Areas of application diamond

Areas of application diamond

Diamonds are appreciated not only in the jewelry industry – they have a wider scope of application. The amazing properties of the mineral allowed people to use it in the technical industry and even in medicine.


Unique properties made a diamond in demand. It makes excellent decorations, because there is no mineral for such a shine that. However, there are other goals where the physical and chemical quality of stone is in demand.

This is the hardest mineral with an indicator 10 on the Moos scale. Its hardness depends on the direction of molecules. Acute edges are not rolled and withstand even a strong mechanical impact.

Diamond is optically isotropen, but sometimes an abnormal double refraction occurs. Some types of mineral inclusions are typical for this stone. It is well wetted by oils and characterized High refractive index (2.42), but has a relatively low density (3.52).

Diamond is characterized by high thermal conductivity. It is transparent in X-ray and demonstrates a small blue glow. In the described mineral high dispersion (0.044).

Do not everyone know that the mineral can differ in color, the cost of the product depends on it. The stone can be completely colorless, transparent or yellow, even light brown.

What it is darker, the less its cost.

Colorless diamonds are in great demand, because they are amazingly sparkling in jewelry. These copies are used in jewelry, the rest – in industry and other fields. Fully colorless diamonds are rare, so they are sold at a higher price.

Application in the technical industry

In the past few decades, a person is increasingly improving technology, thereby simplifying life. Sometime, diamond was used only in the manufacture of decorations, then it was adapted as a means for sharpening knives, for editing grinding circles. Today the scope of use has expanded significantly, now the mineral is necessary:

  • For sharpening skates+
  • in electronics+
  • When creating telecommunications+
  • in medicine+
  • Chemical industry+
  • as a protective mechanism.

Optical lenses can be protected by a diamond from the destruction of their plastic acid, from here and new accomplishments in the field of cosmonautics and quantum physics. Laser technology also do not cost without diamonds.

All tools that have diamond crumb in their design can be used for cutting and processing solid materials. These are mainly two spheres: cutting and drilling.

As practice shows, such equipment has elevated wear resistance and allows you to increase the operational life of products. Diamond crumb is used as a special deposition on drills, machines for grinding, milling mills and other devices.

Thanks to Krroke, it was possible to increase the accuracy of cutting without ripped edges.

If a diamond drill is used, then the likelihood that the hole will be uneven with chips or cracks, minimizes. This is important when laying water supply, cable lines of power lines, water supply.

Using diamond in jewelry

Diamonds – the most precious stone in the world, the formation of which takes place for billions of years under the surface of the Earth. Huge pressure and heat of the earthly mantle turn carbon into the amazing stone, the most desirable for many. When creating jewelry, such qualities of diamonds are taken into account as:

  • Colour+
  • clarity+
  • The number of karat+
  • Fluorescence+
  • Ogranka.

Most diamonds have a yellowish tone. Truly colorless diamonds are extremely rare and very expensive. Diamond color is estimated on a scale from D, which is “colorless”, to j, which is “almost colorless”.

Some people even prefer diamonds with a yellowish tint, because they give multi-colored sparks when entering light, while, indeed, completely transparent minerals may seem ice, blue.

The clarity of the stone is determined by how many defects or “inclusions” are inside the diamond. This quality is examined under great magnification. Strongly spoiled diamond will not glisten the same as an impeccable diamond.

Clarity is estimated on the following scale:

  • VVS1-VVS2 – a small number of inclusions+
  • VS1-VS2 – a little more inclusions+
  • S1-S2 – a little more inclusions.

All this is not visible to the naked eye. Truly impeccable diamonds that have a mark f, very rare and expensive, and are usually not found in simple jewelry stores.

The method of cutting diamond is the most important determining factor in whether the mineral will be attractive. Work with the mark “Excellent” or “Ideal” means that the jeweler took care that the diamond is cut proportionally. Bad faceted – it will not sparkle or shine properly, because the light will not be reflected through the stone as it should. Consider in a diamond with an ideal cut, even its disadvantages, such as a yellowish color.

A well-grated diamond may even seem more than his real weight due to gloss, while a badly ill mineral looks visually.

The number of carat depends on its weight. One carat is 0.2 grams. As weight increases, the price will also grow in geometric progression. The more karat of the diamond, the greater the likelihood that the mineral will have flaws, for example, opaque color.

Fluorescence is an important characteristic of diamonds, however, it is not so widely discussed as other characteristics. Under fluorescence, they understand the blue light, which comes from stones under the influence of black ultraviolet light. Some diamonds emit a strong blue glow, others – moderate, but there are also those that are missing at all.

For colorless stone type D or E on the fluorescence color scale does not give additional advantage.

However, for stones with a light yellowish tint of type I or j, medium or strong fluorescence helps to mask the yellow shade, making it lighter.

How is it used in medicine?

Thanks to all its positive qualities, the described mineral has become widely used in medicine. While the diamond is most often used in the manufacture of special equipment.

Special sharpness has a diamond sharpening scalpel. Thanks to this property, cuts are obtained smooth, accurate, which is simply indispensable during the fulfillment of complex operations. Apply the mineral and in the production of clamps and scissors, as well as equipment for dentistry.

There is still a laser in the development stage, which is planned to be used in medicine. Diamond in its design plays the role of the conductor. Scientists hope that over time, such equipment will reduce the negative impact on the tissue of the human body and reduce the effects zone on healthy cells. This is very important when working with cancer formations, when the usual operation of the scalpel does not allow you to accurately determine the tissue removal zone, so the surgeon has to touch both healthy.

On the areas of application of diamonds, see the following video.

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