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All about stadium

Jadeitis is very popular in many countries and cultures of the world. Externally, it looks like nephrint, the difference between them lies in the chemical composition, so Jadeitis – a separate breed. There are not many deposits of this mineral in the world – it is considered rare and especially valuable.

A bit of history

Among historians there is no consensus about the origin of the name of this stone, only individual versions were made. Some argue that the word “Jadeit” is a derivative from the Spanish expression Piedro de Jade, which means “renal stone”. Most likely, such associations are associated with the fact that the stone rolled in rivers resembles its form of kidney, and this is another similarity of the mineral with jade, the name of which translated from Greek means “kidney”.

In English, this mineral is called Axestone – it translates as “Stone ax”. Such a definition fully meets all the properties of the stone – it is 4 times harder granite.

It is not surprising that in the course of archaeological excavations, quite a few ancient hammers were discovered, made precisely from the Jadeitis – such equipment do not differ in particularly acute, but at the same time damage them almost impossible.

Scientists have established that the stone was used by people in the era of neolithic, and the popularity of such tools did not decrease even after the acquisition of metal processing skills. With the time of the tool, made from the Jadeitis, from the category of casual products switched to the rank of rituals, and they even began to attribute magical properties.

As culture and art develops, figurines and jewelry began to produce from Jadeita. For example, in China, such products were found, the age of which is 4-6 thousand years – in this country the stone was considered a symbol of state power and power of the imperial family. Of it for a long time they made money of the highest dignity.

In other countries, Jadeitis was also considered one of the most important and expensive stones. So, the Aztecs appreciated him much more expensive than any other jewels and gems. Until our times, it reached the legend that when Cortez left Mexico, the gold found everything found there, the ruler of Montesum was rejoiced at the thought that the conquerors do not know about the deposits of Jadeite.

This stone from Mexicans was considered truly cult and used to worship the sun to worship, even today in many Mexican temples are stored a greedy decoration.

Views and characteristics

By its structure, Jadeitis refers to minerals, it is silicate with sodium impurities, manganese, potassium, as well as magnesium. The stone refers to the same category of rocks as asbestos, but differs much greater hardness – it is so strong that even a sledgehammer cannot split this.

The chemical composition of this mineral is unique – it is known that it contains about 60 chemical elements, and among the main compounds it is distinguished:

  • Silicon dioxide – 55-60%+
  • Aluminum oxide – 15-30%+
  • Sodium oxide – 10-16%+
  • Iron oxides – 0-6%+
  • Magnesium oxide – 0.5-8%+
  • Calcium oxide – 0.5-12%.

Depending on the percentage of the elements, the shade of stone varies.

The description of the physical properties of the Jadeite is as follows:

  • Structure – grainy:
  • High viscosity+
  • Hardness – 6-7+
  • Fravel – Hortylistalline+
  • refractive index – about 1.6+
  • Dispersion – no+
  • optical effect – no+
  • Luminescence – no+
  • Displays absorption line+
  • Magnetic properties – no+
  • The degree of transparency is variable+
  • Glitter – fat, glass.

In nature, there is green, pink, purple, lilac, blue, as well as other types of minerals.

If it is subjected to long weathering, it becomes reddish or yellow.

Several main varieties of mineral.

  • Imperial – It grows a saturated green shade, fine-grained structure. The cost of such a jadeite is comparable to the cost of diamonds, and sometimes it is estimated and more expensive. For example, in 1980, one of the gems of this species was implemented for $ 2 million.

  • Utilities – relatively inexpensive type of gems, usually it is non-uniform in its composition, has a blue opaque shade. Mate and black glossy stones are also found – usually they are used as a diverse material.

  • Commercial – It is a greesy shade greedy with small transparency. They are mainly used in the finish, but some stones have found use in the manufacture of jewelry.

  • Chloromelany – It is a dark green or gray mineral, which is due to the presence of aluminum, iron and sodium sulfate.

  • Albit – from all other types of Jadeitis is distinguished by a green bright shade and the presence of internal embossing, streaks and small points.

The most expensive are transparent green stones, much lower than estimated:

  • Blue+
  • Yellow+
  • Lemon+
  • Siren+
  • Philekovaya+
  • Yellow+
  • Red.

