All about silver wire

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All about silver wire

Wire It is a versatile product and applies in beadwork, and in floristics, and in the manufacture of various jewelry. Of particular interest of connoisseurs of beautiful causes precisely Silver wire. This product helps jewelers create original and stylish jewelry masterpieces.


Specialists share wire for two main types: artistic and jewelry.

  1. The first option is an inexpensive solution for making various decorations. It is infrequently used by the jewelers, since the silver-terrible product has a short life and quickly wear out.
  2. As for jewelry, we are talking about the product made of precious metals. It can also be a high-quality alloy (high percentage of silver content). This material is quite expensive, but has high strength and presentable appearance.


For the manufacture of copyright decorations of silver most often used wire, fully made of noble metal. Another suitable option is Gold Plated Silver Wire. As a rule, these options are intended for the manufacture of elegant and expensive decorations.

As for the characteristics of the wire itself from the metal, then Less frequently, the jewelers use pure silver (99%). This product features excessive softness that provokes mechanical damage.

Over time, scratches appear on it, significantly worsening the appearance of the decoration.

Most often for the manufacture of wires are used Sterling Sterling 925 Samples. Its main advantages are:

  • softness+
  • Ability to process+
  • Long service life.

Similar product for a long time does not lose a presentable appearance and is not affected by external factors. Perfect for the manufacture of jewelry of miniature and large sizes.

Also meet Brass wire. This product is covered with a layer of rolled silver (6%). It is easily processed and has high strength. This is one of the most accessible options suitable for the manufacture of jewelry made of precious metals.

Parameters for selection

The main criterion when choosing a silver wire is thick. It is measured in millimeters or calibers. Based on the density, there is a selection of a particular product. Specialists advise pay attention to certain recommendations.

  1. For the manufacture of elegant, sophisticated products Use wire thick up to 0.30 mm. It is suitable for creating rings, miniature chains and bracelets with beads. Make a loop will be using a more dense product (0.40 mm).
  2. Wire, the thickness of which is more than 0.5 mm, is widely used in beadwork. It fixes the beads of any size.
  3. The product 22 of the caliber (0.64 mm) is used For fixing stones when decorating various jewelry (earrings, suspension, brooch).
  4. For Massive large objects Applied wire 1.5 mm.

It should be noted that Any metal over time is oxidized and changes color (It becomes darker), therefore, careful control is required for a product made of noble metal. However, some connoisseurs of antiques prefer decorations with dimming. Often silver wire oxidize consciously.

It gives the product a certain charm and mysteriousness.

About how to make a wire from silver, you can find out in the following video.

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