All about the carnelian

All about the carnelian

Many of us have heard of such an extraordinary mineral as a carnelian. It is able to have a healing effect on the body, heal as spiritual and physical wounds. In this article, you will familiarize yourself with all available information about this extraordinary stone, with its magical and medicinal features, as well as physical composition.


Cherdelik, like his hencer-chalcedony, appears as a result of post-zero hydrothermal processes in lava flows. It is believed that the name of this mineral has come to our language due to the name of the majestic Ancient Sarda city (or Sardis, by biblical records), which was the capital of Lydia. It was there that this mineral was discovered in an era of antiquity, judging by the ancient records and finds.

First, the carnelian was used exclusively as a material for the manufacture of workers: Archaeologists found hoes and remedies with carnelian crystals, which are dated to the VIII century to our era.

Only then, after several centuries, this mineral began to be actively used in creating jewelry, amulets and facing. The beauty and therapeutic properties of the carnelian soon became known in many other countries. There was a time when Tiara, bracelets and necklaces from the carnelian were worth much more than decorations from previously known jewels. In the 4th century BC, this stone was comparable to the values ​​of diamond, pearl and emerald.

Famous historical personalities who wore a carnelian are Cleopatra (half of her decorations and decorations of the rooms consisted of carnelian) and Tamerlan (the elements of the carnelian were present in his belt and clothing). Even in the territory of modern Russia, this stone was popular – he was called “Kadnos” or “Lubricant”, and used for cutting glasses, decoration icons and crosses.

In nature, a few varieties of carnelian are known, which received their individual names due to the specific color.

  • Carneol. Looks like a red crystal, inside which the real bodies and blood droplets are. The name came from the Latin language, where the word Cornus literally denotes “Berry of Kizyl” (Kizil – famous red healing berry).

  • Classic carnelian. It has original orange-peach or orange-red color. Of all the varieties, it is most often found.

  • Lincurian. A variety of carnelics of yellowish and lemon colors.

  • Sarder. It has crumpled red or dark crystals, sometimes brown and brown shades are found.

  • Sardonyx. A kind of carnelian with characteristic horizontal white lines-belts along the entire mineral. Strips can separate some similar shades in stone or serve as a border for several contrasting colors. Strins are white, brown or black colors.

Physiochemical properties

By its structure, the carnelian is an ordinary chalcedony, that is, a layered quartz of volcanic origin. The chemical formula of such minerals looks very simple – SiO2. Chalcedones themselves can vary significantly in the colors: Minerals of black, white (light), blue, and even blue are known.

The color of such stones directly depends on those additional substances and minerals, which are included in their composition, however, the formula itself is practically unchanged.

The most popular carnelian color is red-orange or orange-yellow, This shade was formed due to the content of a large amount of FE2O3 mineral. Almost all the stones have an exceptionally layered uneven structure, which is wonderful seen if it does not look at, then in the cross section. The most valuable chalacedones are monophonic models, they are less common and used for the manufacture of elite jewelry.

And now it is worth dealing with a detailed description of the physical and chemical properties of the carnelian.

  • Refers to the family of chalcedins.
  • At least 90% of the composition of mineral – silicon dioxide or SiO2.
  • The most frequent inclusions – trivalent iron hydroxides.
  • Come colors and shades: Black, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Honey, Chestnut, Brown, Brown.
  • By its structure, the raw stone is rather fragile. Average density – no more than 2.6 grams / cm³.
  • Flooring of a sink type.
  • Glitter Natural stones are missing, there is a small gloss if the stone is polished and processed.
  • On the internal structure of the matte, almost opaque.
  • Spatcy is absent.
  • The hardness on the Moos scale – from 6 to 7 points.
  • Acid-resistant.

Basic fields

The most famous carnelian deposits are located in India, Brazil, Uruguay, Egypt, Germany, Mongolia and Ukraine. Many of these minerals, like Amber, brings the waves.

Indian carneols are considered the most popular, which are capable of changing their color with dark on the brightest when exposed to sunlight.

If we talk about the deposits of these minerals in the CIS countries, then in abundance, the stones are brought from the Crimea – there they are mined in the territory of the volcanic massif Karadag. Also, the carnelian deposits are in Eastern Siberia (the best jewelry carnelian is mined there, in the Primorsky Krai, in Chukotka, in Buryatia and Yakutia.

