All about Topazakh

All about Topazakh

Currently, perhaps, there is no person who would be indifferent to the precious stones. They always attracted their beauty, considered a sign of prosperity. Among the variety of precious minerals, anyone can find a copy of him who will be unique and unique in its own way. In this article we will focus in detail on topaz, consider its interesting properties, the features of the right care for it and much more.


Topaz is a semi-precious stone, famous people since ancient times. With archaeological excavations, many different decorations and ritual items were found, which were manufactured using this amazing mineral. There is evidence that the special demand of Topaz used the Renaissance era.

There are many disputes about where the name of this mineral comes from. An increasing preference is given to the version that he got its name from Topazios Island (in the modern world known as Zeberghet), located in the Red Sea. Although now excavations were produced on the island itself, but, alas, there was no one who was discovered there. Hence the conclusion that The true origin of this name has not yet been established.

Topaz refers to Aluminum Silicate Group. He has a rather complicated chemical structure, including aluminum oxide, fluorine, silica and water dioxide (there may also be insignificant inclusions of iron, chromium and titanium).

Another one of the physical properties of this stone is ability to change color under the influence of sun rays – it becomes colorless. However, when exposed to radioactive waves, it can acquire a yellow or orange color, and when heated, generally become blue.

One of the main advantages of the mineral is his Incredible hardness and strength (on the scale of Moos 8 points). The temperature of his melting reaches 1000 degrees.

In its density (3.49-3.57 g / cube. cm) Topaz is one of the toughest stones, he can give up anything diamond. Based on this, it should be concluded that this mineral is not so destroyed. It is also not affected by acids, decomposes only from phosphoric salt. Can dissolve in nitric acid if mixed with calcium carbonate.

However, with all its “irregularity” Topaz does not tolerate strong sharp blows. From them he is able to split into small fragments. This is due to a good basal pliability.

The cut is quite difficult because of his solid structure, but the result is worth. After all, it is thanks to the cut, Topaz acquires its charging shine and is used in the manufacture of jewelry.

Place of Birth

The deposits of this natural mineral quite a lot – it can be found almost anywhere in the planet. In vivo, there are often many natural stones. They are, as a rule, large sizes and can weigh several tens of kilograms.

Thanks to the topazam, famous Ilmen Mountains were famous in the Urals, because it was there at the end of the twentieth century a record number of this precious mineral was found. Mining was made by tons.

Currently This natural stone is found in the territory of such countries as Germany, Sri Lanka, Norway, Australia, Afghanistan, Madagascar.

Even on the expanses of Russia, you can find Topaz. Basically, of course, everything is on the same Ural, as well as in Transbaikalia – it is here that blue and yellow copies are most often found.

Rich in the deposits of these precious stones and Ukraine. Topases of almost all color shades are mined on its territory. It was in this country that the largest gem was discovered, which by weight reached 117 kg.

But Brazil remains the most “fertile” in terms of prey to topaz. In mining mines find crystals of all sorts of colors and sizes. It is worth noting that in a clean (untreated) stone, the stone almost does not shine, but after processing it becomes lighter and acquires a stunning shine.

In addition to natural deposits, you can try to grow these minerals in artificial conditions. This requires special combinational aqueous solutions and temperature regime more than 600 degrees Celsius. But such minerals will not have any value.


Topaz is of a wide variety of colors and shades. In nature, most often you can meet minerals in yellow tones. But you can find and bluish, and pink stones. Consider each view separately.

White (colorless) topaz refers to one of the most common species. As a rule, it is he who is a fundamental element when creating other types of colored stones. But such products will cost many times less, since the nature itself was engaged in their creation, but a person.

Due to its similarity with a diamond, it can be used by dishonest jewelers as this precious stone. Although experienced masters claim to recognize deception pretty simple.

Blue (Blue) Topaz – Truly the royal stone. Such mineral is also found in natural conditions, and create human hands. There are several commercial names of this type of Topaz.

  • Sky Blue – Light Stone Azure Blue Color, most affordable for the price.
  • SWISS BLUE -Temo blue stone. There is a belief that owner of such a mineral for a long time retain youth.
  • London Blue – It has a dark blue shade, and the deeper the color, the more it will cost. But, unfortunately, in vivo, it is highly rare. Therefore, to achieve this specific shade, colorless stones are irradiated. Next, the resulting dark color is already brightening with heat treatment. IMPORTANT After exposure, do not release strains at once on sale, but to store them in special conditions to reduce radiation impact.

