are not recommended to wear lemon gold to outfits of yellow and pink shades. Decorations from this metal will be well combined with images in red and black colors. Such accessories emphasize both office outfits and evening dresses.

Another advantage of jewelry is that they are equally well suited to both girls and ladies aged.

It is worth noting that as decoration lemon gold is best suited for a female half, and men’s products in the market.

Purchasing jewelry, do not want to make a mistake and instead of high-quality decoration get a fake. It is important to acquire gold in jewelry stores and prevent flaws on decoration. It is worth examining the tag on which such information is indicated:

  • Mass decoration+
  • try+
  • manufacturer+
  • Cost 1 gram.

Storage and Care Tips

Gold products are quite unpretentious, not subject to oxidation and do not require special care. But simple rules for their maintenance in careful form still should be observed. Thanks to them, the decoration longer will retain your shine and appearance. Clear gold from dust and small contaminants using soap or dishwashing liquid. In warm water, add a couple of drops of a cleaning solution and put a decoration in a glass for a couple of minutes. After that, gold needs to wipe the soft wipe dry.

If the decoration begins to lose its glitter, it must be gratened to grasp the soft cloth. Gold rings with time begin to lose their smoothness. To avoid it, in a glass with warm water it is necessary to dissolve one spoon of sugar and leave the decoration for the night. Rinse it in the morning and wipe dry. Due to this, the lost smoothness of the surface will be back.

In any jewelry workshop there is a professional machine that performs cleaning any jewelry. Also in jewelry stores sell special cleaning and polishing fluids. Independently choose aggressive chemicals for cleaning can not. Otherwise, you can damage the product to such a state that it cannot be restored.

Store products are necessary in dark and dry places, it is desirable to avoid contact with other decorations.

Many decorations are sold in special cases or boxes, which are not only beautiful gift wrapping, but also an ideal storage location.

Despite the fact that gold durable material and it is difficult to drive or break it, treat it still worth neatly, not to throw and not drop. To extend the life of gold jewelry, it is worth shooting them before cleaning, visiting the pool, gym, saunas and baths. This is necessary in order to avoid interaction with aggressive substances that can subsequently cause oxidation.

Lemon Gold Rings Overview See in the video below.

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