Medical and Magic

Many semi-precious stones have therapeutic and magical properties, however, only a small number of these stones are officially able to help people. Carnelian treat such minerals. Below you can familiarize yourself with therapeutic and mystical properties of this stone.


The healing properties of this stone were known a few more thousand years ago. In ancient Egypt, this mineral, washed into a powder and mixed with wine, was used as a toning agent and for the treatment of head and toothache. Mention of the healing properties of the stone can be found in the works of Avicenna and Biruni.

To understand the value of the carnelian already in modern medicine, it is worth remembering the existence of such treatment as Cherdelicotherapy. Everything is explained by the fact that the carnelian radiates weak radioactive waves, which, with the necessary doses and proper use, are able to heal some diseases. To speak short, then such radiation restores cells, regenerates old fabrics, contributes to the rapid healing of wounds, edema, and improves the patient’s condition in general.

There is also an unconfirmed theory that the carnelian is able to stop the development of cancer cells.

Most often, the treatment of carnelian is used in the following diseases and pathologies:

  • gangrene+
  • Trophic ulcers+
  • Narya+
  • Skin diseases: Jews, acne, acne+
  • anemia+
  • Cardiovascular disease+
  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract+
  • Problems of kidneys+
  • infertility+
  • impotence+
  • Thyroid problems+
  • Odi and Violations of the vestibular apparatus+
  • Cancer disease+
  • Endocrine pathology+
  • sepsis.

At home, carnelian is advised to apply with chronic pains in different parts of the body: injury, chronic fatigue, overwork. In this case, pre-heated pebbles are applied to certain parts of the body. It is believed that the stones put on the eyelids and eyes are able to take fatigue, migraine, and even restore the visual function.

Also, mineral is used in the process of adjusting the work of the entire body, especially regarding weak patients: women after pregnancy, children, other patients after protracted diseases.

When choosing a carnelian for drugs, you should pay attention to stones with a large number of white veins – this indicates the content of a large amount of radium.

    Despite all the favorable properties of the carnelian, It is necessary to treat them only with the permission of a qualified physician. Such treatment is considered traditional only in a narrow circle of modern clinics, and therefore such specialists will find quite difficult.


    Healers and astrologers are convinced that the carnelian fully reveals its potential on the love field. Too strict and squeezed people, he liberates, opening their hearts for the whole world. For initially romantic natures, he is a kind of charm who protects from change, betrayal and intrigues.

    This mineral is considered the most powerful marital stone, No wonder the brides are often given bracelets and necklaces, in which the carnelian is contained: it acts as a certain bodyguard who will try to preserve mutual respect, patience and love in marriage. Figures, crafts and other elements of the carnelian interior are advised to put a couple in the bedroom: it will not allow passions and desires.

    In sexual terms, such a type of carnelian, as a dark red carneol, is most susceptible: he exacerbates desires, increases the sense of sexuality and liberates the owner.

    As for the others, not the love properties of the carnelian, the orange chalcedony is able to protect its owner from the destruction of natural cataclysms: hail, shower, thunderstorms, even earthquakes. Stone gives care travelers on the way, protects against exhaustion, injury and injury. Red or brown carnelics are real detectors of ill-wishers and enemies. These stones for beginner lawyers are especially useful: they will give more confidence to statements, will make it a more logical and reasonable.

    Another useful magical property of the carnelian is its soothing and pacifying action. When the carnelian on you, you have much less chance to chant, join the conflict or weakened with loved ones, friends and colleagues. This stone will be especially useful for people who are in contact with people most of time and burdened with great responsibility.

    As already mentioned, the carnelian helps many people to reveal their hidden talents and natural abilities. He is not able to give a person some certain qualities, he only sends a person along the path of their implementation. Cases are noticeable when people who are not endowed with any talents for many years, unexpectedly began to sing or draw, recently borrowing exactly Serma.

    The magical properties of the stone directly depend on how it looks.

    If your mineral is cloudy or blackened, immediately stands to wash it or just rinsed under running water, and then rub. Dirty carnelian can not only not have useful properties, but also be dangerous for a person. Do not be surprised that the promised magic properties of the stone are not justified. It may depend on your character (carnelian has a weak influence on initially strong personalities), the purity of the stone. And maybe you bought a fake mineral sample.