This mineral has acquired the greatest popularity among European women. Due to the mysterious blue color, it is often confused with sapphire.

    Yellow Topaz has a pleasant golden honey shade. Relatively inexpensive stone. Especially distributed in India, because it was there for the first time learned about his therapeutic properties. There are many shades of this mineral – from brown-yellow to greenish. But the greatest value have stones whose color moves from yellow in blue.

    Pink – one of the most rare tables. This type of stone is considered very valuable, as it has an unusual pink shade, which in natural conditions is rare enough.

    As for attempts to try to achieve such an amazing color with the help of human hands, they, alas, in vain. Create such a red-pink shade will not work even when applying irradiation and thermal processing.

    Green Topaz also has a rather high value. This stone has received this stone due to the content of silicate and the effects of natural radiation in it. In ancient times, they even decorated the crowns of the rulers. Real green crystals are not very bright and shifted, soon, on the contrary, a bit of mumps. So, if you see a green shining topaz, then, most likely, this is his artificial “Sorodić”.

    Mystic Topaz – a magic stone that is overflowing with all sorts of colors and shades: blue, green, purple. In natural conditions, such a crystal does not exist. The variety of rainbow overflows is created using a special dose of irradiation. Next, the mineral is covered with a small layer of gold or titanium. And yet, despite artificial origin, and he found his admirers, especially among the magicians and fortuneral.

    Ruhathopaz (smoky) is not to topaz, but just one of the varieties of quartz. Because of the smoky shade, it was counted to one of the types of Topaz. The name quickly passed on among ordinary people, and in commercial activities. Of course, such a stone has no particular value. However, this is not a hindrance to use it to decorate inexpensive jewelry.

    Black Topaz – one of the rarest species. It is believed that this is one of the essential attributes of magicians and sorcerers.

    Royal, or, as it is also called, Imperial Topaz. What exactly is the color, it is difficult to say, but most of the masters of jewelry are inclined to orange-brown shades.


    Given the oldest origin of Topazov, he was attributed to a large number of magical properties, both magical and therapeutic. It is hardly worth treating them with full seriousness, however, the fact that each stone has some specific properties, it is not worth denying.

    Based on esoteric knowledge, the features of Topaz depend on the color or shade, which he possesses.

    Blue Topaz is able to identify poisoned drinks – if poisonous substances are present in them, then the stone changes color. Also, this crystal helps active and successful people, exacerbates their feelings, encourages the achievement of the goals, helps to establish uneasy relationships. However, it can work in the opposite direction, provoking quarrels if the stone is incompatible with its owner.

    It is believed that golden topaz is “a stone of wisdom”, that he will be able to direct a person in the right direction, will help make the right decision and avoid mistakes.

    It is also known that Blue Topaz revives honesty in man, helps solve complex situations, to get to the truth. Among the sailors there was belief that blue topaz is able to pacify the storm in the sea.

    As for therapeutic properties, they say that wearing a blue topaz, you can get rid of migraine.

    Yellow Topaz has a shade of gold, which means that attracts money, symbolizing the wealth and success. Hence the conclusion that people wishing to improve their financial position can be purchased with decoration with this stone. He also contributes to the recognition of lies.

    Among the beneficial properties, its ability to activate the regenerating function is distinguished, that is, it can stimulate wound healing processes.

    Green Topaz takes upon itself the whole negative from the owner, and will also help to cope with the attacks of unfortunate concern and anxiety. It is recommended to purchase such a stone to people who often overcome bad thoughts. But that he does not copy the negative in himself, to purify and remove all negative energy, it is necessary to lower it into clean water and hold there for about a day.

    Pink – the color of tenderness, which means that such a stone is especially suitable for women who want to awaken the romantic mood and become even more attractive for their man. In general, one of the main destinations of this mineral – the creation of a protective aura and belief.

    Colorless topaz symbolizes purity and innocence. As a rule, decorations and amulets with such topases will fit indecisive and unsure of themselves, can add courage and combine some kind of good deed.

    Smoky stone (Ruhathopaz) is able to introduce into a state of meditation, but especially impressive individuals should not be used, as they can completely disconnect from reality. This type of crystal can calm the angry temper of his owner or his interlocutor. If you know that you have a unpleasant conversation, you put some decoration with Ruthtophasis or just take it with you, putting in my pocket.

    Smoky topaz helps when searching for high-paying work or when opening his case.

