All about sterling silver

All about sterling silver

Silver – Favorite and preferred by many white metal whose history has a century. Once silver appreciated even above the gold due to high-quality alloys. However, over time, he learned to add impurities and some metals, which led to the loss of initial value. Silver began to label different samples.

What it is?

The term “sterling silver” means that some impurities have been added to the noble metal. Sterling is used to create exquisite chasing, all sorts of decorations, elegant cutlery, time enclosures, coins and everything for which silver is not suitable, labeled 999 breakdown. The strength of the product is obtained by connecting silver with other metals (ligatures). At the same time, the plasticity of the alloy is preserved, and a noble shade appears. Marking 925 suggests 7.5% of additives per 100 grams of mass directly silver.

Most often, the metal is doped with copper, which allows you to create an alloy with high-quality characteristics, but not without flaw. The propensity of copper to oxidation in contact with oxygen over time leads to the appearance of a dark fly on the product. And here With other ligatural inclusions, sterling silver remains unchanged light and glossy.

If you add to silver platinum, zinc, titanium, cadmium or germanium, the alloy will not be inclined to the darkening, but it will be a significantly increased cost. Auxiliary elements serve palladium, aluminum, silicon and boron. Sterling silver alloyed by cadmium is considered the most expensive.

The material under consideration is obtained by melting pure silver at T 893 ° C. Copper added in such conditions not only connects with the main component, but without the residue dissolves in it, forming the so-called solid solution. Almost one mixing components is not enough, after the melting procedure, the material first burn to eliminate the heterogeneity of the metal and increase its strength.

To obtain the required plasticity alloy, it is necessary to harden it, and after the aging, bringing T to 300 ° C . After this stage, sterling silver becomes tighter by 2.5 times. The completion of the processing process of the product is cleaning from plaque and whitening.


Directly by the name of the described alloy it is easy to assume that it somehow refers to British currency – pound sterling. In reality Alloy marking 925 has its own history.

In England of the XII century, a coin of Sterling silver served as one of the calculated funds. The monetary unit was at a great price, because it could be calculated for expensive domestic things, decorations and all sorts of values. The weight of 240 silver coins was equal to one pound. If the same sterling weighed less than the pound, the coins were considered fake. There are also a different version of the appearance of such silver, in the XI century in Northern Germany, special coins for settlements with the British. This version in 1955 was shared by the historian. Pitchebek.

Gradually sterling got distribution in other countries.


The main pluses of sterling silver is considered Attractive view and plasticity with high alloy strength. It is little subject to oxidation, and products from it are obtained enough for daily use. Sterling silver is celebrated Bactericidal properties. Metal does not irritate the skin, after contacting it, there are no traces. Silver resistant to external influences and is not subject to corrosion.

With sterling silver it is convenient to work, such products are not spoiled with a daily sock from the selected sweat, fat and do not change, being under the rays of the Sun.


On high-quality silver products of the 925th sample Special marking with information on percentage in them pure metal. The test of this labeling indicates that each kilogram of the alloy accounts for 92.5% of white metal. According to international standards near the sample, there should be a trademark of the plant. Sometimes it is encaming “Sterling” or its abbreviated version “Ster”.

Silver 925 samples are used to create jewelry: Seagh, rings, chains. It is not inferior at the price of many precious alloys. For noble radiance, sterling silver belongs to the category of highly periodic precious metals. At the same time, it serves a long time and slowly oxidized.

This material demonstrates good smoothness and easily acquires the desired form. At the decoration created from this metal, there is a high level of hardness and resistance to the effect of the environment.

What differs from the usual?

Sterling silver is a widespread material. Typically, jewels are made of it – this is a wonderful alloy for the process of black and decoration of decorative enamel. His color is not distinguished from alloy a higher sample, it looks surprisingly harmoniously as the framing of precious stones and pearls. Sterling alloy produce refined cutlery, and kitchenware.

How to understand what the difference between sterling silver from pure metal? Silver – silver-white solid, but plastic metal. Over time, under the influence of hydrogen sulfide, in the air, a sulfidal flare appears on the sweat metal. Silver sweat – its first drawback, clearly visible on jewelry. The less copper is present in the alloy, the greater the stability of the connection.

