All about rubies: meaning, types and properties

All about rubies: meaning, types and properties

Rubins are beautiful bloody-red natural minerals. Saturated shade gem give iron ions. The dimensions of the crystals reaches 400 carats, and their physical properties literally cause the prices to “jump up” on the expanses of the jewelry market. There are many varieties of gems that differ in structure and shades.

History of origin

The first appearance of the Rubina is documented in Indian texts in the IV century BC. NS. Mineral is indicated as Ratnharaj – “Gemstone” translated from Sanskrit. In historical reports, he was called a faith, guaranteeing their owner a quiet and safe life. Rubin dismetered his juicy bloody-red shade, thanks to which he was equivalent to diamonds.

In Burma, the precious stone was mined on a large scale. People believed that it should be placed under the skin to protect the soul and body. If Ruby becomes part of the flesh of its owner, then, according to legends, he could protect the owner from the sword and arrows. Often about the jewel wrote in the Bible, where they described the gem as perfection. In Asia countries it was believed that Ruby is drops of dragon blood. Because of this comparison, it was used as a remedy for the plague and wubble.

In ancient Russia, Sapphire and Rubin were often confused, calling both stones with yachons. Stones distinguished only in color.

Modern definition of Rubin gave Swedish Mineralog Valerius in the XVIII century.

Description and value

Real Ruby looks like a solid red mineral. The natural substance is muddy, has an asymmetric form with a plurality of small protruding crystals. To the touch surface of mineral substance Silky. It contains brine colors.

After processing, gem acquires a dark red tint, becomes transparent and smooth. The exclusion group includes Corundum: the grounding stone is characterized by a soft pink shade with purple overflows.

Fired Ruby solid and very heavy. Its proper smooth form has a high light transpusual ability. Gemstone does not have external and internal defects. In the center of the mineral there are no cracks or emptiness.

For a man, Ruby remains a symbol of love, beauty and wealth.

It is believed that the stone awakens a craving for life, guarding the owner from lies and supports health.

Place of Birth

Gemstones are mined in different parts of the world, with the exception of Antarctica. But the rugs of the highest quality are found in Asia. Main exporters of “Blood” Mineral – Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Pakistan, Pamir, Tajikistan, Myanmar. Smaller, but unusual copies are found in East Africa: Kenya and Tanzania.

The latter supplies gems from a whitewash. In this area, small crystals are mined, the dimensions of which rarely exceed 2-2.5 carats. At the same time, despite the slight weight, they have high transparency and do not have internal damage. After jewelry processing, they have a dazzling brilliance, thanks to which they are highly appreciated in the market.

In Russia, rubies are practically not found. Rare stones can be found on the Polar Urals. They are mined as a concomitant material in the Corunda fields.

Artificial rubies are most often found. Synthetic stones are made of molten corundes with the addition of chemical impurities. In large quantities, such production is recorded in the UK, USA, France, Germany.


People began to extract rubies at the turn of the bronze century. They weighed only 35 carats, but then they had high quality and saturated bloody color. Thanks to its natural beauty, red stones decorated the leaders and kings, they were soldered into the jewelry and worship.

The price of rubies remains high, because almost all gems of the gems developed and gems have become rare prey. Lower cost is observed at the refined minerals that jewelers are filled with glass. This procedure is not considered falsification and regulated by the International Jewelry Confederation.

The most expensive type of “bloody” mineral is considered Ruby called “Pigeon Blood” – this is a gem of bright red shade with a purple tide. The name of the rare minela invented the Swiss hemologist. The scientist noticed the similarity of the first drops of blood dripping from the beak dying bird, with the color of natural mineral.

There are instances of dark red, which are mined in Myanmar or Burma.

The world’s largest Ruby found in Greenland. His weight is 440 carats. Stone remains untreated, so not yet recognized by modern society. After the cut, the weight of the jewel will be, according to preliminary calculations, 380 carats. King of Rubins is considered a Burmese copy weighing 400 karat.

