All about mysterious stone Markazit

All about mysterious stone Markazit

Natural minerals possess special charm and magic. Very interesting in its properties stone marcasit. Since ancient times, it was used to mining fire, in the era of the Middle Ages they were replaced by diamonds. Did not miss the interest in the stone and these days. He is credited with magical properties, and jewelry from it enjoy consumer demand. Consider the features and properties of this unusual nugget, the specifics of the care of jewelry, as well as the one from the signs of the zodiac it is suitable.

What it is?

Markazit – Mineral of the Parishdanov Group, relating to the variety of polyprocery iron. The word “marcasit” has a Persian origin, translated from the language of ancient Persians is interpreted as “Stone of Light”. Exact period of its detection is unknown. The first attributes made of stone were found by archaeologists during the excavations of the territories of the Inca settlements in South America. Historians found that primitive tribes with the help of marcasit received fire, a little later began to use it to create incendiary mechanisms in weapons. Shamans used stone in magical rites.

In the Middle Ages, interest in mining mineral increased significantly, its golden shine introduced into confusion of miners, Often, large nuggets they took for the precious metal. The stone was given a name – “gold fools”, because in fact nothing to do with the real gold does not have a marcippet.

The use of the mineral when creating decorations began in the XVIII century. Brilliant stones attracted the attention of jewelers, and there were attempts to issue them for diamonds and diamonds. At that time, the marcasit was often confused with another stone – pyrite. They belong to one group of natural iron sulphides, have external similarities, but differ in the structure of crystals. In medieval ornaments, the pyrite was issued for marcasit.

Distinguished the stones learned only in the XIX century. This is the merit of the Austrian Scientist-Mineralog Wilhelm Hydinger. He made a detailed analysis of the external and internal structure of both minerals and was able to prove their differences. Since 1814, the name “Markazit” is firmly fixed in one mineral with its accurate scientific description.

In its composition, the marcasit contains iron and sulfur. Has a diamond or spear crystal structure. In nature, there are often crystals of complex shape, resembling ridges, stars, snowflakes, multiple drops and berry borders.

For natural stone is characteristic of golden (brass-yellow) color with metal glitter.

Often, the mineral contains the impurities of bismuth, cobalt, copper, arsenic, antimony or thallia, which affect its shade. It is possible to detect crystals with orange-red, gray, black and greenish shades. The marcasit is characteristic of color overflows that depend on the type of lighting. Other names of the stone are common – radiant coles and drip silver, which he received due to the features of the structure and color.

Marcazita fields are in Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Canada (Salt Spring Island), USA (Massachusetts, California), Sweden, Czech Republic, and some African countries. In Russia, the deposits of marcasit are found in the South Urals, in the Kursk, Orenburg and Tula regions.

Sometimes largecrapers that contain fossils or prints of the ancient plants are found at the fields. Such nuggets are unsuitable for jewelry processing, and more represent historical value, they replenish the collections of mineralogs and paleontologists. They are interested in esoteric. Pure untreated nuggets often become attributes of various magical practices.

Nowadays, mineral is used in the chemical industry to obtain sulfuric acid and in jewelry. One of the attractive varieties of marcasit is spectropyritis. It has an inhomogeneous rainbow color admiring his shimmering shiny when sunlight. To create jewelry accessories, this kind of variety or red marcitis crystals are most often used, as they look more aesthetically and better leaving the cut.

Jewelry production applies the term “marcitis” to designate pyrite inserts to their products.

The marcasit of pure species is difficult to jewelry due to fragility, therefore, acquiring jewelry with marking “Markazit”, it is worth aware that the pyrite is actually present in them.

Properties of stone

According to the composition, marcasit is similar to pyrite, as they both have an iron as part. Minerals feature a feature of crystalline structure, healing and magical properties. Consider in more detail the characteristics of the radiant cchedan.


Marcazite – iron sulphide, consists of 46.6% of iron and 53.4% ​​of sulfur. Chemical Formula – FES2. In high humidity conditions, unstable, can over time to decay to sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and iron sulfates (Fe2SO4). During the reaction, there is a fluidity (running) of mineral, a rainbow raid appears on the surface (combinations of yellow, red and blue colors).

