All about Morgani

All about Morgani

The gemstone of pink color relatively recently began to master the domestic jewelers. And in America, it has a great popularity – the ring with this stone is considered engaged, brings happiness and love pair. Buddhist monks called pink peasus talisman giving enlightenment. We are talking about blinking, however, the mineral has several other names.

A bit of history

Morganite is a semi-precious stone, which was first discovered and described in 1910. I wonder what the stone is open for quite a long time, but the precious class was recently attributed to.

By his name, which appeared in 1911, he owes American Morgana, the first philanthropus, banker. They say that this most Morgan, along with the family, was supposed to go to the world cruise. Tickets were purchased to the most powerful and modern at that time the Liner “Titanic”. At the last moment, the banker decided to cancel the trip. And when he was asked that it was the cause of refusal, pounded his finger on a pink stone, decorated his fireplace.

In addition, Morgan often spoke that wealth can be obtained thanks to the experience, grip and prosperous coincidence of circumstances. According to the rich, and without a good astrologer in this matter can not do. Morgan was known as a person who regularly consulted with his astrologer is various cards and so on.

Another name of Morganita – Sparrows (given a stone in 1909). His stone received by the name of a scientist who first discovered this Beryl in the Urals. Scientist named Vorobiev Viktor Ivanovich.

Finally, the stone has a third name – amethyst-balsatin, which is due to the external similarity with the amethyst. The existing titles of scientists seemed a little, and at the beginning of the 20th century another was proposed – pink emerald. Because of the suburban and pathoity of the sound, it did not fit, although in terms of hemology it most accurately characterizes this mineral.


Morganite is a mineral of a pink-purple palette – from gently pink to violet, sometimes brownish. Adoms are considered yellow and peach colors. By the way, sparrow peach color – a real rarity. In its cost he surpasses even a diamond.

Refers to the group of beryls minerals, and hence it has characteristic signs for them. The Mineral Palette is explained by the presence of manganese, lithium, iron and cesium impurities. Density indicators vary in the range of 2.6-2.9 g / cube. cm, the hardness on the Moos scale is 7.5-8 units.

However, Sparobyevit has and uncharacteristic for other berylov characteristics. It differs in the form of the prism, the permissibility of varying degrees of transparency of various faces. In the form of the morganitis, we compare with the imperial topaz, but the latter differs from the fact that it is precious. However, there is a synthetic analogue – sitalle morganite, which is nothing more than an artificially grown by nanocrystal.

Despite the high firmness rates, sparrow fragile. All jewelry with this stone have a natural hue, the stone is not subject to changing pigmentation. This, by the way, is partly due to the fragility of the mineral.

Morganite has a rich color palette, which begins with a light pink (the predominance of manganese) and reaches dark red, purple (in this case, the stone in large quantities contains cesium). In addition, there are quartz.

Pink Emerald – Radioactive Stone. Do not be threatened only the weak-colored small particles. If we talk about the level of radiation in large with a pronounced color stones, then it exceeds the permissible. In this regard, such morganes are not allowed to store and process people in locations, and during transportation certain requirements must be observed (closed lead packaging, warning sign).

However, if you buy a jewelry with such a stone, you do not need to fear. Only stones safe from the point of view of radioactive radiation.

If you direct the light beam on it, then the stone will be or completely transparent (transparent light) or a little cloud. Mineral has an uneven and sink fracture. Before the jewelry processing, the mineral looks very non-primable. It has noticeable scuffs and roughness. The form is a polyhedron consisting of long prisms with parallel edges. With a large number of prisms, the stone may seem brown.

In the structure of Morganite, there may be inclusions – bubbles of gases, liquids. Such a mineral will be opaque and have a lower cost than a transparent analog. In addition, sparrow without such inclusions is easier than the cut, for which the jewelers are appreciated above.

Sparrow Department call Utah in USA, California, Madagascar, Brazil. It is here that the largest and flawless minerals are mined. In addition, mining is conducted in Afghanistan, China, Africa. There are no large fields in Russia, there are only single specimens of morganes in the territory of Transbaikalia, the Middle Urals. On the territory of the former CIS mining mines are available in Tajikistan.

Mineral is mined from magmatic rocks in the same way as Topaz, Berylla, Emeralds, Aquamarins.

Healing and Magic Properties

Like most berylles, Sparobyevit helps its owner to maintain the clarity of the mind, improve memory, relieve nervous fatigue. Provided that the morganitis is correctly selected, it has the properties of the talisman – that is, it reflects everything bad that goes on the owner from the outside. It is believed that pink emerald helps solve complex things – passing exams, complex conversations, tests.

In general, the mineral has a beneficial effect on intellectual processes and everything that “refers” to the head. It is worn with headaches, migranes, sleep disorders, deterioration of cognitive abilities. It is believed that in coldic diseases, Morganite saves from nasal congestion and throat pain.

The stone is called the mascot of emotional and spiritual harmony. This is a physical explanation – the stone contains a lithium mineral that is used as one of the components of antidepressants. It reduces anxiety, nervousness.

Morganit saves from pain in the lower back, even solar, heals with small pelvis diseases in women. For this woman should wear a belt with a pink mineral.

Due to the radioactivity of Sparrobyevit, it should not be worn on the neck, near the thyroid gland. Usually, decorations with a stone are worn on the fingers and wrists. However, even wearing them constantly and is not recommended for a long time.

Pink stone has a joyful, life-affirming energy, therefore recommended for wearing in “black” periods of life. He will raise the mood, improve and stabilizes the emotional background, will help to establish “weather in the house” and strengthen the marriage bonds.