Clean silver jewelers in the work is not used. Do not use it for the production of dishes. To increase the qualitative characteristics, copper or aluminum is included in its composition. To protect jewelry from damage and darkening, they are covered with rhodium. The layer of this coating gives a silver product of a snow-selling tint. Only thus treated silver not everyone likes. Many prefer natural decorations.

Where applies?

Sterling silver is ideal for creating bracelets, pendants, crosses, seg and t.D. Such decorations look elegant and elegant, especially in the company with precious stones. Also from alloy cast excellent table silver and decorative things. A huge amount of jewelry and decorative decorations from the described alloy are produced in Southeast Asia, in particular, in China.

In quality, a precious alloy, brought from China, can make decent competition to the exported silver supplied by other countries.

But the properties of the metal are not limited to the jewelry area of ​​activity. It is used in the technical field, medicine and t.D. Specialists in Production of saxophones celebrate the amazing sound of sterling silver. Many flagships of production of musical instruments, such as “Selmer” and “Yanagisaba”, use this alloy. It is believed that thanks to him the tools acquire the opportunity to sound better. In Europe, sterling silver produce decorative elements and dishes – tea sets, cutlery and t.D.

How much is?

Silver-based alloy is becoming increasingly popular, in connection with which its cost increases. Rates for jewelry depend on the territorial location of the manufacturer, as well as from the complexity and uniqueness of work.

Ring prices start from 450 rubles, the most simple earrings can be purchased for 580, bracelet from 280, and a chain is at least 600 rubles. The price of a sterling silver product depends on labor costs. For example, in China it is lower than in other countries. The influence of this factor is noticeably reflected on the evaluation of jewelry and other products.

The increase in the value of sterling silver is influenced by reducing the reserves of noble metal across the planet. For this period, the price per gram of silver average is $ 0.62. The low cost of Chinese products from this metal should cause alertness from the buyer.

Making a purchase of jewelry in a jewelry online store, it is certainly to read product reviews from those who have already done orders. In this regard, it is more convenient to make purchases through social networks, carefully examining the information of customers who have already managed to evaluate the products. It is worth understanding that Silver price should not be too low. Products made of it do not change properties for a long time. And easy blazing is enough to clean at home.

How to clean?

Over time, the decorations of silver 925 samples are slightly dark. With pure silver, this does not happen, because the metal without impurities is low-effective chemically and enters into interaction with oxygen only at high temperature. In the 925 sample alloy there are minor copper impurities, so natural patina sulfide will appear on it – silver sulfide.

For storage of storing silver, darkened places are most suitable. Ideally will store products in a bag of opaque fabric, such as skin or suede, and it is better to highlight a separate place in the jewelry box.

The appearance of a small darkening on silver products is a natural process caused by the aging of the metal. To prevent further destruction, the silver items of the 925th samples are applied Artificial Patina.

The products made of alloy based on pure silver need proper care, otherwise they will lose their initial attractiveness. If the thing is often used, it is affected by moisture and sunlight.

If the product basically lies in the box, then periodically it needs to be removed and cleaned.

Jewelry Specialists give the following recommendations for caring for sterling silver products.

  1. Cleaning the darkened areas need to be dental powder, diluted by ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. It is advisable to use a soft cloth from which scratches on metal will not appear.
  2. You can not make a mechanical cleaning of the plaque, as the coating may randomly damage.
  3. Store sterling silver preferably in a dark place.

An effective way to return natural radiance sterling things is boiling in soda solution. For a cleaning procedure for one glass of water added 1 st. L. Food Soda. Food foil is laid on the bottom of the water tank. The product is left in boiling water for 15 minutes.

To preserve the beauty of jewelry silver products it is better to use professional cleaning in the cabin. At home it is impossible to execute such a procedure. Special funds are needed, from which things will find a primordial appearance, and the coating will remain intact.

About how to clean silver from black clutch, see the following video.

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