    Topaz Mystic has magical properties and used by yogam and psychics for opening chakras and compounds with cosmic bodies.

    Black mineral improves the intuitive abilities of its owner, and also helps to convince other people in their ideas.


    Of course, one of the most common is the use of Topaz in the manufacture of jewelry. This mineral will easily decorate the ring, pendant or earrings and will become an excellent addition to the image in combination with other gems.

    There are also many other methods of applying Topaz. In ancient times, for example, it was believed that this stone was able to help with conception even earlier than barren women. He benefited to women helping them to preserve their beauty and youth.

    As for therapeutic properties, that is, the opinion that If you wear a silver decoration with topaz inserted into it, it will help facilitate the flow of diseases associated with the respiratory system, and will help cope with insomnia. It was also believed that he helps to cope with the problems in the spine, protects the body from colds and increases immunity.

    A lot of information about that Topaz increases and activates the work of taste receptors, so before they were decorated with dishes, thereby stimulating his possessor appetite. Stone helped to cope even with anorexia. Depending on the color, Topaz has certain properties. For example, golden topaz has a regenerating function and contributes to the fastest healing of wounds. Blue is able to get rid of migraine.

    If there are any diseases, you should not hope that only “magic” properties will be helped you. In such cases, it is worth seeking medical care. But in the complex the result of recovery can accelerate.

    Who fits?

    Anyone has its own sign of the zodiac, and each of them imposes certain qualities of character and personality features. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, it costs to take into account your astrological data and pick up those stones that are suitable for you.

    So, with regard to topaz, it is probably, One of the most versatile stones that can be worn almost all the signs of the zodiac, However, astrologers argue that this mineral is most Suitable scorpions. Probably, many noticed that the character of them is very difficult, these people are rather emotional, they often change the mood. This is particularly clearly manifested at a young age when the process of becoming the personality is happening, and to control their emotions to man is still difficult. In such cases, the Blue Topaz can be a chopstick. It will help to pacify the temper, refresh my head and repay an emotional splash.

    But it also needs to understand that All of the above will work, only if you possess a real topaz. Fake stones will not bring you any result. However, even in the case of acquiring a script, you should not count on what he will do everything for you. It is better to look inside yourself and try to bring your thoughts and emotions to inner harmony. And Topazy (especially blue and blue shades) will help.

    Twins can be recommended to wear jewelry with topazy yellow shades. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac Golden Topaz will help solve material problems and improve financial well-being. Especially emotional agents this stone will help bring thoughts in order and calm down.

    Lions – strong personalities, accustomed to all control. People of this sign of the zodiac are suitable for many precious stones, but preference is better to give topazam violet and blue. They will only complement the image of a confident and self-sufficient person, making it even more dominant and decisive.

    Capricorps are those people who need to think well before choosing jewelry with topaz, since this mineral is able to “expose” their weak points. In general, astrologers recommend Capricorn to think about acquiring topaz in case of a series of failures in life. Also mineral eliminates a person from unnecessary thoughts and experiences.

    Strels Topaz will help in defense against the evil eye and damage. Beautiful sexes that are inclined to rapid actions, mineral will help get rid of incorrect decisions. Also a woman for a fracture wearing jewelry with topaz, he will give confidence in his abilities and help bring the work started to the end. Preferably choose products with stones of blue shades.

    It is especially recommended to purchase this mineral to people, Born under the sign of the Zodiac Virgo, Since it is practically a guard for them – it is capable of protecting against the harmful effects of envious, helps to keep calm in any situations. It is believed that the slotted bracelet or pendant with golden or gray topaz will help.

    For Rakov Topaz is not a primary stone, however, from a variety of minerals it is better to give preference to blue tops. This stone will help to wake hidden talents of a person and establish his relationship with loved ones, especially with children.

    Aries By nature, pretty impulsive personalities who are not used to sit still. In this case, Topaz will only strengthen these qualities, without giving them to throw the work started. In addition, the mineral of the Aries will help to reveal positive thinking and arrange the people around them. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac astrologists recommend to stop their choice on pink minerals.

    Aquarius can choose a golden color stones. Magic properties of Topaz will help a woman to become a real custodian of the hearth and establish relations in the family. Mineral contributes to the disclosure of inner calm, which is not particularly characteristic of the Aquarius.

    The remaining signs of the zodiac toopaz can be chosen in combination with other stones, patronizing each of them. Taurus should not wear it too often, as they may have negative emotions that will be difficult to control. Website products with topases can be combined with yachons.

