All about the green adventurine

All about the green adventurine

Green Avanturine is considered a good luck talisman, widespread in magical practices, traditional medicine. But to understand who it is suitable, and make the right choice, it is worth reading its properties and features. Consider in more detail how to distinguish a natural stone from a fake, where it is better to look for original products, what value this mountain breed has, and what kind ofrapeutic and magical properties are attributed to it.

History of origin

Avanturine is not a classic mineral, but a type of quartzite, rock, which includes a variety of scaly layers of stone. In the composition there is always a mica, gematitis and other splashes forming on its surface with the sparks of different colors and shades. Green Avanturin is valuable in that it is very rare. High purity of the stone is also quite rare – in this case, “arrows of Amur”, formed by thin rutila crystals, having a filamentary structure.

For the first time mention of the stone appeared in ancient Egypt. And in China in the same period he, due to its color, was valued at least than traditional jade. Green Aventurine was used even in the manufacture of imperial seals, but more often still performed as a supplement to traditional female decorations. In Russia, he entered the fashion in the XVIII century as a dodament stone in the manufacture of boring items known – candlesticks, cutlery handles.

There are various versions of the appearance of the name of the stone. The most common Italian, where the expression Per Avventura (on occasion) was once the name of a special grade of glass mass, distinguished by an unusual green tint. When it was found similar to the forever, he got a similar nickname.

In nature, the green color of the Aventurine gives the inclusion of fuchs. There is such a combination mainly in the east. It is known an Indian rock field located in Madras. Here you can more often hear another name of the stone. It is called Indian jade or zhag, but such a definition cannot be considered true.

Features and characteristics

Green Aventurine – a stone that is a type of quartzite and having a characteristic fine-grained structure. Mountain breed is formed in the process of sealing and recrystallization of precipitation of sandstones or shale of crystalline type. According to its physicochemical properties, the stone has the following indicators:

  • Hardness 6-7 on the Moos scale+
  • ease of processing – rough surface, is well polished, bash the cabochon+
  • SiO2 chemical formula, composed of 80% silicon oxide+
  • Glass brilliance+
  • minimal transparency allowed easy shift+
  • 2.65 density.

The brilliance and worst of stone are determined by its structure, scaly minerals in the composition. What they are more, the more intense the treated green adventurine shines.

Magic properties

It was originally believed that his strongest properties of green avanturine exhibits in the sphere of fortunes, it was used in the entourage of magical salons. Today it is customary to allocate its pronounced influence in the field of love magic. Here at the Green Avanturin, a special mission – He is considered a patron saint of the family, reduces the frequency of quarrels and conflicts, facilitates the achievement of mutual understanding between beloved.

These properties are particularly actively manifested when the moon decreases, as well as in the autumn-winter period.

Green Aventurine is useful and people who are fond of spiritual practitioners. It facilitates immersion in meditative condition, awakens the intellectual and intuitive sides of the person.

Unprocessed stone or rosary from it acquire when they want to radically change the life priorities. Possessing a strong energy potential, it helps to get rid of obsessive love experiences, overcome internal doubts.

More about the magic properties of the Avanturin, you will learn by looking at the following video.

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