All about yellow silver

All about yellow silver

Silver is a precious metal, but in its pure form it is very plastic and completely continuing. To create products from it: jewelry, technical, medical, it needs to be strengthened. This is usually achieved by adding to it a variety of impurities of other metals – copper, cadmium, nickel, platinum, Germany, zinc, silicon. This process is called doping. Depending on the percentage of pure silver in a doped alloy with silver products, an individual sample is assigned, which is set by the marking method.


Yellow silver is a silver and copper alloy. And the color changes depending on the percentage of copper. The alloy in which copper is half, is almost reddish. Jewelers in their works with yellow silver use this feature to give greater expressiveness and color varieties with their works of art.

925 Sterling Sterling, Pure Silver Color. This trial reports that in this alloy 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% impurities. As additional components in this alloy, platinum, silicon, Germany are used.

To get a yellow silver 925 samples, it is covered with a golden spraying.

Silver with samples from 720 to 830 is characterized by plenty of copper. This not only gives him a golden chill, but also makes it not very resistant to oxidation. Therefore, such alloys are commonly used in industry.

Sample 800 is called yellow silver. This alloy is durable, but quickly oxidized, darkens when contact with air. Has a pronounced yellow shade.

Its most often used for the manufacture of cutlery, and not for jewelry.

Sample 830 contains 170 grams of copper per 1 kg, What makes it possible to use these alloys to create decorations. But they cost cheap due to low quality and fast oxidation.

Sample 875 Suitable for making jewelry, decor and dishes. There is no bright yellow color, rather a golden shade, but such silver loses its attractiveness faster and is poorly processed.

Sample 925 Indicates products from the best on the composition of the alloy, from the so-called sterling silver. All high-quality jewelry products, coins, decor and serving items Made of this excellent composition. This species does not have a yellow shade, the most durable and better than others is suitable for gilding. therefore Yellow silver 925 samples is achieved by applying gilding.

And in order not to confuse it with gold, it should be remembered that 925 samples only have silver products, there is no such official brand.

Sample 960 Used for highly artized products. This soft alloy allows you to make plastic and thin parts, filigree bends, but for greater strength, the metal is covered with enamel.

Sample 999 – it’s pure silver, without impurities. But since it is subject to deformations due to its softness, it is not used for the manufacture of luxury and consult items. It is used to create details of technical devices.

Production technology

Depending on which sample, the alloy must be obtained, a ligature (copper) in the required quantities is added to the sample silver 999. If the mass of copper is 50%, then it will correspond to 500 sample. But such a sample and below corresponds to the compositions that silver can be called with a large stretch, since there is a very large amount of copper. Highly denial silver starts from sample 800, where 800 mg of silver accounts for 200 mg of copper.

How to care?

To clean the product subjected to oxidation, you can use Special cleaning agent purchased in jewelry store. This liquid needs to put a jewelry for a certain time specified in the instructions. It will return the product original color and shine.

And you can also rub the product with a special polishing cloth.

At home can be cleaned with silver with toothpaste. You need to apply it with a thin layer on the product, easily rubbing, and leave for a few minutes, and then rinse under the jet of water.

Can be used foil. On a glass of hot water Add a tablespoon of food soda or salt, stirrely stir them. Add aluminum foil, sufficiently multiple strips. Put the product from silver there, just do not try. After half an hour, get and rinse under running water.

Products below 925 samples can be cleaned With lemon acid or lemon juice. For 925 silver samples, this method is unacceptable, here you can use the ammonia alcohol. On 10 ml of water, add 1 ml of ammonic alcohol, and lowered the product there for 30 minutes. After we rinse with water, then rub the soft cloth.

Yellow Silver Crash Test – in the video below.

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