All about Tanzan

All about Tanzan

It is impossible to stay indifferent, looking at glittering by all shades of blue and purple tanzanite. This crystal fascinates whether the ocean lures in the puchin of his charm. Although the stone is not precious, but only semi-precious, he enjoys a huge demand in the jewelry market. He could not even resist the cinema. But first things first. First tell me when and where this mineral was discovered which kinds of Tanzanita are. You will learn about his useful properties and how to distinguish the original from the fake.

A bit of history

Tanzanite was discovered relatively recently – in 1967. Before that, only representatives of the Masai tribe were known about the stone – the indigenous people of the East African state of Tanzania, in whose territory he was found. Masai showed this wonderful mineral to the Portuguese researcher Manuel de Souza. He went to the expedition on Tanzania to seek rubies, and eventually discovered a completely new stone. Although it immediately did not understand.

First counted that this is an ordinary glass. Then there was an assumption that the stone – one of the rare varieties of sapphire, to which he is very similar to.

But after careful analysis of the crystal, scientists came to the conclusion that Tanzanite refers to the type of tsisites – silicate minerals, which in its composition 2 main components: calcium and aluminum, and there is a vanadium, iron and chrome.

The first time this discovery did not attach much importance. About Tanzani actively spoke only in a year. It happened after the stone saw the vice-president of the famous jewelry house “Tiffany” Henry Platt. The beauty of an amazing gem inspired him to create a special collection dedicated to the recently open crystal. And it was the platte that gave him a name – Tanzanit, consonant with the name of the birthplace of the blue mineral of Tanzania.

After loud success on the podium, the stone became popular around the world, in demand by buyers and jewelry companies of all countries.

Varieties and characteristics

Officially in scientific circles, Tanzanite is called blue zeisite. As scientists found out, this mineral is more than 500 million years. It originated as a result of the tectonic collision of the two oldest continents.

However, for a long time, no one knew about him, since Tanzanit is a bright blue shade very rarely meets in nature. Most often find brownish-yellow specimens, which because of their color merge with the grass scorched by glowing heat, so they remained invisible for a long time.

Blue stones are as a result of heating when the mineral affects the temperature of more than 500 ° C. But after the crystal cools, he does not lose his deep sea color. The natural tanzanite is such a color – this is a consequence of the centuries-old impact of the sun, lightning, fires and volcanic processes. It is valued much higher than the instances obtained by heat treatment, and is worth it, respectively, more expensive.

But only it is very difficult to determine its naturalness, but an ordinary person is almost impossible. This sellers enjoy, issuing a blue color crystal for its natural way.

There are still tanzanites of purple and dark red shades – also the rarest minerals, but they do not use high customer demand. And also there are greenish and even pink varieties, and sometimes practically transparent crystals. But still in the jewelry world is bigger than the color of the sea depth.

Tanzanite has the so-called Alexandrite Effect, i.e Stone changes its color tone depending on the lighting (in the daily sunlight it is predominantly blue, and under lamps and sofits becomes red-violet). And he is also peculiar to pleochroism – Crystal is overflowing with various shades and faces depending on the position in the space and angle of review.

Tanzanit in contrast to diamond is very soft and fragile, like glass. Blue mineral hardness on a 10-point Moos scale of only 6.5 -7. Therefore, not all cutters are solved with it – the slightest careless movement can lead to the fact that the stone will split into small pieces. But those who are taken for treating a rare mineral create real jewelry masterpieces.

Place of Birth

In the world there is only one place where blue zeisite is produced – Plateau Melinini, which is located at the slope Volcano Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The total area of ​​the deposit is only 5 km. It is divided into 4 zones: A, B, C and D. Superiments of Tanzanitis are engaged in companies from England, South Africa and Tanzania, and the latter has more than 60% of all mined minerals.

Other deposits of this rare stone have not yet been discovered, perhaps they are no longer on the planet anywhere and no. Therefore, the cost of Tanzanite is very high. And given the fact that in 15 years, the only one today will be exhausted, the price and value of the exotic mineral will increase even more over time.

Healing and Magic Properties

Tanzanit is not only divinely beautiful, but also useful – it helps in solving life difficulties and health problems.

Magic properties

This unusual stone is credited with valuable magic properties.

  • It retains harmony and mutual understanding in family relationships, Helps to resolve emerging conflicts between spouses. However, the stone also “punishes” the traitor. In the case of betrayal of one of his spouses, it will be pursued by trouble as retribution for insincerity and meanness. But if everything is fine in marriage, Tanzanite will, on the contrary, to protect and strengthen the family union.

  • Lonely girls dreaming to meet their “Prince”, He helps to make this desire. Attention from the opposite sex to the carrier of blue stone becomes greater, and therefore, the chances of finding their soulthers increase significantly.