    Who fits?

    Each mineral with magical or medicinal properties is favorable to people with a certain character and warehouse of the mind.

    Usually experts prefer to compare the impact of this stone on people, depending on their zodiac sign.

    Elements that favorably affect the properties of the stone are water and earth. As for the favor of the planets, the Mercury and the Sun are in the role of patrons. It is believed that the carnelian is most combined with the following signs of the zodiac: Tales, Lions, Virgin, Aries and Gemini. In addition, this mineral refers to creative individuals: he gives them inspiration, reveals talents, lies with the accomplishment of new discoveries and committing. The result of the action of this mineral is especially noticeable together with other stones: Pink Quartz, Lazarith or Agatom.

    It is worth dealing with the influence of stone for certain zodiac signs.

    • Teltsy. The carnelian has a soothing and pacifying effect on this sign, helps to accept someone else’s point of view, prevents anger and aggression. Moreover, the carnelian fills the calves of the vital energy that is so necessary for them. It is considered, the carnelian is best to wear calves that are in search of pairs.

    • Raki. The types of carnelic of light tone (ivory colors) exacerbate the natural intuition of crayfish, develop logical thinking and make it possible to easily leave the victorious disputes. Such a property is best implemented by leaders and managers. As for the carnelian of other colors, especially darker, they should not wear cancers – they can provoke irritation.

    • Twins. The stone attaches to this sign of motivation in the accomplishment of their daily duties, motivates on the development of creative abilities. Chermanic raises patience, endurance, and teaches to find joy and pleasure even in everyday affairs and care.

    • Lions. Here, the carnelian performs organizing and loving function. It allows you to properly distribute your income and expenses, clearly plan the routine of the day to create the most optimal option. In addition, he will help the lions find a permanent and reliable partner, which alone lions it is difficult to achieve.

    • Virgin. Mineral helps this sign to cope with complex intellectual tasks, improves intuition towards other people. Here the stone should be worn together with silver or platinum in a rim – such a tandem will allow the owner of the stone to cope with the envious and rivals.

    • scales. Cherwell simply need this sign of the zodiac as a support mechanism in decision making. Insecure and impulsive scales often become in front of a severe life choice, with which the carnelian helps to cope.

    The romantic side of the scales will not be deprived of the help of a mineral: it acts as a certain love amulet who attracts lonely hearts and drives out those who need non-permanent communication.

    • Aries. Here, the carnelian passes through itself the energy of the sun itself, which allows the Aries to preserve the excellent arrangement of the Spirit, to find inspiration even in everyday things and not pay attention to failures.

    • Sagittsev. This mineral here acts as a friend who listens and supports in a difficult life situation. This is especially true of the tolerability of spiritual wounds and the experiences of painful parting with a partner, relatives or friends.

    • Capricorn. For self-confident, strict and consecutive Capricors, the carnelian can only help with confidence in their own forces. Still, Capricorn, like all other signs, often need to be accomplished. Especially this stone helps Capricorn, who are engaged in creative activity: he reveals their talents, allows you to liberate and forget about your protective barriers.

    • Aquarius. Talented and uncontrollable waterwords, which rarely follow what happens around, carnelian gives more sequence and insight. He helps the Aquarius to follow their friendly circle and immediately identifies traitors, envious and enemies. The greatest force here will be a carnelian with green and emerald shades.

    • Fish. It is impossible to say that for this sign, the carnelian performs some miraculous tasks. More efficiently for fish will be the impact of pearls, the rest of the minerals are wonderful just as decorations.

    Despite the described, carnelian can manifest itself from absolutely any signs of the zodiac. Do not advise wearing this stone only scorpions: it can give this sign of excessive activity and mania of improvement that can lead to aggression, dissatisfaction and omble.

    If we talk about the general qualities of the carnelian, he motivates people to think about their actions, gives confidence in their actions, awards creative people to the most valuable gift – inspiration.

    It is believed that this stone attracts men, which is especially useful for women in lengthy and unsuccessful search for partner.