Solubility is weak – slowly dissolved in nitric and hydrochloric acids. When conducting thermal reactions, a blue-blue flame is formed with a characteristic smell of sulfur.

With long heating, magnetic properties are manifested – the stone decreases significantly in size and turns into a small magnetic black ball.


Despite the external hardness and opacity, the structure itself is rather fragile. Possesses a density of 4.8-4.9 g / cm³ and hardness on the MOOS scale 6-6.5. Mineral crystals have a rhombic symmetry and an average imperfect level of spa. They are often present to the foes, so the stone is easily damaged and splits.


The healing properties of the radiant cchedan are due to its composition. Iron has a beneficial effect on the bloodstream system, improving blood performance, and sulfur has antiseptic properties. For therapeutic purposes it is better to use stones with golden color: there are fewer impurities of other elements.

From a long time, the marcasit crumpled to the state of powder was applied to wounds and abrasions, which contributed to their rapid healing. Marcase powder is effective in the treatment of purulent boils and other skin rashes.

Lithotherapists recommends applying a stone for the treatment and prevention of eye diseases, in their opinion, it is particularly effective when the first signs of cataract appears.

The stone contributes to improving immunity and has a soothing effect. Helps to get rid of stress, reduce the alarm, anxiety and acquire sincere harmony. Mineral can reduce the intensity of the articular and muscular pain. To do this, it needs to be attached for some time to the patient places.

Serious stone and for cosmetic purposes. For this, the mineral is lowered in water capacity and withstand about 30 minutes. Face washing this infusion contributes to the regulation of the secret of the sebaceous glands, relieves inflammation and helps get rid of acne.


Interesting magical features of the mineral. Esoterics believe that it is more characteristic of male energy, but it is suitable for women. In a pure unworn form, the stone has a very high energy, so it is not recommended to use it more than three days in a row. Markazit brings good luck in new endeavors, responsible negotiations, protects against envy and ill-wishers.

From distant times, its properties were noticed, having beneficially affecting the emotional state of small children. In the Middle Ages, the children put on marcate beads to protect against the evil.

Magi recommend using the mineral as a children’s guard. If you put the cchedan near the baby’s bed, it will contribute to a strong sleep, will save from whims and fright.

Drip silver talismans are suitable for strong spirit, honest and noble personalities. They help faster to realize their pure plans, will be removed from any adversity. Best protection provide single crystals.

When carrying out important negotiations, you can put a small stone in the pocket of clothes – it will give confidence and will attract good luck.

Mages recommend to get a male laundry cchedan amulet, whose professions are conjugate with risk (Rescuers, pilots, military, miners). Amulet will add strength and protects from accidents. Women marcazite will help in stressful situations, he will help to cope with surgery emotions and take the right decision.

Who fits?

Stone patronize the planets Mars and Neptune, who contribute to strengthening his power and power. It is believed that the mineral with high energy is endowed with the ability to influence the events and changing the fate of people. According to the horoscope, it is more suitable for Aries, Scorpio and Silver, but it is quite acceptable to use for other zodiac signs.

According to astrologers using marcasit:

  • Aries will improve their internal state and will receive true solutions+
  • Gemini will strengthen the immune system, successful in personal and work affairs+
  • Cancers will be easier to treat life difficulties, but on the internal characteristics it is not their stone – often use it is not necessary+
  • Lions will improve the relationship with the surrounding and achieved career heights+
  • Virgo will acquire confidence in affairs and find new friends+
  • Scales will increase their creative potential+
  • Scorpions will find a mental equilibrium and protect themselves from envious+
  • Sagittars will attract the attention of the opposite sex and good luck in many endeavors+
  • Capricorns will find peace of mind and well-being in the family+
  • Aquarius will receive well-deserved recognition and will be charged with optimism+
  • Fish calm down in a stressful situation, but as a permanent talisman, the stone does not fit them.

What combines?

Processed in the jewelry workshop Markazit attracts attention to its beautiful overflows, and therefore decorations look very impressive with him. It is perfectly combined with such natural minerals like agate, turquoise, chrysoprase, malachite and onyx. Most often marcasites are sent in silver. Silver jewelry with pearls and mother of pearl, surrounded by the smallest chapel of marcasit look very gently.