There are star rubies that distinguishes not a field or a rare shade – in the center of the treated gems located shining six-pointed star. This phenomenon received a separate name – “Effect of Asterism”. Often such minerals remain opaque, but there are minerals with high light transparent. The cost of the latter on the prairies of the jewelry market increases by 2-3 times.

Star Ruins of High Quality Supply Mainly Asia: Vietnam, Burma, Thailand. Some of the jewels are brought from Sri Lanka. In rare cases, in Star Rubina, you can meet a dual star, which has 12 rays.

Such stones are considered priceless.

In addition to the Star breed, there are other interesting species of gemstone in the world. One of them – anyield – has an intricate structure of green green tisitis with ruby ​​inclusions. The latter differ in a saturated pink or red tint.

A unique combination of color scheme creates beautiful patterns, thanks to which the stone enjoys high demand at auctions and jewelry market. Anionics are found only in one place throughout the planet – in Tanzania (Africa). Mining rare jewels are not able to satisfy all buyers, so you can often meet fakes on the market. You can avoid such regularity when familiarizing with precious stone documents. If the paper does not specify the field and it is sold at a low price, you should be alerted and refused to acquire it.

Black rubies are a kind of spinel. Their value on the market is not as high as real magmatic minerals. Black spinel can be seen on the crown of the British Empire.


Before purchasing Rubin, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with its natural characteristics and useful properties.

Physical and chemical

Rubin refers to the category of magmatic rocks. Chemical formula Corunda – Al2O3. Color ranges typically varies from pink to a bloody-red shade, which manifests itself in a mineral structure due to the high content of iron and chrome oxide impurities. On the Moos scale, the coefficient of the gem of the gem is 9 points, because of which ruby ​​slightly inferior to diamonds. Its density is 4-4.05 g / cm³. Corundum refers to the I grade of jewels. After cutting and grinding, the stone becomes completely transparent.

In rare cases, rutile inclusion may be present in rubies.

Stone has a number of important physical properties.

  1. Elevated hardness coefficient. Rubin refers to the group of the most dense minerals. This property is characteristic practically for all Magmian rocks. Jewel inferior in density only with diamond crystals. To make sure the strength of the stone should drop it from the height of the hard surface. After the collision with metal or glass on the ruby ​​there will be no damage.
  2. Color spectrum. Real rubies of red. Shades in various species can change, but they differ from each other only by color saturation. Mostly it is red, burgundy, pink and darkened crystals. Some rubies combine several colors in themselves, thanks to which there are beautiful transitions of different shades of red.
  3. Clear cut mineral. Ruby is formed on the basis of magma. Even unroquired mineral distinguish clear and smooth faces, on which there are no defects or bends. Due to the high density of jewelers can make the right cuts. Jewel is easy to cut.
  4. Shine. A false impression is created as if the jewel is covered with a gloss. Due to the grinding, the reflective and transmittance of mineral.
  5. Glow. Natural stones contain only 2% of metal: chrome and aluminum. The first creates the effect of purple glow, which can be observed when the crystals are rotated.

By chemical properties of Ruby does not apply to water-soluble and fat-soluble substances. Does not interact with weak and strong acids, not decomposed in the alkali solution.


Rubin helps to become a man more confident and brave, gives his energy and protects against evil. Women jewel makes more attractive, attracts glances and shows interest from the opposite sex.

Lions on the sign of the zodiac stone promises purposefulness, helps when achieving the tasks. Rubin Archers allows you to keep power, gives decisiveness and courage. “Bloody” mineral makes such people more loyal, increases patience, eliminates vanity. Cancers Jewel helps to eliminate modesty, suppresses shyness.

Rubins give them the opportunity to believe in their own strength.

Thanks to its magical properties, stone is often used to create mascots and champs ornaments. They possess the following qualities:

  • Protect the owner from targeting damage, someone else’s harmful intent and negative effects of envy+
  • Enlightened by the mind, gives his owner calmness, improves psycho-emotional state and increases stress resistance+
  • contributes to achieving success in work, victory over competitors and the embodiment of the desired dream in reality+
  • Helps to find strong love, supports passion in relationships for a long time+
  • eliminates anxiety, doubt, suppresses uncertainty and anxiety+
  • helps to get rid of infertility, creates strong family bonds+
  • Allows the owner to gain wealth+
  • eliminates negative feelings improves mood.

