All about silver DEN O

All about silver DEN & O

Currently, the decorations from Israel are very popular among connoisseurs of jewelry art. In this country, hundreds of enterprises and workshops producing silver products that are supplied to many countries of the world, including Russia. In this article, we will review the jewelry of Israel, as well as We will tell about the peculiarities of the Israeli silver brand Den’o.


Israeli land has rich traditions of jewelry art, because the first mention of Jewish jewelers found in Talmud – the ancient teaching of Jews. In the Bible there is a mention that from time immemorial in Israel there were masters of gold and silver cases.

Israel jewelry art is inseparable from the Jewelry Art of the Middle East, which is a product of an extensive cultural exchange between the peoples inhabiting its territory since ancient times. Thus, the traditions of jewelry business of different ethnic groups mutually enriched each other, while maintaining their beauty and identity.

Israeli silver jewelry reflect the aspirations and spiritual depth of the Jewish people, at the same time being a reflection of the consistent stages of its cultural development.

Silver Den’o is a unique combination of modern achievements in the field of design and technologies with traditional forms of jewelry that have come down to this day from ancient times.

In our difficult time, the period of electronic equipment and high speeds, people are increasingly turning to ancient traditions, looking for answers to many unsolved questions. Silver jewelry made by modern masters in antique samples with the introduction of new creative ideas are in great demand in the people of the XXI century.

All products of the trading brand Den’o are made of sterling silver – This is a silver-grade 925 sample, which has 92.5% of pure silver and only 7.5% of copper. For comparison: the usual silver jewelry, from which most jewelry is made, has a purity of 800, and this means that 20% of copper contains. Thus, Acquisition of silver products from the Israeli brand Den’o – This is not only the purchase of an exquisite fashion accessory, which perfectly emphasizes the individuality of the owner, but also a prudent investment of funds.


Initially, the precious stones that inserted into jewelry were endowed with magical properties, and people who wear silver robes with opal or jashed were often consulted with such decorations when making important decisions.

To create silver jewelry of the Israeli brand Den’o, traditional precious and semi-precious stones are used, such as carnelian, turquoise, grenade, emerald. In addition to these stones, Israeli masters often use Moonstone, Pearls and Amethyst. Of these, there are inserts in the form of beads in rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants, which often separate hot enamel, which is a classic for the decorations of the Middle East.

The color of the product is very important for Israeli masters – The most common since ancient times are blue and red colors. Red Carries a protective function – products from a grenade, ruby ​​and carnelian guard their owners from the troubles+ blue – The color of spirituality – symbolizes water and heaven and is represented by a lazurite, turquoise and blue enamel. Yellow – Sun color, symbol of life, green – fertility symbol. This combination is very popular with ancient jewelers. Silver decoration, made in such a color scheme, gives its own owner excellent health.

It is no coincidence that the real masters of jewelry art choose precisely silver for cutting precious and semi-precious stones, even though its cost is lower compared to magnificent gold and noble platinum.

A nonsense, muffled silver background perfectly let off the exquisite flickering of the gemstone faces, will emphasize the depths of his shade.

Variety of jewelry

Silver ornaments from Israel are distinguished by a wide variety and sophisticated design. Trucks for the ancient traditions, Jewish jewelery products have a unique deliberate rich cut, often made in ethnic style manually, with a supplement from brass and enamel. Such silver decorations carry warm hands and a particle of the soul of their masters.

Den’o offers jewelry made from both pure silver and decorated with various inserts, Purchase additional charm and deep meaning. From materials you can choose as inserts, there are:

  • Natural turquoise of a wide variety of shades+
  • Artificial pearls and opal+
  • Roman glass discovered during archaeological excavations.

It is also Malachite, Onyx, Quartz and the Moonstone, which are the most traditional materials for the complement of the silver ornaments of the Middle East.

Products carrying a mystical oriental symbolism are in great demand, such decorations can be used as amulets and charms – For example, printing with a star of David, a silver bracelet with 72 names of God, a silver ring with health and much more.

Israeli silver jewelry – this is a particle of the promised, which can always be worn with you or give your loved ones.

Review of decorations of texture silver of the Israeli brand Den’o Look in the video below.

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