    In general, Topaz is Universal stone, which suits almost all signs of the zodiac. However, when choosing any stone, it is worth considering its characteristics and features. Also, an important role is played by the goal that you pursue, choosing this stone.

    Topaz does not tolerate bad thoughts or intentions. Therefore, it is not worth using it, having evil intent.

    How to distinguish natural stone from fake?

    Perhaps, every woman would be nice to get a jewelry with such a precious stone as Topaz, however, more and more fraudsters appear, who, without a branch of conscience, are trying to sell fakes, issuing them for the original. In order not to get caught on the trick of cunning scenes, You need to know a few simple rules that will help you figure out, where is the real stone, and where is his pathetic copy.

    1. Try to rub the stone about woolen fabric. Natural topaz will begin to electrify, it can start sticking small porcelines or hair. If this does not happen, then most likely you are dealing with fake.
    2. Topaz is distinguished by bad thermal conductivity, so it’s enough to take a stone and hold it a little in hand. If it is quickly heated, then this is a copy. The real mineral does not spend the heat, so it will warm up longer.
    3. Another important point is the color of the stone. Natural minerals rarely have pronounced tones, as a rule, they have softer, muffled shades. So if you see that the stone is very bright saturated color, most likely you are trying to deceive. Reveal the exact authenticity of the stone can only be on special jewelry equipment.
    4. Among other things, Topaz is a rather solid mineral, they can scratch the glass, crystal or quartz. And in itself, he is unlikely to be damaged by anything, except for diamond.
    5. Also considering the deposits and features of the production of Topaz, it is easy to understand that the authentic stone will certainly have small flaws, cracks and will not be absolutely smooth.
    6. Another way to identify the true precious mineral is to apply the iodide methylene solution. If you load a stone in this solution, it is very easy to determine where the copy, and where is the original. This topaz in this case will not pop up in contrast to its artificial counterpart.

    Care rules

    Having beautiful dear decorations, everyone wants them to always look like new. Of course, any mineral with time begins to fill out, lose its original color and shine.

    If you are a happy possession of topaz, then you need to know simple rules for the care of it, subject to which your jewels will have a flawless look.

    • Do not stand it for a long-term exposure to direct sunlight.
    • It is necessary to avoid chlorinated water and sharp temperature differences. Increased humidity will also not benefit this stone. Therefore, if you are, for example, on the beach, and wanted to go to plunge into the sea or pool, then decorations better remove.
    • Try to avoid contact topaz with various cosmetics and perfumery. In the case when you are going to any celebration, first make makeup, hairstyle, use your favorite spirits, and only then can you wear your favorite decorations.
    • It is especially dangerous to getting into the mineral of all sorts of chemicals. If you started a general cleaning, you need to remove all rings, bracelets so that they are not in contact with chemicals. And for your safety, it is better to put on the gloves at the time of cleaning. It will save and your decorations, and your handles.

    These are simple rules for the care of topaz, while complying with which your stone will always have a flawless look. If you still didn’t know about them and your stones lost the past, there are some more unacceptable ways, with the help of which the stone can be returned to his pristine beauty.

    To clean the topaz, you will need an ordinary toothpaste or a weak acetic solution (6-8 drops of wine vinegar for 200-250 ml of water). However, the use of paste is not all approved. She is able to scratch the stone with their microparticles, and it is also poorly washed out of rims.

    Sometimes a conventional soap solution is used to clean the stone at home, immersing the product for 15-20 minutes and cleaning up a soft brush or cloth. It will help to return to the top of the shine. After that, it is well dried and sent to the box.

    If we are talking about loss of color, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to return it yourself. Some experts advise placing decoration for a few days in a tightly closed box.

        Return a true original color to this stone only professional jeweler. But this is possible only if the color of the mineral received a natural way, and it was not attached artificially by irradiation. When it comes to natural stone, it often happens that it is impossible to restore its color.

        An important role is played by the correct storage of Topaz. It will correct to store it separately from other decorations. In general, on the recommendations of jewelers, for each gems in the box should be a special place. In case of non-compliance with this rule, the minerals begin to fastest faster.

        And in conclusion I want to say that topaz is undoubtedly a rather unusual stone. It has interesting properties and needs careful care. And yet, despite all this, becoming the owner of this amazing mineral, you will be irresistible, he will give you sincere harmony and good luck.

        Interesting video review about topazes See in the video below.

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