All about the birth of gold

All about the birth of gold

Estimation of centuries Jewelry decorations were considered a sign of wealth or even luxury. Competently selected accessory pointed out the taste of its owner. Nowadays, gold jewelry are a wonderful gift for young girls and adult women. Do not forget about the luxurious presents for men. To give the yellow metal of an expressive appearance, specialists use special coatings.

What it is?

At the peak of popularity there are decorations, in the manufacture of which the technology of gold roding was used. During the execution of this procedure, a coating of another metal is applied on the product – Rhodium.

Ringing is applied when working with decorations of various samples, including 585 samples, which is the standard for most jewelry.

As a result of processing, yellow material acquires a light shade and becomes like white gold.

Rhodium refers to precious metals and enters the platinum group metals. It has all the necessary physical and chemical properties. It is a solid and an inert element, which is part of the periodic table of Mendeleev. In addition, experts noted the high reflectivity of the rhodium, thanks to which the decorations acquire expressive shine and radiance.

The substance used for the processing of jewelry was open in 1803. Due to the insignificant number of deposits of this metal, its value is constantly increasing.

Light and shining coating performs not only visual, but also practical purpose. Don’t forget that gold is albeit beautiful metal but soft on nature.

With a slight load, it deforms, other defects appear on it.

Ringing makes the product stronger, removes excessive plasticity.

The coating with rhodium is used for the following purposes:

  • Changes color shade+
  • Shading decoration+
  • Strengthening fasteners+
  • Processing places intended for inlaying products stones.

Pros and cons

Rhodium coating has its advantages and disadvantages that were denoted by connoisseurs of jewelry and professional jewelers.

This procedure has a number of positive characteristics.

  • Metal processing from platinum group gives products a unique appearance. Rhodium-covered decorations become more shining, expressive and noble. In addition, such an appearance is preserved even with intensive operation of jewelry.
  • If you wish to maintain an old product from a noble metal, it is recommended to give it to the jewelry workshop, ordering the parent service. Such processing will change the chemical features of the metal, and due to this, the service life will significantly last.
  • A layer of noble and light metal makes products less vulnerable to a negative environmental impact, for example, to temperatures and various reagents. Processed products are not afraid of alkali, acids, chlorine and other aggressive components. This factor is important for those who wear jewelry almost always.
  • With the help of rhodium, experts change the standard color of gold. In most cases, when using a metal platinum metal, a white glossy shade of the surface of the gold jewelry is achieved. However, with the help of additional chemical elements, you can give the product and another unusual shade.
  • Due to the processing, you can refresh the old decoration, giving them a modern appearance. This is a small service service that is affordable to the pocket of each wishes.

    Listed the main advantages relating to the use of rhodium in the jewelry sphere. In fact, the advantages of such processing are much more. Despite numerous advantages, this procedure also has its drawbacks.

    Cons concluded in the following moments.

    • Changing the appearance of the product is simultaneously considered both the advantage and disadvantage. The fact is that because of the rhodium it is difficult to visually determine the metal from which the decoration was performed. Some buyers who pay special attention to jewelry, can define gold sample. But not all users know how. In order not to become a victim of fraudsters, spending money for a fake, you need to buy a purchase in a tested store. It is also recommended to check the documentation that is attached to each decoration.
    • The following drawback is to erase the coverage. Despite the strength and wear resistance of the rhodium, when processing products, a thin layer is applied, which over time is erased. In this case, it will have to constantly update the coating, and this is additional financial expenses.

      The visual effect of processing and the service life depends on the master performing the work, and other factors.

      The rhodium layer can have a different thickness, which varies from 0.1 to 0.25 millimeters.

      This parameter depends on wear resistance, practicality and stability of an additional layer to external influence.


      Now specialists working in the jewelry field use several technology of parental. During the execution of this process, electrolysis is used.

      This is a special physico-chemical process requiring special skills and skills.

      Before parenting, it is necessary to prepare jewelry. Them are thoroughly clean with special solutions and polish. Then degreased alkali and washed – sequentially in hot and cold water. In the final stage of preparation, the product is kept for a few seconds in a solution of sulfuric acid. This is done in order to increase adhesion riding with the surface of gold.

      At the same time prepares a liquid solution from rhodium salts. Products are immersed in a bath with a liquid through which the electric current is passed. In the process of performing the processing of the molecule of this platinum metal form a smooth and smooth layer.

      Maximum coating thickness numbers 25 micrometers. This indicator 4 times less than the thickness of the human hair.

      White gold coating

      When using the birth to process products from white metals, an additional layer is applied over the entire surface of the product. This is due to the fact that the basic alloy coincides with the color with protective coating. Even when erasing or damage to the top layer, the difference will not be noticeable. In some cases, when working with light precious metals, parental is used for protective purposes.

      Treatment of yellow and red gold

      In this case, the masters adhere to the same technology and when working with white gold. The main difference concludes in partial application of rhodium on the surface of the product. The fact is that over time the main metal will begin to gradually come across an additional layer. As a result, the appearance of the decoration will deteriorate, aesthetics will break.

      When working with colored dragocent metals, rhodium cover only lodge for stones, increasing their reflective ability. After processing, the brightness of the radiance increases significantly.

      Ringing is very similar to the process of gilding. In both cases, a thin layer of metal is applied on the product, which changes the appearance of the product and acts as protection. The main difference is that the layer of rhodium gives white color, and the gilding is yellow.

      Processing varieties

      Coating with rhodium use for several purposes. There are several types of coating that are used by professionals not one decade.

      Standard processing is used in most cases. With its help, the product acquire cold shine and silver shade. The coating remains for a long time, extended service life.

      This coating option is used when working with gold, silver and even jewelry.

      Black Parisions

      In this case, the usual protective properties of the metal layer are preserved, and the objects get noble and exquisite black. With this processing of the product acquire an antique view. The master can adjust the saturation of the coating: from light gray to a saturated black. This processing option is wonderful for the product with black stones or pearls. The original effect is achieved at the expense of a special chemical composition.

      Care for decorations

      Food products need careful and regular care. And although rhodium increases the strength and wear resistance of the decorations, but still it is a thin layer of coating, which over time is erased.

      So that the products processed by rhodium looked presentable, the coating should be updated periodically.

      The main rules with processed products are concluded at several points.

      • Store jewelry need in a separate box or case.
      • Despite the resistance of the birth to chemical compositions, it is advisable to protect the decorations from contact with reagents.
      • Before bedtime, cleaning, drawing cosmetics and the use of household chemicals it is necessary to remove.
      • Rings are especially susceptible to erasure. As soon as they lose a presentable appearance, they should be passed to the jewelry workshop.
      • It is recommended to periodically clean products. Work should be performed without the use of aggressive or abrasive substances. You can use a soft cloth or brushes.

      For the benefits of parental, see the following video.

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