It should be noted that Jadeitis is quite often formed, to distinguish the fake is quite difficult, but you can. For minerals, such stones are often given such stones, as pressed, chrysoprase, adventuric quartz and some others.

Usually, when viewed by a 10-fold magnifying glass, the smallest inclusions are well distinguishable: asbestos-like, grainy, – they all point to the authenticity of the Jadeitis. If you notice the layeriness, most likely, the stone is simply glued out of several small pieces.

In addition, the real stone is usually harder than it seems to look – this is due to its high density. TJust need to know that it grows quite hard and can easily scratch the glass and some other types of surfaces.

Place of Birth

The mystery of the origin of this stone was solved quite recently. Geologists found that the precious gem is formed in mountain depths, the main condition for its formation is a minus temperature, as well as increased pressure. Stone formation is a multistage phenomenon.

Today there are several interpretations of the descent of the Jadeite, but most scientists tend to believe that mineralization can wear a magmatic metamorphic or hydrothermal-metasomatic origin.

The zones of the indigenous deposits of the stone remained to the end of the studied – all deposits developed today are only secondary sediments. Their number is small – no more than a dozen. Mineral is mined in China, Mexico, Japan, Burma, as well as on the territory of America and Indonesia. In Russia, the field is located in the Far East, the south of the Krasnodar Territory, in Khakassia and some of the near-olaria regions.

The gem of high quality goes to the market only from Burma, in a small number of green Jadeitis was discovered in Japan, but he does not leave the limits of this country.

Stones from the USA and Guatemala, as well as Siberian and Khakass minerals do not represent any value due to dull shade and high grain – it makes it difficult to polish the mineral.

Healing and Magic Properties

Gems are known for their useful medical and magical properties, and he has not exceeded. This stone is attributed to the ability to stabilize the energy, to put the emotional background and regulate blood pressure.

In Tibetan medicine, it is also used as a way of healing infertility, and women in position it makes it easy to make and give birth to a healthy kid.

Since the most ancient times, Jadeitis has found its use to get rid of the renal pathologies – it treats them independently, and also enhances the healing effect of drugs. It is known that beads from gems improve the condition of hypertension.

White stone is known for its property to raise human immune forces, pink received recognition in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

It is believed that rings with this stone have a beneficial effect on organs of vision, contribute to the treatment of myopia and remove the overwork. However, it should be borne in mind that it is possible to achieve the therapeutic effect only if wearing a mineral with you constantly. According to ancient Chinese medicine, the energy vibrations of Jadeitis have a powerful effect on each cell of the human body, thereby contributing to the rejuvenation, increase the internal forces, and also lead all internal organs and tissues to normal.

Ancient doctors widely used a greedy powder. So, mixing it with onion juice, successfully treated asthma and diabetes, and in combination with rice and morning dew, they used to strengthen the musculoskeletal system – such treatment made the body flexible, strong and hardy. Wanderers used a drink in order not to suffer from thirst and hunger.

Jadeitis got widespread in the trim of saunas and bath. The fact is that when heated, he begins to distinguish infrared rays, and this has the most favorable effect on the heart, bronchi and lungs.

No less attention deserves the magical meaning of this stone, just some of its properties.

  • Like jade, grown green tone is able to protect from the troubles and major trouble.
  • Heavenly stone introduces human harmony and emotional well-being.
  • When wearing unbalanced and hot-tempered people, it helps to reduce anger and external aggression.
  • Men and women with reduced self-esteem stone attaches confidence in their power.
  • In order to conclude a profitable deal, when negotiating it is recommended to hold a piece of Jadeite in a fist.
  • The talisman is able to protect against the envious and ill-wishers, protects against theft and the action of fraudsters.
  • It is very favorable the impact of the Jadeite on the relationship of parents and children – the mineral contributes to the establishment of trust relationships, allows you to achieve mutual understanding and related love.
  • Ancient people sacred believed that the mineral could stop the rain or, on the contrary, call it. Nowadays, the mineral acquired the power of the yield talisman.
  • It is known that Jadeitis retains loyalty to the owner throughout. Mineral protects his host, protects against troubles, shocks and actions of unkind people, introduces family well-being and peace in relation. There are legends that if strong aggression is directed to the owner of the stone, then all the negative takes on and splits. If it happened, you need to bury the mineral, without forgetting to tell him “Thank you” for goodbye.