Often, jewelers are complemented by marcated inserts and precious stones products: Rubin and Emerald.

How to distinguish fake?

Forgery of marcasit practically do not occur, since its price is completely low, that is, there is no point in creating imitating glass copies. But in order to make sure the authenticity of the mineral is 100%, you can spend simple manipulation: when compressed in a fist, the synthetic material is heated, and the natural stone will remain cold.

Much more often marcasit confused with pyrite. Despite the fact that the stones belong to one group of minerals and have external similarities, they are very different from magical properties.

The ability to distinguish them will be useful to those who want to touch the marcitis magic and use it as an overlap.

When considering minerals through a magnifier, it is noticeable that marcasit crystals have a spear shape, and pyrite crystals – cubic. In places of breakfast marcasit there is a green tint, color on the chip of pyrite – golden yellow. When climbing or breaking the radiant cchedan, the smell of sulfur.

How to clean?

Products with marcats require careful circulation and care. Store them are recommended in closed boxes or bags. If the crystal lies in one box with other stones or decorations, then it needs to be wrapped in a soft cloth.

For cleaning you can not use alcohol solutions, household chemicals and ultrasound. When a dark plaque appears on the surface, the product should be wiped slightly moistened with a soft cloth without a pile.

Smaller marcase inserts in the framing of silver are stronger pollution. They can be carefully cleaned with a toothbrush moistened in a weak soap solution, and then quickly slip under running water and wipe dry.

To maintain the brilliance of jewelry, you can purchase special jewelry napkins for natural stones. They have a soft texture, do not damage the product, polish well and contribute to the preservation of the excellent appearance of accessories.

Examples of jewelry

Marcazit decorations attract their grace and relatively inexpensive price. Direct deliveries from manufacturers of products of the marcatite group to Russian jewelry stores is engaged in the domestic firm “Markazit”. Over the years, she has collaborated with Hong Factory brands and MARC (USA), which are leaders for the production of drip silver jewelry.

Since 2018, the company has become the official partner of the world-famous Austrian brand Swarovski. The cut of SWAROVSKI stones is considered the best, it enhances the glitter of the products and gives them a special charm.

Ideal frame for radiant cchedan – silver. Silver decorations look stylish and elegant. Most often silver performs the role of a durable basis on which the scattering of small processed marcasit crystals is attached. They are fixed by superproof glue and jewelry “legs”.

Very popular models of elongated earrings with marcatite inserts in the form of droplets. Gorgeously watch kits, including necklaces and earrings.

Jewelers are developing funny children’s options. Earrings in the form of butterflies, dragonflies, colors with an inclusion of small marching marcasites will appeal by young fashionable.

In a special trend of the last years, brooches from marcasit. In assortment, many models in the form of animals and birds. Often there are lizards, turtles, cats, elephants, owls, hummingbirds, peacocks. Such accessories will give chic any everyday image.

Very sophisticated look Bangles, they increase in femininity. Speeciously watching wicker openwork options with inserts made of small pearls or turquoise.

Impressive a wide variety of rings and pendants. Solid ladies are suitable for graders with large caboars of semi-precious stones. Black Onyx, Emerald Chrysoprase in the Frame of Drip Silver. For young girls, you can choose rings with small but bright stones. Beautiful models with violent amethyst, pink pearl and attractive marcatsites.

In energy, marcasit is considered a male stone, given this feature, jewelers create decorations and for strong sex. Basically, they are represented by large risks-seams. Young people can take a click Persian in the form of predatory animals (bear, lion, tiger), exotic dragons, and someone likers will have a painted skull. Radiy coles are also used to inlays male conquers. Mineral can be combined with zircon and silver.

Markazit – inexpensive, but attractive stone. Do not fear his fragility – Modern methods of jewelry and high-quality rim facilitate long service life.

Decorations will undoubtedly give a lot of positive emotions, and careful care will provide impeccable shine of crystals.

More about the properties of the marcasit, see the following video.

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