  • If in your life now problems with finance, then Tanzanite will help them solve. This stone attracts prosperity and prosperity. And he also favors those who seek to achieve new career peaks. Just don’t just sit and admire the stone all day, hoping that everything will come. Tanzanit loves active, decisive and purposeful people. And it is this way that he sends good luck, favorable circumstances and well-deserved success

  • If you can’t find your purpose in life, you don’t know what kind of activity to choose, Tanzanite will help you to self-effect and find the use of your talents. If you have already decided what you want to do, the stone will attract your life, the necessary circumstances and people will help to implement your desires. Creative Persons Tanzanit Especially False, giving inspiration, developing imagination and ability.

  • Tanzanite is considered a mystical stone, Therefore, it is often worn by psychics as an amulet. It helps to better develop supernatural magical abilities from those who actually possesses. But people far from psychic, it will be useful, as it contributes to the development of intuition. And this feeling sometimes worth listening even stronger than to the voice of the mind.

Healing properties

Tanzanit is able to facilitate physical condition in some diseases and even heal from them.

  1. African crystal may well replace the pill from headaches or strengthen its action. The overflowing blue-violet stone removes an excessive stress, facilitates the attack of migraine and warns the appearance of a new.
  2. Contemplation of Tanzanite has a beneficial effect on vision. To admire the blue mineral it is useful for those who work for a long time at a computer – this is a great eye stay in every sense. But Tanzanit is also able to improve visual sharpness: a person, every day, seeing blue crystal, begins to see better.
  3. Bracelet with Tanzanite reduces back pain and joints. Just wear it need constantly.
  4. Tanzanit strengthens the body’s protective forces, helping him to deal with various colds and viral diseases. It reduces the symptoms of ARVI and contributes to the speedy recovery.
  5. Acne and acne on the face, especially in adolescents, can be a source of serious experiences and psychological complexes. Clear face from hateful inflammation will help blue mineral. To do this, it is recommended every morning to wash the water in which a stone was located for some time. Anti-inflammatory effect also wearing a culon with a tanzanite.
  6. If you can still argue with previous points, then the effectiveness of Tanzanite as a sedative means, albeit very expensive, proved and confirmed by many people. Contemplation of the stone relaxes the body and mind, soothes the nervous system, removes the alarm, making a person more balanced, allows him to react to complex stressful situations more adequately, without panic and unnecessary emotions. Helps Tanzanit also in insomnia and depressions.

Who fits?

First of all, the ocean color mineral is suitable for watermarks (fish, cancer and water bodies). He is their talisman, patronizes them and helps in different life situations.

Tanzanit is also recommended to wear people unrestrained, those who are hard to control their emotions, who often splash them on others. This, as a rule, signs of fire elements: Lion, Sagittarius and especially Aries – the most hot and temperamental of them. Blue crystal will make its owner more balanced and less susceptible to the influence of momentary feelings and gusts.

As for the remaining representatives of the zodiac constellation, they can also wear jewelry with tanzanite: it enhances positive qualities and weakens negative.

But also Tanzanit is a symbol of love and a strong marital union, so decorations with this stone will become an excellent gift for the anniversary of family or living together.

Earrings or a pendant with a tanzanite help to strengthen the female charm, so they are recommended to wear girls who want to meet a loved one or just attract the attention of the opposite sex, causing the thrill of male hearts.

How to distinguish from fake?

Such an incredibly beautiful and exclusive stone deservedly enjoys high demand, which means that scammers are greatly a temptation to fake him than they do.

Under the tanzanite can hide ordinary glass. A very thin layer of natural Tanzanite is applied on top of her, which can deceive the inexperienced buyer and convince him that in front of him, indeed, blue zeisite. Reveal such a fake, especially when the stone is already inserted into the decoration, it is very difficult.

For Tanzanit, there is sometimes a blue sapphire of artificial origin, however, this fake is more expensive, therefore it is resorted to such a way.

To distinguish the real tanzanite from its cheap “clones” can be in several signs.

  • If the stone has too unattended color, too bright and causing – in front of you, most likely, fake. The color of the present Tanzanite is more relaxed, deep and rich.

  • Pleochroism is one of the most important characteristics of Tanzanite. This item is faster and easier to check, it is worth only to turn the decoration with a stone in the hands. He must sparkle blue and purple overflows, changing the color depending on the position and on how the light falls.

  • This way you can check the stone on the fake only at home. To do this, you need to lower it into the water. If the crystal saves its color, then you bought a real tanzanite. And if, during diving, the stone brightened completely or brighter became some of its sections, it indicates the work of fraudsters.

  • If you are offered to buy a stone on a suspiciously low price – this is the first reason to think about his “felt”. Faceted natural tanzanite is expensive. Overcome the desire to save, then not to become the stupid, which will eventually pay twice. The cost of 1 karat Tanzanite varies on the market from 300 to 1000 dollars.