Who fits?

Jadeitizes representatives of many signs Zodiac.

  • Lions He gives grateful and calm, doubt their hot-tempered nature, eliminates emotional tension, in addition, regulates blood pressure.
  • Streltsame Mineral carries family happiness. It is believed that if people born under this sign will buy such a stone in the form of a figurine and put on the most prominent place, then Jadeit will protect all family members from the evil eye, as well as create a solid unreasonable connection between them.
  • Ovans Gem helps to send powerful energy in a peaceful direction, sets up a positive way, contributes to the harmonization of relations with parents and children.
  • Virgo – This is a sign that loving nature, and under the auspices of Jadeitis, the signs of the sign will be able to feel the complete unity with her, and will also successfully grow plants.
  • scales always feel the positive energy of the Jadeita, he directs them to the right way, makes it takes to believe in his strength, find faith and confidence in the upcoming day.
  • Twins, Wearing mineral, will be patient to treat others, Jadeites them save them from evil influence and will avoid negative situations.

But not all the signs of the zodiac fits this stone. So, Capricorn should refrain from Jadeitis – they are waiting for them only trouble, the stone worsens the mental abilities of a person and reduces the concentration of attention.

Representatives of watermarks: cancer, scorpions and fish are also not suitable for this mineral – it immerses them depressed and leads to depressive states.

People of these signs that are in contact with the Jadeitis begin to dwell on their own opinion and cease to reckon with the opinions and feelings of others.

How to use?

The properties of the Jadeite make it possible to widely use it for the manufacture of talismans-fag, but this is not the only application of the mineral. Due to the beauty of the stone, jewelers often use it when creating brooches, beads, rings, bracelets, as well as earring and rings. Fashion figurines, decorations for aquarium, vases, caskets, and many other decorative products are cut out of polished gems. In Eastern Medicine, the mineral is used to heal ailments by applying a mineral to active points on the human body.

Property Absorbing Metal is often used to filter water – stones make it cleaner and softer.

Jadeitis – the well-known “bath stone”, which has found widespread use for filling furnaces. In the process of evaporation, methacremium acid and some other useful trace elements begin to leave it. Through the respiratory organs, they penetrate into the body and contribute to the improvement of the entire body.

Most often for pairs and saunas use an embedded stone, although polished can also be used.

How to care?

So that the stone does not lose their beauty and transparency over time stick to simple rules for care.

  • Jadeits should not be kept in place with high humidity, and also need to avoid storage in high dust conditions. Do not exhibit a stone under direct ultraviolet rays.
  • Every six months need to be cleaned with water with soap, after cleaning the stone it is necessary to wipe dry, any chemicals are prohibited.
  • As far as possible, try to protect your stone from mechanical shocks and damage.

Beautiful examples

A lot of beautiful legends and believes are connected with the Jadeite. So, according to the beliefs of the ancient Aztecs, the gods first created children from this stone, and only then have already embodied them in the womb.

In China, decorations from this stone could afford only the most high-ranking known. It is believed that this stone is a relative of all other precious stones in the world, symbolizing the most important human virtues: wisdom, courage, mercy, as well as modesty and justice.

The rulers of the ancient China wore clothes from Jadeita, they slept on pillows encrusted with this gem, and fell only from the greeting dishes only.

In the east sacred believe that stone. It is no coincidence that the best compliment, which can only make a woman, is considered “you are beautiful, like Jadeit”. Probably there is no such Chinese who would not try to accumulate money and acquire one of the decorations with this stone, because many millennia Minerals are a sign of well-being, wealth and high social status of their owners.

Examples of elegant and sophisticated decorations are a lot, such products can be worn both everyday and meetings or dates.

To make sure that Jade is really a beautiful and interesting stone for creating jewelry and various statuettes, consider the following photofooting.

You can learn more about this stone from the video below.

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