    To wear a carman should be on the place that you want to have a healing effect. Women usually prefer bracelets, beads and pendants, carbon black hairpins. Men prefer rings, belts, cufflinks. If wearing a rings with a carnelian on hand, you should choose only the middle fingers, not unnamed.

    It is not advised to wear a carnelian together with Malachite and Beryll, these stones overlap all the magical and therapeutic properties of the carnelian and give it the same abilities as the ordinary street stone – no.

    How to care?

    Carnelian, as, however, and all the other chalcedones, does not need some painstaking care.

    The desire to keep the stone in beautiful appearance directly depends on its magical and therapeutic properties.

    It is worth considering the main abstracts to be navigable if you want to buy and store root decorations.

    • The best place to store stone or jewelry from it will be fabric bags where the stone will be protected from the external environment and not subject to physical exposure. Do not advise to place the carnelian in the boxes with other stones – some of the minerals placed together can create an unfavorable emotional field that will affect the owner of the stones. In addition, in such cupcasters, stones are very quickly losing the appearance due to the fact that they are constantly drunk and hit by each other.
    • Mineral should always be kept in pure form and purified from dust and dirt. To clean the carnelian, the flannel rags or sponges from the microfiber are used, you can take an ordinary cotton wool. As a means of cleaning, it is best to take the usual soap or natural soap solution.
    • Do not wear decorations from carnelian and other chalcedons during chemical treatment of rooms and cleaning the entire apartment. Harmful chemicals affect the texture of the stone, makes it muddy, rough and fragile.
    • It is believed that a carnelian who draws his energy from Mercury and the Sun, you need to charge under the right sunlight for several hours a day. For more time, you should not leave, otherwise your pebbles can simply lose their color.
    • Try not to drop the stones on the ground. The carnelian seems dense and strong, however, with the desired physical effects, this mineral is very fragile.
    • Some experts, carnelian is considered too active and emotional stone for constant wearing as decoration. Try to give a stone to rest away from your body and replace it with other minerals.
    • Remember that even in a small pebble carnelian contains a huge amount of energy. Dozens of densities from the carnelian on themselves, is great, the chance that you will not just be active or smart, but irritable and cynical. In addition to this, the more decorations from the carnelian, the more difficult it will take care of them. And even one crude carnelian in a chain or bracelet can lead to a bad mood.

    How to distinguish fake?

    Modern technologies make it extremely qualitative to fake any minerals and precious stones. Sometimes to determine artificial stone, you need to call a real jewelry and mineralogy specialist.

    If we are talking about semi-precious stones, such as carnelian, then manufacturers rarely use some kind of imitation methods, and therefore it will be easy to distinguish such goods from real minerals.

    • Chermanic is one of the types of chalcedon, which has characteristic orange and honey shades. To get this color in fake minerals, iron nitrate is added – it gives glass copies of the cherished copper color. To understand, fake in front of you or natural carnelian, just sweeten it with sandpaper or polish. Glass artificial samples will be easily stitched, and under the top layer you will find an absolutely different shade.
    • All chalcedones, including a carnelian, even in finished form have a matte surface with a wax coating, thanks to which these stones can be safely held in their hands and not be afraid that they will fall. At the same time, glass fakes are smooth, glossy and slippery.
    • If we are talking about plastic fake, it will be even easier to determine it. Plastics and polymers, even the strongest, have a weak density – they can easily scratch, and even split the chips or strip. But scratching on natural carolics is extremely difficult to leave, while it will be thin and almost imperceptible.
    • Weight. Regardless of whether the mineral model is unprocessed in front of you or the ready-made carnelian, it will be quite a lot of weigh. Fake stones, be it tree, plastic or even glass, always weigh much less.
    • Sound melody. Everyone knows that plastic makes a deaf and a chauk when tapping. At the same time, natural stone, even processed, will sound loud and ringing.
    • Price. Carnelian, although it is not a precious mineral, as part of jewelry is sometimes quite expensive – from 30 dollars and more. Separate small stones (from 5 to 10 grams) are rarely more expensive than 5-6 dollars.

    To determine natural is a carnelian or other mineral, sometimes enough just to contact a specialist. He will determine the type of carnelian, his purity, and will also give advice to care for this stone.

    About what kind of healing properties is a carman, look in the following video.

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