  • Stone must be clean and transparent. This means that there should be no extraneous impurities in the faceted crystal. Transparency is achieved by high temperatures in the process of processing

To reduce the risk of buying a fake tanzanite, it is necessary to approach his acquisition very responsibly. It is best to contact well-known jewelry companies that have already proven themselves in the market. Or turn to an experienced specialist who will check the stone for authenticity.

Beautiful examples

Almost simultaneously with the advent of Tanzanite on the podium in the famous collection “Tiffany” began his “film cart”.

In the popularization of this stone, a tangible contribution was made by American actress Elizabeth Taylor, the famous “Cleopatra”. She loved to wear jewelry with Tanzanite, because this stone, like no other, coincided with the phials of her eyes, emphasizing their unusual and beauty.

But the most famous decoration with Tanzanite in cinema is, of course, the suspension from the Oscar-free film of James Kemeron “Titanic”, which heroine Kate Winslett her groom. Yes, yes, the role of a rare blue diamond “Ocean’s Heart” performed no one else like Tanzanit!

The rest of the applicants seemed to the director not too bright and expressive – even a real diamond did not stand competition with a semi-precious blue mineral.

The largest raw tanzanite was discovered in 2005. His dimensions: 280x80x70 mm. Stone weight – almost 17 thousand carats or more than 3 kg. Crystal called Mavents in honor of the second highest top of Kilimanjaro, at the foot of which he was found.

The most famous grated tanzanite in the world belongs to Michael Scott – the first executive director of Apple. The stone is located in the luxurious Tiara “Queen Kilimanjaro” surrounded by over 900 diamonds. The weight of the blue crystal is 242 carats.

Another major faceted copy of the blue crystal weighing 122.7 karat is located in the Museum Collection of Smithson Institute in the US.

How to care for mineral?

Since Tanzanit is a very fragile stone, it requires a maximum careful relationship and delicate care. Here are some basic rules for handling it.

  • Store Tanzanite separately from other decorations in an individual packaging: it can be a velvet bag, but it is better to use a box or a box. Stone should not come into contact with other decorations and solid objects, otherwise they can easily damage it and leave scratches on it.
  • Tanzanita is contraindicated high temperatures and high humidity, so before going to the sauna, the decoration with a tanzanite must be removed. Too low temperatures for crystal are also undesirable.
  • Cleaning the stone is necessary a wet cloth moistened in soap solution. At the same time, soap should also be gentle – it is best to use a nursery, as it is more gentle and natural. Water should be slightly above room temperature, but in no case is not hot.
  • Clean the tanzanite with aggressive chemicals and use hard sponges can not!

How and with what to wear?

Such a luxurious stone, like Tanzanit, should be part of only evening toilet. He brightly sprinkles with all its faces when artificial lighting. At the same time, it is not necessary to use too bright makeup, excess accessories and small parts in the dress is also harmful – the stone one will cope with the challenge to shove all the attention to its owner. He will greatly look even on the background of a conventional black dress, bringing a unique highlight to the image.

With him any woman will look gorgeous! It is best to use a stone in the set: to wear, for example, necklace and earrings or a ring with earrings.

For everyday bow, Tanzanit is not suitable, unless you are in the image of glamorous diva – then the stone perfectly will complement it. But still it is better for wearing the day, so as not to look too vulgar, use decorations with small crystals, and it is desirable to choose some one product – ring, bracelet or earrings.

With sports style Tanzanit does not harmonize completely, however, like any other stones.

Combinations with other stones

Denial neighbors of Tanzanite can only be diamonds. They emphasize the magnificence of the blue crystal, will make it even more spectacular and brighter. Despite the high cost and value, diamonds in Tandem with Tanzanite will play a minor role, becoming only a brilliant and very expensive framed.

As for other precious and semi-precious stones, Tanzanit does not need. In aesthetic plan, the African stone is absolutely self-sufficient.

However, if you want to wear a tanzanite, like an amulet, then The combination with other stones is able to strengthen its magic properties. So, it is recommended to combine in one decoration Tanzanit with amethyst, if you wish to achieve success on the love front. Luck in affairs and enhance the service will be promoted by the close “friendship” of Topaz and Tanzanite. But the young girls are best combining Tanzanit with Rubin – it promises success in both spheres: both personal and professional.

Even the most colorful description does not convey all the dazzling beauty of Tanzanite, which easily won the hearts of many people.

Being just a semi-precious stone, he is worthy of a worthy competition to his higher-by-step fellows. And its rarity and smallness gives Tanzanit to even greater value and weight in the jewelry world.

On the properties of the stone of the new millennium, see further.

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