All about pink quartz

All about pink quartz

Quartz is the most common mineral having many varieties, one of which is pink quartz. Establish a specific date of its finding difficult.

History of origin

It is known that its use began in antiquity: initially as an instrument of labor, then for the manufacture of dishes and all sorts of crafts, and even later – to create jewelry. The first beads were discovered about 7000 BC in the Middle East, where ancient Mesopotamia was located (now the territory of Iraq and the northeastern part of Syria).

In ancient Rome and Egypt, the Pink Stone powder was used for cosmetics, he was added to cream and various types of wishes, which allowed women of those times to keep the skin in a great condition, warning wrinkle education in advance. The origin of the stone is associated with interesting legends and legends. For one of them, pink quartz is the Mother Earth Juice, who made the appearance of a frozen stone, which gives man a sense of unity with all its inhabitants.

There is an Indian beautiful and sad legend of the love of the young men and the girls who did not bless their parents because of their belonging to different casts. At the order of senior, each of them was destined to enter into marriage with unloved, but equal to the provisions of applicants.

Witnesses to meetings of the couple were roses, and seeing their warm and sincere feelings, the flowers became all the most painful and more. To not be separated and staying together, lovers brought sacrificed their lives. After the tragedy, flowers froze and turned into pink quartz, thus expressing sorrow and the desire to perpetuate the memory of strong and clean love.

In the east, the mineral refers to the “Heart Stone” and believe that the possession of them impresses the heart with warmth and love.


Mineral has a German name Quarz, which means “solid”. It is known about his volcanic origin. In nature, it looks like a crystal having 6 faces, pointed over, inside which cracks are noticeable. Each stone is unique in its own way and unlike the other.

For chemical composition, pink quartz is silicon dioxide. On a variety of unprocessed quartz palettes, such nuances are influenced by such nuances as temperature regime, the level of pressure in its formation, the content in its composition of manganese, iron and titanium impurities. To more precisely because of their quantity, the saturation of the shade, which is bright pink or light, there are stones with a purple and red sweat.

And also on the color affects the finding of a stone in the sun – the longer it is under his rays, the paler looks.

Northern stones of various pink tones can be found, in shape resembling berries or fruits, in connection with which the subspecies of the rose quartz are highlighted, having appropriate names and descriptions.

  • Armelon – appearance, really, resembles watermelon. It is a pink crystal topped with green shell.
  • Cherry – It has a rich crimson, which does not miss light. Spearly similar to juicy cherry.
  • Strawberry – the outlines are similar to the strawberry, in the consistency there are small specks, similar to berry grains, which are white or dark.
  • Strawberry – often mistakenly take for a strawberry subspecies, distinguish them, indeed, difficult. This mineral is a more rich shade, inside there is a weave in the form of small threads, and the density of the creek grains is somewhat higher.
  • Red – less often other subspecies occurs in nature, therefore it is valued much higher.
  • Tourmaline – Pink stone, inside it there are needles – black crystals containing boron.

Very beautiful pink Star Quartz – It has natural intersions of small pieces of titanium and rutila. If such a stone is polished, a multipath star appears inside it, and the sun’s rays are reflected.

Where are mined?

The geography of the location of the mineral is very extensive, but its reserves are already small, so mining is not carried out separately, but simultaneously with a mountain crystal and mica. Rose Quartz deposits are in Austria, India, Kazakhstan, Poland, USA, France, Switzerland, Japan.

The best copies are found in Brazil and Madagascar. Brazilian quartz has a clean bright color, it looks transparent. In Madagascar, insulating samples having a dairy shade prevail. In Russia, deposits are located in the Altai Territory, the Murmansk region, Transbaikalia and Karelia.

Domestic minerals have an inhomogeneous, unstable color.


Features of rose quartz is very interesting and rich. It is believed that its owners he gives the state of harmony, increases the level of internal energy and stress resistance.


Mineral is capable of absorbing electromagnetic waves. He protects against harmful radiation that a person can meet in everyday life. It is a good antidepressant, helps to cope with a feeling of anxiety and negative thoughts, reduces the level of aggressiveness and irritability. Promotes rapid regeneration of tissues in burns, frostbite, eczema, allergic manifestations.

Helps to remove edema, bruises, get rid of acne and warts. Specialists engaged in traditional medicine, recommend to apply small pebbles (enough two) on the affected areas of the skin.

You can use pebbles for cosmetic face massage in order to prevent wrinkles. It is necessary to carry out a smooth side of the gem, conducting light stroking movements on massage lines. From a long time, pink quartz revered in women, its quality has a beneficial effect on a slight offensive and pregnancy, weakened pain in childbirth.

In spa salons, pink quartz is used in corrective programs to reduce weight and rejuvenating organism procedures.