According to the teachings of Buddhist monks, Sparobevit eliminates pathologies at all levels and is considered a stone of unearthly origin. It was often used for enlightenment, gain action of spiritual practices. Buddhists argued that the meaning of the hex shape of the stone is the projection of the universe, all magical knowledge of life on Earth has been concluded in stone.

Modern followers of Buddhist monks also with great revelations belong to Morganit. They continue to use a stone in meditations, to achieve enlightenment, search for their destination.

Sparobyevit will help preserve loyalty and respect of spouses, will strengthen the family hearth, will allow to awaken a passion in relationships. Due to the powerful energetic action of the stone, he was credited with the ability to heal a person from physical ailments at the mental level. In this case, the woman in a pair is advised to wear a pendant with morganite.

A bracelet with morganite will allow a man to become more self-confident, bring a significant position in society and success in financial and career matters.

Vorobievit is recommended for those who want to achieve their goals. It is also the stone of all students and learners. Finally, it helps to become more attentive and housekeeping.

Who suits?

Products made of pink mineral are recommended for single people – both women and men. Wearing a stone will allow them to find their love, attract the attention of the opposite sex. Morganite is considered a suitable talisman for people who start a business. Especially if it is related to art, education. The most effective for such people will be a silver ring with sparrow.

It helps to reveal the talents laid in man and strengthen existing. We carefully carry the sparrow teenagers – he will protect from the trouble and will allow to show more effort and interest in studying.

Most of the stone is suitable for weights. As a mascot can choose crayfish, fish, scorpions.

Ovans Pink Emerald will improve the work of the heart, the gastrointestinal organs, spine. He will literally breathe life into representatives of this sign, if a person feels fatigue, depression. Effective for diseases of female organs, cold. The stone of the light purple shade will allow making Aries more balanced and less quick-tempered, protects against aggression attacks.

For Tales, especially those born in May, the stone will become reliable mascots in love affairs. Will bring success and financial well-being.

Gemini stone also promises career assistance and personal life. In addition, he will help build relationships with people will improve the brain.

Cancer, first of all born on July 12-22, the stone will help to find love, and then protect a couple from evil eyes and languages, gossip, intrigue. Waiting for a wearing stone for people of science, intellectual activity.

Born under the sign of the lion This gem will bring confidence in himself, makes more attractive lions in the eyes of representatives of the opposite sex. The best option – sparrow peach color.

Women pink stone helps to find the purpose, becomes a talisman when making complex, vital decisions. He will help the sign representatives to become tolerant, will increase vital energy. It is not recommended to wear a blizzard in a gold frame, because gold as a whole is not too suited to the Devs.

Scales get from mineral energy action and courage for new undertakings.

For scorpions, a stone can become an ordinary decoration, but not a talisman – it will not show special magic and medical properties.

Sagittarov Pink mineral will inspire new acquaintances who have all the chances to turn into pleasant relationships and useful ties.

For Capricors, the pink stone becomes a talisman that helps in the implementation of desires. The main condition at the same time – correctly and to formulate them.

Aquarius will feel the tide of strength, increasing intellectual activity. Best Form – Sleepy Pink Sparrow. The rocks are also recommended – will help in the affairs of family, as well as become more open and less touchy.

How to distinguish from fake?

The higher the cost of the jewel, the higher the chance of “jumping” to the fake. Since the average cost of Morganite reaches up to 150-200 euros per carat, then they fake it quite often. As a copy, the fianit, spinel, kangcite usually take. If you know the cost of the latter, it becomes especially hurt – how much is overpaying the buyer in case of deception.

Unfortunately, reliable information about the originality of the stone will only give a comprehensive laboratory study.

One of them comes down to the direction on the sparrow radiation rays – the stone immediately becomes saturated-red. When heated, the original, on the contrary, will lose its color and turn into a transparent.

If you lower the original into the solution of bromoorm, it will remain swimming on the surface. This is due to the smaller density of the mineral in comparison with bromophorm. Imitation with the same check will go to the bottom.

If you look at the fake under the microscope, you can see inside the blooming stone. They appeared as a result of the use of gases. The original Morganite will also have similar education, but it is impossible to consider them through the Lupu. Only under the microscope.

Like most stones (with the exception of pearls and amber) friganite cold. If you attach it to the neck, it will still remain for a long time. The fake is quickly heated from human heat.

How to care?

Sparrow requires simple, but regular care. Once a month, it is washed under the jet of warm water. If the cut stone contaminated, it is washed with soap, using a cotton wand for convenience. It does not take place easy, without excess push, clean the stone with a soft toothbrush. If there are fat stains on its surface, you can resort to the cleaning of gasoline.

After washing, the morgane is wiped with a soft cloth, polished and peels in the open surface.

To purify the energy of the morganite, it should be put in the neighborhood with a mountain crystal for the whole night. This will allow you to “reset” Sparobyevit.

Store products with mineral Recommended in a box or a special case, protecting from direct UV rays. It is important to remember that for different stones you need to have different covers, because each mineral has its own energy.

Beautiful examples

Most often sparrows combined with precious metals. It is excellent in a rim of yellow and white gold.

Spectacular products are obtained when combined with sapphire morganite, pearls, turquoise, lazurite, onyx, amethyst.

It looks spectacularly sparrow, framed by white gold in the neighborhood with diamonds. The latter emphasize and enhance the pink shades of the mineral and its radiance.

No less harmonious turns tandem sparrobyevit and emerald. True, it is better to choose yellow gold as a rim.

In most cases, in jewelry decorations, sparrobyevitams give up soft streamlined forms of oval and semi-guns. This is due to the peculiarities of the form of the mineral, its radiance, tint. As a rule, these decorations – rings, earrings made in the style of natural motives.

In addition, the Morganite is used in cocktail rings with a large stone framed by gold or silver.

For the properties of Morganita, see the following video.

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