Before purchasing, it should be remembered that Jewel is not suitable for everyone. The magical properties of the stone helps to strengthen the congenital qualities of a person: like bad and good.

For this reason, carry Rubin to people who do not melt evil intent.


Ruby is not only a jewel for jewelry. Mineral stone distinguishes therapeutic properties that allow you to cope with various diseases. The “bloody” crystal helps in the following cases:

  • Eliminates diseases of the organs of the digestive system: facilitates the state with ulcerative-erosive damage to the gastrointestinal tract, relieves inflammation of the wall of the stomach, reduces the risk of internal bleeding+
  • helps to get rid of epilepsy attacks, reduces their threat to the owner’s life+
  • increases hearing acuteness and vision+
  • normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system, improves the elasticity of the arteries and veins+
  • Eliminates the inflammation of sipstal almonds, helps with colds and acute respiratory infections+
  • It has a positive impact on the joints, eliminates arthritis and pain+
  • facilitates the condition when damaged the spinal column, hernias, diseases of the musculoskeletal system+
  • Ensures blood formation system diseases, reduces high blood pressure+
  • normalizes the functional activity of the central and peripheral nervous system+
  • Improves the conductivity of nerve impulses, eliminates negative emotions and normalizes hormonal background+
  • eliminates sleep violations: drowsiness or insomnia+
  • Removes physical and emotional overvoltage in the presence of constant stress.

With acute pain syndrome it is recommended to apply a gem to the area of ​​the defeat. Gem helps to stop depression and apathy due to its natural ability to take negative emotions and raise the mood.

Who fits?

Rubin usually worn people who know how to manage well and have a strong perseverance. Gemstone helps them achieve their goals. At the same time, the mineral is not suitable for vain, cowardly and people, weak spirit.

“Bloody” Gem is an excellent assistant for women looking for understanding and love. He helps to take the first step, inspires confidence and eliminates failures. If the owner’s intentions remain sincere and clean, then the jewel will become a powerful talisman for such people. The stone is suitable for the following zodiac signs:

  • Lions+
  • Ovans+
  • Streltsame.

Most people born under these signs are distinguished by a temperamental hot character and severe will. Ruby does not fit emotional and wounded fish and weights.

When they wear gems, the mineral suppresses their character.

Scope of application

The gem is an excellent guard for doctors and people encountered with danger: police, military, firefighters. Talismans with rubies often warn about the approach of the trouble: the mineral fades or acquires a more saturated bloody. Folk Solva says that Rubins allow you to protect people from natural disasters, damage or bad evil eye.

If there are red crystals in the house, then in the dwelling will not be fire, it is not robbed, they will not attack on the apartment owners. With the permanent wear of the amulet with a precious stone, a person will always be accompanied by luck. Financial Industry, Career and Health improve.

Talismans surround the owner of positive energy, give him more opportunities, warn the dangers. Such an amulet helps people of creative professions, accompany adventures and improves performance. In some cases, the precious mineral will be able to give prophetic dreams.

If a person dreams Ruby, it is waiting for his prosperity and successful undertaking in the near future.

But most often Ruby I use when creating jewelry. It becomes a central stone in:

  • Rings+
  • Bracelets+
  • Necklaces+
  • Earrings+
  • necklace.

Beautifully looking rubies in silver. Noble metal improves the properties of gemstone. It is recommended to purchase sophisticated jewelry with rubies. Massive rings look worse.

In addition to jewelry, a clock is made of rubies. Artificial stones are inserted into some products. They are distinguished by low quality and quickly destroy.

To accidentally not acquire a fake, you need to learn to distinguish natural minerals.

How to distinguish from fake?