The regular wearing of the talisman contributes to:

  • Enhance immunity+
  • Normalization of heart work+
  • Removing pain in the cervical and thoracic spine+
  • Regulation of the urogenital system+
  • Becated effect on the blood system+
  • healthy and strong sleep+
  • Reducing blood sugar levels in diabetes+
  • Establish harmful toxins+
  • Getting rid of headaches+
  • decline in fatigue+
  • Efficiency of mental activity.

To obtain therapeutic effects, you can not only wear decorations from stone, but also put during sleep under the pillow. Water infused on a pink quartz has healing and energy properties. It can be washed and taking inside to maintain beauty, youth and longevity.

However, it is important to know that with all its advantages, the mineral is categorically contraindicated by people with oncological diseases, since its properties can provoke a rapid increase in the growth of tumors.


The magic of rose quartz gives a feeling of peace, sets up a romantic way and helps to find and keep love. The main magical assistance is to remove blocks and barriers to the emergence and development of new relations, filling with bright positive emotions already existing.

Mineral can get rid of the psychological injuries of the past, which are reflected and interfere with living in full life in the present time. For this you need not only to put on his decoration, but also conduct meditation sessions. The energy of the stone will displace the negative moments from the subconscious mind, which seemed to be in a forgotten stressful situation. Do not be afraid if negative emotions will find out the tears. It should be understood that their appearance is quite normal.

It is important to communicate only with close and positive people. On the days of meditation, you need to keep pink quartz more often, contact your eyes, wear jewelry. The periodization period from negative feelings, accompanied by tears, will be pretty quickly, and after it will come ease and calmness, confidence will appear in the bright future and the feeling of happiness.

Purchase such a man necessary for a psychological update will help pink quartz. His owners of the stone makes it possible to expand the scope of communication and activities, make new and useful dating, eliminate loneliness and despondency.

In the popular destination Fengsui, the stone personifies the energy of the element of fire, but softer. His vibrations give joy, love, help in implementing ideas and plans. For the full disclosure of its properties of the rose quartz crystal, you must be placed in the southern part of the house or room. Stone creates an atmosphere of spiritual coziness and heat, mutual understanding and goodwill in the family. If there is a schoolboy or a student in the house, then the location of the crystal in the school zone will help concentrate on homework.

Gem strengthens not only love relationships, but also family, related and friendly connections. To fill the house of the energy of harmony and love, you need to decompose the crystals of this mineral in different places.

In addition, it is good for use as a pendulum, he will indicate the zones with positive and negative energy in the home.

How to distinguish natural stone from fake?

The real pink quartz is a natural mineral, so the main difference from artificial stones and glass is its imperfect form and structure, with the presence of small cracks and instead. The uneven color also indicates a naturalness, it can be brightly pink on one side, and on the other – lighter. Quartz is very solid, it is impossible to leave a scratch even a thin needle, but when holding it a crystal on glass remains a strip.

Fiberglass is usually used as imitation of gem. Its color is always homogeneous and is stronger than the weight is much easier than the original.

The most common fake – Cherry Quartz, pink glass with small divorces. When selling jewelry explanations that the foundation of the decoration is not a natural stone, but the glass is not provided, so many buyers believe that this is a kind of quartz. Understand that this is not the original, you can by the presence in the glass of air bubbles.

And also deciding to purchase a product, you need to carefully look at the inclusion of other shades. In Natural Stone, there will never be impurities of yellow, brown, orange flowers, which can often be seen in imitation. In real quartz beads of the edge of the holes for threads uneven, with faders, and in glass – smooth and rounded. Sometimes to give a flavor to gem, tinting is applied, but in this case it is possible to consider the available microcracks. Natural stones on the touch is always colder than their fakes.


Very nice and noble pink quartz looks in jewelry. It make beads, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, brooches, bracelets. Pendants are more often acquired as a talisman. The stone is amazing in rim from silver, is unmatched in the frame of platinum or white gold. When selecting the product, it is necessary to take into account the fact that more powerful all metals the potential of the stone opens silver.

Women better pick up beads or pendants on suspensions so that when wearing, they reached the level of solar plexus, it will contribute to increasing the active work of the stones. Brooches It is advisable to attach on the left side of the heart, then the energy of the stone will have a specific action (to normalize the work of the heart and direct to the acquisition of love).

And also from the gem cut out magnificent souvenir figures, which will decorate the home interior and fill it with positive vibrations.

The optimal option for a better manifestation of the properties of a stone on the owner is to get it as a gift with good intentions from a loved one or inherited. With a self-purchase, you have to be prepared for the fact that the adjustment of the gem is carried out in about a year, only explicit results will be noticeable.

You can speed up the process for the energy connection of the owner and talisman by carrying out the recharging ritual. To do this, you need to light four candles of pink or red, take the mascot and imagine that it is filled with good and light energy. If there is a direct intention to charge a stone to attract love, then the appropriate recharging rite for love should be held.