On the jewelry market, up to 70% of precious stones are fakes from glass, various mixtures of mineral components or alloys. To purchase natural ruby, there are several ways to recognize the original or counterfeit:

  • If you lower the gem into a glass with milk, the liquid is painted in a pink shade+
  • “Bloody” mineral almost does not heat up from the body temperature and remains cool+
  • Natural crystals may have natural zigzag fascines of dull color+
  • Under ultraviolet light, fake products acquire an orange tint+
  • In the structure of natural stone there are no air bubbles.

Real gem in the sun shows a purple glow.

Differences from other stones

Often ruby ​​or its varieties in decorations are replaced by more affordable analog. For such purposes, semi-precious stones such as tourmaline, grenade.

Ruby is significantly more expensive on the jewelry market, but the grenade looks like a “bloody” color mineral. It is quite simple to distinguish them: the grenade does not have a glitter glitter. You should bring the decoration with a fake to the lamp or watch through it in the sun. Grenades are given by a matte glow, which is radically different from purple overflows on ruby. Also, the grenade does not have the property to magnify. To check it is recommended to put the checked decoration on the scales and bring a magnet to it. If the sample increases the pressure on the device and its weight increases, then this is a fake.

Tourmalines are bright red or pink. If you hit or under the influence of ultraviolet light, they acquire a redhead. Rubin does not change your color.

From cheap glass decorations The gem is distinguished by high strength, lack of shine and more rich color. Also, their differences are visible in price: fakes more accessible. Difficulties occur when comparing a natural mineral with a glass and rubbered alloy. To create such a mixture, use chips from the magmatic rock. Crumbs and dust are mixed with sand, increasing. To distinguish a fake from natural stone, it is recommended to attribute jewels to the valuation to the experienced jeweler.

Aniolites are often confused with green sapphires. Compared to Rubin, these precious stones have a wide range of shades: pink, blue, yellow. The chemical structure of both minerals is the same. At the same time, unlike anolites in the sapphire there are no red inclusions of ruby ​​crumb.

Diamonds are valued on the jewelry market higher than rubies. They are characterized by a higher density and are absolutely transparent.


Many people possessing a gems are wondering how to properly care for rubies, because with untimely treatment, the mineral can hang out, and any mechanical damage can lead to the formation of cracks inside the stone and devalue it.

External faces have high density, so They can not scratch or split without additional force. On the scale of mineral hardness Moss, the stone is inferior only to diamonds and moussanitis. Ruby will not fuss and does not damage even during everyday use, so it is a good choice for decorating the ring.

At the same time, it should be remembered that Jewel can easily split under the influence of a blunt subject. It is necessary to know the owners of bracelets and rings, on which the stone strongly stands out beyond the jewelry.

To avoid damage to the gem, you should shoot decorations before performing household duties.

The owner of the gemstone needs to learn how to clean Rubin. For this you need soap water. During the procedure, step by step instructions should be held.

  1. Place the decoration with ruby ​​into the container filled with warm water. In the liquid you need to pre-add soap or dishware cleaning agent.
  2. Leave the product to overtake for 20 minutes.
  3. After the time you need to get jewelry, clean the stone with a soft toothbrush or matter. After that, it is necessary to wash the framing for the gem. It is recommended to take advantage of the brush so that the hairs can clean the hard-to-reach places in the product. Care must be taken when cleaning the ruby, which is fixed in the decoration with the help of teeth: usually they are easy to break or the stone can slip out of the grip.
  4. The foundation of the decoration can be wiped with a cloth. It does not scratch and does not hurt a soft gem metal.
  5. After completion of cleaning, it is necessary to carefully rinse the jewelry in clean water and dry up soft matter.

Pulling gems with detergent or household chemicals is allowed. It is pre-make sure that its composition does not hurt the mineral structure of the crystal. Store Mineral Recommended in dry form. It is advisable to purchase a special jewelry box for the content of gemstone.

Pre-wrap the mineral in a soft cloth or plastic bag: Ruby can scratch other jewelry with dense stones, for example with diamonds. But often happens on the contrary: due to the high density “bloody” stone easily damages other gems and soft metal products.

You can find out about the magical properties of Rubin, looking at the video a little below.

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