According to the description, you will need any decoration with a stone, the main thing is that it is genuine. During the day until the full moon in the dark, the product must be placed in a container with water, adding a tablespoon of salt into it, and leave on the windowsill. The next evening (closer to the night, when the full moon appears in the sky) the water should be merged, and rinse the decoration under the running water jet. This procedure is needed for complete cleansing of a stone from negative energy.

Then ritual is carried out. To do this, you will need to light a pink or red candle, take a decoration and meditate in the hands, presenting happy moments of love. To enhance the effect you need to read any love plot, blend the candle and go to bed, putting your cushion mascot. From the next day it will work on the owner, giving an internal balance and attracting new relationships.

Who fits?

Pink quartz affects the mood and emotion of man. With constant wearing, its owner acquires spiritual harmony, maybe at the level of intuition and feelings to make the right decisions. This is a wonderful talisman and defender for those whose professional activities involves constant communication and interaction with the most different people (sellers, teachers, doctors, lawyers). He will help with its owners to show tact, respect and welcomes, in cases of conflict situations neutralize the range and calmkalitis negative energy from the opponent.

Stone patronizes creative personalities involved in art. It favors increased their potential, attaching confidence in the power and opens interesting opportunities. People whose life and profession are associated with creativity, it is recommended to place figures from rose quartz or particle of its untreated crystal in the home and working environment. Mineral inspires its energy to create new masterpieces and give an incentive to active activities.

Pink Quartz makes it possible to conquer new vertices and opens new horizons. As an amulet, tourists, athletes, students, hunters, extreme lovers are suitable. In controversial situations, when you need to convince a person in something and turn out the outcome of events in a favorable side, you can also seek help to crystal.

It helps to eliminate complexes, fears and open a heart for love. And although the female energy Yin prevails in it, not only the representatives of the weak gender, but also to men. It will help them to become more open in communication with loved ones, to become more attractive for women, remove emotional stiffness when manifesting feelings, neutralize aggression and excess cynicism. For men’s application, the acquisition of quartz in the form of a key chain for keys or statuettes, which can be put in the room or in the workplace.

Women this beautiful gem will give confidence in their own attractiveness, add to the image of tenderness and charm, will help attract love, will increase self-esteem. Girls dreaming about the speedy marriage, it is advisable to buy a bracelet from this mineral and wearing on your left hand.

In astrology, pink quartz is considered universal amulet, as it is suitable for all signs of the zodiac. It protects against the evil and damage, ensures the influx of positive. If specifying more, then:

  • Aries will cope with stubbornness and will be easier to compromise+
  • Tales will find a way out of any complex situation+
  • Gemini achieved success in relations and in business+
  • Craks will become more balanced and less susceptible to stress+
  • Lions will easily approach any endeavors+
  • Virgo will increase the level of its energy and become more successful+
  • Scales will find happiness in love+
  • Scorpions implement their grand plans+
  • Sagittarius will find prudence and harmony+
  • Capricors will be able to count on the aid in any complex affairs+
  • Aquarius will be charged with optimism and raise the level of their activity+
  • Fish will be more successful in professional activities and personal life.

Regardless of the sign of the zodiac, the gem patronizes people born in the first lunar days.


Pink Quartz needs the same caring as the majority of natural stones. It is advisable to read gems or decorations immediately after their acquisition, because, most likely they were considered, touched, thinking about buying, other people, and stones could have time to absorb their energy.

For the first time it is better to use a weak soap solution. It is necessary to drop a small amount of soft detergent in the water room temperature and put the product in it. After 10-15 minutes it is necessary to get it and suck under running water and leave to dry on a towel or a napkin, but at the same time not wipe. Dried should be independent! In subsequent cleaning, the soap solution can already be used, It will be enough to wash in running water or weak saline.

Be sure to clean the stones that were used to treat. If for some reason other people enjoyed decorations, even family members, then in such a situation you need to clean it. In some cases, the owner himself may feel the weakened modified energy of the stone, then this should serve as a signal for cleansing and recharging. After the purification procedure, it is advisable to recharge the pink quartz moonlight. For this it is necessary at night with a growing moon put on the windowsill on the side where the moon shines.

In order for the product longer than delight and did not lose its color, you need to follow, so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Gem is very fragile and gentle, so requires careful and careful circulation. Random falls or blows about a solid surface can lead to the appearance of chips. For constant wearing it is better to stop your choice on such decorations, where the beads do not come into contact with each other, then their erasure will be prevented by each other. Better if they are separated by nodules or fragments of soft fabric in decoration. For storage, you need to choose a dark and dry place, as the mineral does not like humidity and high temperatures.

The owners of a wonderful gem always feel connected with him, because he attaches confidence, gives love and well-being. Proper care and recharging will help keep the beauty and gloss of a mineral, which will always be a faithful ally.

For the properties of rose quartz, see the following video.

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